The Natural End Of All Religions

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As pointed out many times in other parts of my jottings, in the New Age all religions will go from our world and that for the simple reason that there will no longer be any need for them. Considering how much misery and suffering they have brought and still are doing to this day, this gives us plenty of grounds for rejoicing.

Have you ever asked yourself, as I have: ‘What does religion actually mean?’ In its original sense religion signified the respect for what is sacred and the reverence for the Gods. The word stood for an obligation and the bond between humankind and the Gods. It is derived from the Latin religio, the ultimate origins of that word are obscure. One possibility is an interpretation traced to Cicero, connecting lego ‘read’, i.e. re – like in again – plus lego in the sense of ‘choosing’, ‘going over again’ or ‘considering carefully’.

Modern scholars such as Tom Harpur and Joseph Campbell apparently favour the derivation from ligare ‘bind, connect’, probably from a prefixed re-ligare, i.e. re – again – + ligare or ‘to reconnect,’ which was made prominent by St. Augustine, following the interpretation of Lactantius. The medieval usage alternates with order in designating bonded communities like those of monastic orders. We hear of the religion of the Golden Fleece or a knight of the religion of Avys.

Isn’t it sad that the teachings of the religions of our world and the Christian ones in particular contain such a rich store and diversity of gems of spiritual truth and that to this day far too many of them are still misunderstood and misinterpreted? What a pity that the spiritual progress of so many of the remaining religions is unnecessarily hampered by too narrow a field of vision.

Fortunately, there have always been groups and associations on both sides of the veil of consciousness that separates our two worlds, who were and still are genuinely working with the Highest levels of life for the blessing and healing of us and our world. With hindsight it is easy to see that what those who failed to pursue this aim did not understand that true religion is a matter of the heart and never had anything to do with dogma and creed. The only concern of true religion is the re-establishment and reinforcement of humankind’s heart relationship with our Creator, the Great White Spirit, Father/Mother of all life.

An essential part of the learning curve of the patriarchy lessons was that with the passing of time its religions, with their all-male Divinity, suppressed ever more forcefully the wisdom of the feminine, the Great Mother. Without this, all these religions could hope to achieve was putting a roof on the structure of their belief systems because they ignored the fact that of necessity the teachings of the legends of their scriptures were in truth based on and had their origin in the spiritual/esoteric background of life. Without this any religion lacks the necessary foundation that acknowledges humankind’s true reality, origin and home, the world of spirit and light, from which all myths and legends of the past once emerged.

The result of this was that the interests of the religious organisations’ employees were given preference to caring for the spiritual wellbeing of the communities they were meant to serve. For many centuries the establishments involved remained blissfully unaware of the fact that the foundations of any construction have to be laid before a roof can be put on its top. The most basic underpinning of all life, not merely that of religious institutions, is humankind’s relationship with its Creator. As soon as this has been duly attended to, the rest of the structure comes right on its own.

Only when the human soul’s spiritual beliefs finally rest in a deep inner understanding of God’s true nature and its own, can total and unconditional love and respect, tolerance and understanding for all life and the One who created it grow organically from what our inner guidance intuitively tells us what is true. Only when our faith is based on this foundation and has established and embedded itself deep in our hearts and souls, can the temple of healing and peace that exists on the inner plane of life manifest itself in our earthly self and rise from there into the Heavens.

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