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When one takes a closer look at our world one cannot help a sneaking feeling that the various religions of our world, certainly the ones of the Piscean Age, came into being not for re-connecting us with our Creator, but for keeping us away from finding out the truth about who or what this truly means. We were not to know too early of God’s true nature and our own, so that eventually we would be aching to rebuild the profound and deep relationship we once had with our true parents, the Divine. It was for good and wise reasons that concepts of the living God within who is alive in everything, including all of us, had to remain carefully hidden for such a long time.

The resulting deprivation ensured that in due course each in their own right would be good and ready to joyously enter into the role of a mystic and seeker of God’s wisdom and truth in the greatest mystery school ever – that of all life. Equipped with the wisdom of hindsight, it is not hard to see that the main task of the religions the past served as a protective shield against our discovering too soon that:

•    The answers to all our questions lie within ourselves.

•    God’s wisdom and truth could only be found behind the surface words of the legends of our world.

•    Although the truth had always been present in the esoteric meanings of the religious teachings of our world, for a very long time they had to remain hidden from common view and knowledge behind the outer words of the myths and legends the wise ones on the highest levels of life gave us from time to time, specially in the life stories of the Lord Buddha and the Master Jesus.

As soon as the mystic side of our nature stirs from its slumbers, we begin to realise that God is in everything, that God is life itself and all life is God, constantly changing, growing and evolving into ever more beautiful and sophisticated lifeforms. As this enables us to recognise and honour God’s presence in everything we encounter, we no longer have any need for organised religions. With the passing of time the whole of Creation becomes our church and place for worshipping and communing with the Great White Spirit, Father/Mother of all life.

Before all this can happen, in occasional moments of great clarity a yearning and longing feeling grows in us ever more powerfully that there must be things that are beyond the reach of humankind’s earthly understanding and perception. We then begin to ask ourselves whether there could be higher concepts and ideals that are so elusive that earthly minds have difficulties grasping them, as they can only be experienced as feeling in the depths of our hearts and souls.

To enable us to be strong and courageous enough to act as a pioneer and lightbringer for the Aquarian Age, we need to put our inner guidance or intuition, the mind of our Highest Self, in charge and that at all times. This is the only authority in the whole of Creation that will never tell us something wrong or lead us astray. It knows the answers to all our questions and with any kind of problem it is always willing to show us a good way of solving it by reaching wise decisions.

Our higher mind is situated at the back of our heads and the intellect or Earth mind at the front. When we constantly work with the higher mind, it gradually takes over our whole being. Only when this has taken place, will there be peace between our two minds, as the arguments of the earthly mind that often sounded so sane and right in the past will have stopped.  The pull between the two minds ceases and the balance of our whole being is restored when the earthly mind has fully surrendered itself to the Christ mind of its indwelling spirit and acts as its humble and obedient servant.

The astrological sign Gemini is dedicated to the development of the small earthly self’s mind with its logical, rational and analytical capabilities. Sagittarius is its polar opposite in the zodiac, where we discover our superconscious faculties and start building them up. The legendary twins of mythology represent these two aspects of human nature that are active and alive in all human souls. It is not hard to recognise Gemini as the earthly twin and Sagittarius as its heavenly counterpart. Most souls born into both these signs are intelligent, lively, active and greatly interested in mental pursuits. During a lifetime in Gemini the soul is still mostly involved with earthly matters.

By the time it reaches Sagittarius its interests – especially from midlife onwards – begin to turn to higher concerns, for example the religions and philosophies of our world. While many a soul in Gemini happily remains on the surface of things, carelessly flitting from one experience to another, Sagittarians who have developed at least a degree of spiritual awareness are likely to choose subjects of a more expansive nature that question and query further and deeper into things. The nature and scope of the Sagittarian’s journeying and activities, mental, spiritual and otherwise is likely to be wider and their studies more profound than the ones Gemini would be interested in.

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