Letting Go Of The Old

Rays of Wisdom - Our World In Transition - Letting Go Of The OldAs children of the Great Father/Mother, everybody has the same rights and duties. Knowing that our Creator loves us just the way we are, why then do we find it so difficult to do the same for ourselves and those around us? Because we are in this life to grow in wisdom and understanding, of course we are allowed to make mistakes. How else could we learn anything? The wise ones on the Highest levels of life enjoy with us every bit of learning that is gained and every modicum of progress any one of us makes. When we repent and show our willingness to learn from the error of our ways, we shall always be forgiven.

Only a fool, or rather someone who is ignorant of life’s true purpose, believes that in earthly life we can ‘get away with’ things. Because God is as much part of us as we are of God, and the wise ones in charge of us in the background of our earthly existence are constantly with us and observing us, no-one ever gets away with anything and we are never alone. When the last one of us has grasped and accepted this and of their own free will changes into a responsible child of God, violence and crime will disappear forever from our world and genuine and lasting peace will rule supreme. No matter how long this development may take, every human being in the end reaches this advanced evolutionary state.

When the right moment has come for one of us, we awaken from our spiritual slumber and begin to become aware of why we are in this life and what it is all about. To our astonishment we then discover that the world around us is in truth a mirror of ourselves. It reveals to us that whatever we do not like about ourselves, we can change, and that the things we dislike in others are also in us, mirroring back to us our hidden unconscious self. We cannot transform other people – they alone can do that. But, we surely can change ourselves.

The time has come for realising that it makes no difference how old our physical body is. As far as our evolution is concerned, the only thing of importance is the age of our soul. And whenever some new knowledge comes our way, the only thing that does matter is how we react to it and what we do with it. The maturity of our soul shows itself in the way we use it, either for the furtherance of our own interests, for selfish ends and material gain, or seeking to apply it for the good of others, without looking for rewards. When giving to and working for others, there never is any need to ask for something in return. For as long our efforts are for the wellbeing of humankind and carried out unselfishly, the Universal laws see to it that blessings of many kinds quite magically start to flow into our life.

As pioneers of the New Golden Age we have every right to courageously look forward into the sparkling future that awaits us and our world in the Aquarian Age. This world cannot come into being for as long as too many of us insist on clinging to long outdated beliefs and the thoughts and behaviour patterns that are based on them. To achieve the progress that potentially is every human being’s birthright, it is necessary to let go of many of the old teachings and open ourselves to the wisdom that is coming our way through new interpretations and the understanding they are bringing.

Repeating parrot-fashion, whether something makes sense to us or not, has been the way of the past. The kind of belief this produces is good enough for those who are presently taking part in the experiences of spiritual infancy and childhood, but it is no longer satisfactory when we have evolved into spiritual adulthood. Continuing to use some of the old teachings, i.e. the ones that contain a higher esoteric meaning, makes a great deal of sense once we have become a budding mystic and seeker of God’s sacred wisdom and truth. Our task then is picking the best of the old teachings and discarding that which no longer is of any use or value to us and our world. At that stage our main aim is helping others to peer beyond the ends of their noses into the higher and highest realities of life, so that their faith and trust in the basic goodness of life can be restored, the same as ours.

The very reason that we have been granted the gift of another lifetime at this particular time is that the Highest expects all of us to add the learning and insights we are gaining from the experiences of our own pathway through life to the knowledge that is already available and the parts that have remained valid to this day. Hand in hand with God and the Angels, who communicate with us through our inner guidance. That’s how all together we are already in the process of baking a rich new cake from the raisins, the golden nuggets of truth, we are picking from the old religions and belief systems of our world and are adding to them the new and exciting discoveries we are now allowed access to.

Never forget that the law of life is love. In us and our world God’s love finds its most beautiful expression whenever someone is bringing forth the best that is within them, without expecting and asking for anything in return. This kind of love reaches out to all our siblings in the great family of humankind, whether or not they are known to us or as yet in harmony with our beliefs.

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