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Rays of Wisdom - Our World In Transition - The Mystic And FinderThe Christian teachings tell us in St. Matthew 7:7-8: ‘Ask and it shall be given to you. Seek and you shall find. Knock and the door shall be opened to you. For whoever asks receives and those who seek find and unto those who knock the door is opened.’ I used to be a mystic and seeker of God’s sacred wisdom and truth. I knocked at my inner door in search of new understanding. To my amazement I found it, though not in any publication, vast or small, ancient or new, but in my own heart. Now that I have gained access to some of God’s wisdom, I know that the only one who has true power in the whole of Creation is the presence of the Great White Spirit, Father/Mother of all life, known as God. This God is with me at all times and my whole being rests in His/Her loving arms.

Having waded through the darkness of my ignorance of God’s true nature and my own in past ages, I now realise that God is in everything and does not only mean perfect good. I am aware that sickness, troubles, accidents, temptations and death have been necessary parts of my earthly education of previous lifetimes. In this one striving to bring forth God’s goodness from within in every part of my being is my highest aspiration. I understand that because my true nature is love, there was no other way of teaching me the polar opposite of perfect good other than through experiencing the downside of life through experiencing it on the Earth plane. But the wisdom of the Great Mother designed this course of action so that at the end of it, I would find my way back home into the conscious awareness of my oneness with Her. And this is now beginning to happen for ever more of us, not only me.

In the course of many lifetimes on the Earth I have learned that the law of life is love and that every mishap that ever befell me has been part of my learning curve and was created by my own thinking and behaviour patterns. I accept that for educational reasons I had to remain ignorant of God’s Universal laws for a very long time. As a result of this I unwittingly worked against these laws, which created huge amounts of negative Karma. Every bit of it eventually had to be made good by me. I count my blessings that I have become aware that whatever I send out into the world, because of God’s laws can do nothing but return to me with ever increasing force. As good do the same, I now follow my highest aspirations only and leave the rest to those who do not yet know any better. At all times I give of the best that is in me, so that as soon as I have redeemed my negative Karma, only good things can come my way.

It was for these reasons that in lifetimes and ages gone by, the same inner well of my being had to produce sweet and bitter waters. Knowing that all of it was designed by the wisdom and love of the Great Mother of all life, to teach me how to recognise and differentiate between good and evil, right and wrong, I thankfully accept everything that comes as a necessary part of my curriculum. Knowing that there is only one way of growing ever more God-like, so that I can once again be consciously at one with Him/Her, makes changing my thinking and behaviour patterns much easier. And when at the end of each day, I reflect on God, my loving thoughts lift me up the spiritual mountain to the apex where God, my true and deeply loved Lord/Lady, resides.

As a spark of the Divine Spirit, I am a beloved child of God. I am God and my whole being dwells in this consciousness. My whole being is filled with love and with this the last remnants of my fears are dissolving. The peace of God is with me ever more fills and I no longer have any doubts that all is well with my loved ones, my world and also with me. I have no need to be afraid of people, things or circumstances. I do not fear any part of myself, for God is part of me and shows me how to transmute the drives and urges of my lower self into the highest qualities of my own Christ nature. Being aware that God is as much part of me as I am part of God, I constantly dwell in the presence of God and I feel protected by His/Her love and safe, so that fears can no longer touch me.

As my God Self guides and protects me from my own innermost being and shows me the way in all situations, I have no need for being anxious about past, present or future. As an eternal and immortal being, there is no death for me, merely transformations into different life-states where God will forever be my dwelling place. And underneath me there will always be the ever-lasting arms of the Great White Spirit, Father/Mother Creator of all life, to keep me safe. Nothing can ever touch me except God’s direct action, and like me God is love.

And so, I freely and willingly forgive all those who ever hurt or harmed me. And I forgive myself for any suffering I caused to anyone in my ignorance of my true nature and the Universal laws. Everything that once was between us is herewith forgiven and forgotten, and we set each other free. My Christ Spirit helps me to uplift and transmute any residue of resentment and bitterness that my soul still feels into blessing, healing and harmonising energies for all life. This frees me from the chains and shackles of all the difficult relationships of past lifetimes.

I know that God is in everything and even the tiniest fraction of life contains God. Therefore, wherever I am, that is my church. Aware of my own Christ nature, Divinity and origin – as well as everybody else’s – I no longer have any need for organised religions with their insistence on dogma and creed. I am free to believe what the wise one within me tells me is true and right for me, now. God is truth and so am I and with every one of my thoughts, words and actions I express my truth. Whatever I send out into the Universe manifests nothing but my honesty and my truth. God’s love is tolerant and I have no difficulties accepting that other people’s truth may be somewhat different. And I send my loving thoughts and prayers of healing and peace to the whole of God’s Creation, to Mother Earth’s animal, vegetable and mineral kingdoms, as well as to every man, woman and child in her loving embrace without exceptions, for all are God’s beloved children of the Earth.

Because on the inner level all life is one, my special attention is devoted to transmitting love and light to anyone who is still wrestling with the experiences of getting to know humankind’s lower nature and their own. No matter how hard to accept this concept may be to some of my fellow citizens, that is nonetheless what my inner guidance tells me it is the truth. I act upon this knowledge by praying that the light of Divine wisdom and truth may fill the hearts and souls of all my younger siblings in the human family and that they too may re-awaken to the knowledge of their true nature and oneness with all life. 

God is infinite wisdom and love and day by day every part of me is growing ever more god-like. God’s wisdom guides me from the innermost core of my own being and provides me with the answers to any question I shall ever care to ask. My Christ or God Self transmits the replies to me through the world of my feelings. Whenever I make a mistake, It shows me how I can learn from it, so I can do better next time and move on to another lesson. In all my endeavours its wisdom is the light that shows me the way.

God is the Universal Force that supplies me with all my resources. My true needs have always been met by this force and forever will be. I shall want for nothing. God created me and sustains me. And I trust implicitly that everything that ever happened in my life and that of our whole world, that which is now and the things that will be in the future are written in the great book of life by Divine wisdom and love, who is the eternal provider for everybody’s needs.

God and I are one. In heart and mind, body, spirit and soul we dwell as one and are inseparable. The light and warmth of the Divine fills my heart and soul and deeply penetrates every cell and atom of my whole being, and they are healing and restoring themselves to normal healthy functioning, now. I am a spark of the Divine, a beloved Child of the Universe. The Christ Spirit is coming ever more alive in me and forever I shall dwell in my Creator’s presence. As my Christ nature saves and redeems me, the old prophecy of the coming of a saviour and redeemer for me and my world if fulfilling itself, for what is done for one is done for all. And I give thanks and praise to You, Great White Spirit, for helping us and our world to re-establish harmony within and without, and through this gradually bringing peace and healing to every one of us.

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