The Pot Of Gold At The End Of The Rainbow

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The beginning of the journey into mysticism for all souls is a slowly growing awareness that  God is in all things and everything is in God, that the same is true for us and that this is the reason for the saying ‘as above, so below’. The next step is the discovery that our God is one of duality and forces which are in polar opposition to each other, that nothing is out of the reach or beyond the will of God, and that therefore our God not only in beauty, love and truth but also in everything else. The start of our present voyage of exploration signals the end of our training as an apprentice God on the Earth plane, which at that point comes within our reach.

Having waded sufficiently through the depths of the experiences of physical existences, each one of us eventually reaches the part of our education where we are ready to go in search of our own understanding of God’s wisdom and truth. Because of this there comes a time when we begin to feel an increasing urge to leave book-learning behind and go in pursuit of a deeper comprehension of life that has grown organically in our own heart and soul from the learning we have gained thus far. The hear-say of myths, legends and stories with second hand knowledge then no longer satisfies our spirit and soul’s spiritual hunger and thirst. Nothing will do for us but going on a quest for our own version of God’s truth.

Aware that all ways lead to the One, we trustingly put our small hands into those of God and the Angels and venture forward. Under their guidance and protection we are ready to scale the heights of the spiritual mountain. As constantly practising the best of our Creator’s characteristics until they have become our own is the best way of making progress on the spiritual pathway, we give of our best and pursue only that which comes across to us as beautiful, loving, good, true and right. But even that is only acceptable to us if our inner guidance confirms that this is so. There are many wolves in sheep’s closing in our world and on the road up the spiritual mountain, so beware. Every human soul on this highway, the same as on any other, can be likened to a many-faceted jewel. Each one of us travels on a somewhat different ray and all colours of the rainbow are contained in the radiance of the Highest Star and the brightest light in the whole of Creation, the Christ Star, the true light of God.

This is the light that shines at the top of the mountain where all spiritual pathways meet and become one. It reflects itself in the droplets of moisture from the tears of our world, which creates a shimmering rainbow of healing and peace for us and our world and all worlds. The pot of gold at the end of this rainbow can and is meant to be discovered by anyone who goes in search of their own understanding of God’s wisdom and truth that leads to the healing of every part of their being and peace, not from book-learning but by listening to our own hearts. All form, colour, sound and vibration contains the white magic of God’s healing rays and are components of God’s radiant symphony of life, in which every one of God’s creatures is producing their own unique and inimitable sound and vibration.  

A member of one of the higher ranks in the Angelic hierarchy is the guardian at the head of each colour of the rainbow. Every one represents a different healing ray and all of them together shine in a focused and concentrated manner down to the Earth and all its inhabitants through the light of our Sun in the sky above us. From the Archangels down to the smallest nature spirits, the whole of Creation – including our world – is filled with life that is invisible to earthly eyes. And just imagine each one of us is an integral part of this beauty and wonder! How much we have to look forward to when our spiritual vision has opened up and we can actually see them.

All the more reason for refusing to follow the drives and urges of our small earthly self and pursuing the hopes and aspirations of our Christ nature instead, until it finally takes over our whole being. Every soul at the end of its earthly education has to take part in this initiation and the legendary death of Jesus on the cross is its symbolism. The process of the earthly self breathing its last can take up the whole of our present lifetime. That’s what it’s doing with me and each time the going gets particularly tough, I comfort myself with the thought that the beginning of our journey into mysticism heralds the end of the odyssey of our earthly schooling. And that is the pot of gold all God’s children of the Earth have always been seeking, in spite of the fact that for a long time this happens unconsciously.

As everybody’s perception and understanding of life varies at least slightly from anyone else’s, in the realm of mysticism it is necessary to be generous and in no way dogmatic about our observations, insights and ideas. If not, we could be in danger of diverting God’s truth and keeping our siblings in the human family away from discovering their own truth. The spiritual pathway comprises all aspects of life and it is quite possible that the truth any one of us is seeking lies hidden behind the surface words we use for a better understanding of the concepts that attracted our attention in the first place.

On the pathway of spiritual development and service, faith is the one quality we constantly need to strengthen, as tests and trials are sure to come our way that make us feel as if everybody had deserted us. At such times, more than ever before, we  need to keep walking forwards no matter how difficult the things we have to face may turn out to be. If we but trust that all will be well in the end with us and our world, if we but hold onto our faith that everything rests safely in the loving hands of our Divine Father/Mother, their only born Son and the Angels, everything is sure to turn out all right. The ability to trust that indeed we are walking hand in hand with the Angels, although we may still be unable to actually see them, is the Star that steers the boat of our life safely through the valley of the shadows into the radiance of God’s light.

When all is said and done, what is faith but an inner knowingness that things will always work out for the highest good and the greatest joy of all, in accordance with the Great Father/Mother’s will and wishes? Developing such a deep faith that nothing can shake it any more, that’s the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow which is every soul’s birthright to find.

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