The Power Behind The Big Bang

Rays of Wisdom - Our World In Transition - The Power Behing The Big BangTo this day there are many in our world who steadfastly refuse to accept that there is a Divine force behind the whole of the created world, as it is presently known to us. The big bang theory of the origin of the Universe to them presents an obstacle in the way of understanding its true nature, which can only be found when one has learnt to peer into the background of the higher and highest spiritual dimensions of life. Because our scientists believe that the Universe came into being through a sudden appearance and expansion of light and matter, many people seem to draw the conclusion that this does away with the need for a Creator because all of it happened perchance and quite on its own.

Should that be your belief too, take a moment or two and have a good look around you. Then please tell me, how could there be so many intricate and sophisticated forms and expressions of life on this our beautiful planet alone? How would this be possible if they had not been lovingly created by some great designer and artist? And anyway, the big bang was by no means some kind of vast explosion, as the name suggests to the layperson. It is thought that there was a sudden release and outflowing of energy into space. Does anyone seriously believe that this could have happened by sheer accident and appeared out of nowhere?

Yes, the big bang was caused by natural forces, but who or what in your view are these forces, if not the Life Force itself, known as God to some? Doesn’t this Creator constantly manifest itself and its wisdom in millions of different ways in all that is in the created world, not merely in ours? If it is not the wisdom and love of the Great Father/Mother that makes all animals, flowers and trees grow and decay, the same as we human beings do when our time on the Earth plane is up? Who is and who makes the wind blow, the Sun shine and the rain fall?

The law of cause and effect or the law of Karma is at work behind quite literally everything in the whole of Creation. This law knows neither rewards nor punishments, merely consequences. It explains why anything that happens can only be there because it has first been thought of by someone. That includes the big bang. It is a well known fact by now that thought is the most powerful force of all. Placed in the right hands, especially God’s, it can and does create and destroy whole worlds at will. This same power has always been at work in each one of us. Learning to harness and master this energy is our task and has to be practised until it has become our servant, instead of running us, our life and destiny for us.

Nothing in our world and all others happens per chance and on its own, or without the will of the Great Father/Mother and their child, the true only born Son, the spirit of the Universal Christ. The Son is the light of all lights, the Sun above, beyond and behind every one of the stars and suns in the whole of Creation. It is the Highest Star and the greatest Light through whom the life in all worlds is given by the Father/Mother.

If you are among those who know intuitively that there is a Great Designer and Architect who wisely and safely holds the threads of all our fates in His/Her loving hands, whenever you encounter someone who does not share this belief, do not give in to despair over humankind’s ignorance and the state of development of our race. Instead, rest safely in the knowledge that in the end we all wake up to our true nature again and get where we need to go.

To anyone who is ready to listen, speak your truth and quietly explain your beliefs with something like this:  ‘For the life of me, I cannot see why the big bang should do away with the need for some great Universal force to bring this event about. And even if the created world came into being in this manner, who do you think caused it? Because of the Universal law of cause and effect, I believe that nothing could ever happen from nothing and that there is always a good and wise reason behind everything.

‘I trust that a great creative power, the Father/Mother Creator of all life, for simplicity’s sake I like to call it God, is constantly at work behind the scenes of all life, including that of the Earth. God brings everything into being and also supports and sustains it. Without this power no life would be possible, but with its help all life is slowly and almost imperceptibly evolving and moving forwards into ever better, more beautiful and higher manifestations of life.’

Isn’t that a much more magnificent display of power and glory, greatly more realistic and awe-inspiring than any other story of Creation that has ever been presented to humankind throughout the ages? The patriarchal tale that our world was created in six days by some kind of a distant and remote all-male God, who just waved His hands to bring everything into being, was good enough for humankind during its spiritual infancy and childhood. Those who have matured into adulthood, are ready to grasp and accept what truly happened, how wonderfully and miraculously everything slowly and painstakingly evolved over endless millions of years by the will and the power of the living God, the Father, and His wise and loving partner, the Mother Goddess.

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