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I believe that all ideas have their origin on the Highest level of life and that vast amounts of them are at any given moment floating on the etheric level of the great ocean of life. There they can be picked up free of charge at any given time by anyone who is ready to understand and receive them. When the time is right for certain ideas that can help us and our world forward on the evolutionary spiral of life, they are set afloat in the ocean from where after a while they make their appearance on the Earth plane through someone.

Apart from Mercury Pegasus is a metaphor for this creative process. Pegasus is a winged horse, a symbol of the writer’s imagination, as it rises above the clouds that surround the Earth, to fly among the stars. The blue part of the picture represents the Great ocean of life and the fish are the creative ideas that swim in it in great abundance. Having risen from the ocean, the fish ride on Pegasus’ back and in this way they are helping him to bring the ideas into expression, so that they can be understood and of use on the Earth plane where humankind dwells.

The story of Pegasus was a favourite theme in Greek art and literature. The young God was a jolly, kind and light-hearted creature, a sort of emissary between Earth and Olympus, who loved to frolic and skip around, sometimes in the heavenly fields but just as much in earthly life. Sometimes he was also depicted as skimming over the waters that had given birth to him. During a singing contest between the Pierises and the Muses, Mount Helicon swelled in pleasure.

The winged horse’s father was Poseidon, the Greek God of water and the sea. His Roman counterpart was Neptune. Poseidon was also considered to be the Lord or husband of the Earth. It was on his orders that one fine day Pegasus struck the mountain with his hooves and told it to return to its normal size. Helicon obeyed and oh wonder and miracle! A spring gushed forth from the spot where Pegasus had struck that to this day is known as the Hippocrene or Horse Spring. Its water was thought to have magic powers and that anyone who drank from it would be gifted with the art of poetry.

Nowadays the name Pegasus is used figuratively speaking for poetic genius. The winged horse is the symbol of the inspiration that can and does carry writers into the realms of the stars, i.e. to the Highest Star, where all creative ideas have their origin. The horse stands for the writer’s ability to lift themselves and their readers, with the help of their imagination, above the Earth plane.

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