Building Our New World

Rays of Wisdom - Our World In Transition - Building Our New WorldBy now, I know that everything in our outer world is a reflection of the inner level of life, and that nothing can happen on the outer plane, unless it has first manifested itself on the inner one. The way we think makes us what we are and that is how, in the course of many lifetimes, we developed into the person we presently are. That’s the fashion in which each one of us has created their own inner world, where every one of our thoughts, words and actions have their origin. And each time one of us withdraws from earthly life and moves into dreamtime, we rise – if only a small distance – away from our physical bodies and enter into the realm of thought of the higher world.

Thought is the most powerful force in the whole of Creation. It is the seed and first impulse of all actions. At the time of our departure from our existence in physicality, when our spirit and soul leave the vehicle of their most recent lifetime behind, we move onto the inner level of life, which we ourselves have created with our thinking patterns. And if I wish to find in our other world a kind of Heaven that is beautiful and peaceful, whilst still taking part in earthly experiences I need to employ my thoughts for creating the environment of my dreams, where not only my own soul but everybody’s can find rest and healing.

That’s why in my meditations and quiet times of reflection, hand in hand with my Highest Self, I am busily building the new world I have been dreaming of for such a long time. I start with: ‘O Holy Trinity, Great Spirit, Father/Mother and Christ and the Angels, my will is Thy will and Thy will is mine. May Thy sacred words and prayers also be mine, so that everything unfolds in compliance with Thy will and wishes for the highest good and the greatest joy of all life.’ Then I conjure up in my creative imagination a gathering of people on a vast and open plane. Angels are standing close by to observe the proceedings, to guide and protect and lend a helping hand, should the need for it arise and when asked for assistance.

Suddenly I see soldiers in the apparel of both sides of the conflicts, carrying rifles in their hands, burst from the surrounding shrubbery. Having risen from their spiritual slumbers in a flash of inspiration, they recognise that what the politicians and leaders of their countries have been trying to do to them amounts to nothing less than slaughtering their siblings in the family of humankind. They have begun to ask themselves some searching questions and come to the decision that no course of action is possible for them now other than refusing to continue to act as hired killers and murderers, paid for by their countries.

I become aware of them remonstrating with themselves and saying things like: ‘What am I doing here and what kind of Karma am I creating for myself? And what sort of a legacy am I leaving behind for myself and our world, for times to come when in another lifetime I return to Earth life as my own descendant? I must have been mad to agree to coming here and taking part in yet another one of the senseless wars of our world. Being unaware of the Universal laws, my Karma up to now is bad enough. Making it good will take a long time. Anyway, ignorance of the existence of the laws never did protect any human soul against their working in our lives through presenting us with the consequences of past actions, either in the same lifetime or later ones. Having woken up to my true nature, I want to do better. I cannot, I will not continue with my present way of life.’

With expressions of disgust on their faces one by one the soldiers step forward and hurl all their equipment onto a pile that is growing bigger by the moment. When no more soldiers arrive, one of the Angels steps forward and sets fire to the mountain of armoury, which instantly turns into a bonfire whose flames are soon rising into the Heavens. Angels and people are holding hands and begin to dance and sing praise and glory to the Highest.

Meanwhile fighter planes are landing nearby. Climbing from them are their pilots, who run to the bomb discharge hatches, open them and drag bomb after bomb onto the ground. Strong looking men step forward and help the pilots to carry the missiles to a place nearby where others are waiting to defuse them. All remaining metal is gathered together and taken for recycling to a place where it is melted down. That which is left in the end is destined to be used for the building of bridges between countries and their inhabitants.

Women, men and children from all nations are gathering and reaching out for each other, holding hands and hugging each other. The pilots join them and all together the people form a circle and start to celebrate not only the things everybody has in common, but also our differentnesses, the things that in the days of our ignorance used to separate us from each other. Someone shouts: ‘Vive la différence!’ and the crowd echoes: ‘Vive la différence!’

An Angel explained to me that all of these things could only happen because ever more people in the outer world were praying that the light of God’s wisdom and truth should illuminate the hearts and souls of those involved in the conflicts of our world, to help them to wake up into the realisation of their true nature. The more of us unite in a certain purpose of prayer, without any selfish desires and with nothing but love filling our hearts, the more powerful a wave of love rises from there into the Heavens. The more we offer a united front with our pleas to the Highest, the greater our yearning for peace and healing for all parts of our world, the more powerful Its response will be.

‘One candle can light thousands of others,
without its own life getting shorter.
Happiness and light never decrease through sharing.’

The Buddha

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