How Did Everything Begin?

Rays of Wisdom - Our World In Transition - How Did Everything Begin?The Universal law of cause and effect, also known as the law of Karma, decrees that every action causes a reaction. In conjunction with numerology and astrology this law provides us with some valuable clues to the beginning of everything. The first cause is represented by the number 1 = the Sun, a symbolism for the masculine aspect of the Divine Trinity, the Father, God. The number 2 represents the second cause, the Moon, a symbolism for the Great Mother, the Goddess. Together the 1 and the 2 result in the 3 = Jupiter, a metaphor for the superconscious faculties of the Divine and us. The joining of the energies of Father and Mother result in the creation of light, their only born Son, which manifests on the physical plane of life as the light and the warmth of the Sun in the sky above us, the giver and sustainer of all forms of life. Esoterically, ignorance stands for darkness and light for the expansion of God’s consciousness and our own through spiritual wisdom and knowledge.

The three aspects of the Divine are abstract and invisible as well as indivisible. In the beginning there was nothing but consciousness and darkness, until one fine day – to express it in earthly terms – the consciousness asked itself: ‘Who or what am I? To start finding out, how about in my imagination creating a world that is inhabited by all kinds of creatures? It will be impossible for them to dwell in darkness. They need a light to shine their way. But first of all, why do I live in the darkness of my own ignorance and without a source of light to keep me warm? I will create a great light by bringing into being a seed atom that will so rapidly multiply itself that soon there will be sufficient atoms to make the beginnings of the elements of Water and Earth. When I have created sufficient numbers of atoms by the power of my thoughts, I will contract them together into the shapes I have thought of in my mind. By bringing the atoms ever closer together I will be able to mould them into anything I want to.

The consciousness consisted of a masculine and a feminine part, God and Goddess, the wisdom aspect of the Divine. She told her companion: ‘If you want to get to know yourself, start by making images of yourself and then of whole worlds and all manner of lifeforms that belong to them, in which you can express who and what you think you are. That will enable you to recognise yourself. Let your creative ideas represent the Fire element and when you transmit your ideas to another part of you, we’ll call it the Air element where the power of thought dwells. I will play for you the role of the Water element, the world of feelings and soul, and the Earth element of the physical aspect of all worlds yet to come.

‘When Earth and Water come together, they form clay and that is going to be a material you will be able to shape according to your design. I shall advise you where and when new worlds and beings should be created, so that ever more of them will appear. Being the wisdom aspect of the Divine and representing the Water element, I shall be the soul that acts as the storehouse of the memories of all learning that is going to take place in any of our creations.’ So it was and gradually ever more worlds came into being and started to evolve, the same as ours is doing to this day.

Spirit alone can create matter and matter can never be separate from spirit. Every cell and atom is not only imbued with spirit, it is spirit. Because the masculine aspect of the Divine Trinity, the God, is spirit and therefore abstract and invisible to earthly eyes, one could say that God is formless.  Everything that has taken on some kind of a form represents His feminine counterpart, the Goddess. The two are inseparable and their all-consciousness contains the most beautiful and perfect forms that the Creator imagination can conceive. In Earth terms such an ideal shape may take a very long time to manifest itself. But from the moment when its creation begins, it will always show itself in some form of expression. In the long course of its evolution the perfect form increasingly comes into being, until it has reached such beauty and glory that it is hard for human minds to visualise.

All life forms on our planet are still in quite a crude state. But, as our spirit and soul advance on the evolutionary spiral of life, they – the same as you and me and everybody else – will move on to more and more advanced levels of life and evolve into something much more beautiful than at present is possible on our planet. No original design is ever withdrawn. Each one is constantly being worked on and improved. Therefore, if the ideal something we long for is still missing here, as long as we follow our inner guidance, the Highest Star and the brightest light in the whole of Creation will eventually help us find it.

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