What's In It For Me?

Rays of Wisdom - Our World In Transition - What's In It For Me?

Freely, freely you have received,
Freely, freely now give.
Go in my name and because you believe
Others will know of my true nature and their own, too.

From a Carol Owen hymn
Adapted by Aquarius

I believe that all ideas belong to the Highest levels of life where they have their origin. They come to us as gifts and although according to Earth laws any present becomes the property of the person it is given to, this is not the case with God’s sacred wisdom and truth. Depending on the evolutionary level our race has reached at any given time, new ideas and concepts are introduced and freely released into our collective consciousness by the wise ones in charge of us, so that all may benefit from them. Because these beings accompany each one of us at all times, they know exactly what we as individuals and the collective consciousness of our world are ready for. They have the power to decide what should be given and when, and they know who is ready to receive their ideas.

The way we approach what we have found reveals to the wise ones our degree of spiritual awareness and understanding. All of us on the Earth plane are constantly presented with choices and everything that ever happens is a test for someone somewhere. For those who have woken up to their true nature and relationship with God, this experience tests their integrity and loyalty, trustworthiness and commitment to the pathway they have chosen.

Throughout the ages ideas have been presented to humankind by the highest levels of life to provide us with a greater understanding of God’s wisdom and truth. In the days of yore this had to happen in a manner that could easily be grasped by the mass of people for whom they were intended. This is how the many legends came into being that to this day abound in our world, and it is not surprising that to this day they can convey some kind of a message that helps us to find a better understanding of some part of ourselves and our world. This is what the old stories did when they first came into being, during the frequent times when you and I walked the Earth as our own ancestors, in earlier lifetimes.

All of these things are the reason why I believe that ideas, especially spiritual ones, belong to none of us and most certainly not to one single person who is picking some of them up and making use of them. And that is the reason why, ever since the beginning of my astrological/spiritual writings, I have given every bit of my work away free of charge. This is did in spite of the fact that none of the things I have just written about intuitively were known to me when on an impulse about thirty years ago, I decided to give every bit of my work away. I did it because it felt like the right thing to do and not because I did not appreciate my own efforts. On the contrary, I value them so highly that it feels wrong to exchange something so precious and holy for money. But then, quite naturally from time to time someone asks me: ‘Why are you doing this? What’s in it for you?’

To explain this, I have to reach out a bit further. There comes a time in everybody’s life when it begins to dawn on one’s earthly self in brief moments of sudden overwhelming realisation that God’s life and love are not just a beautiful story, but that they are very real and that this is where the true reality of all life lies and unfolds. From then onwards God’s wisdom, love and light gradually start to fill all parts of our being and every one of our gifts is enhanced by this inflow of the blessing and healing magic of the Divine fire and creative power. By that time the lower self finally grasps that it has a task to fulfil on the Earth plane and a special calling to follow. Realising the wonders of the rewards, it surrenders itself willingly unto the Highest, the Universal Christ, who is as much part of us as everybody else. That’s what once happened to me.

And having worked as a pioneer of the Aquarian age for such a long time, now enables me to tell you first hand about the highest potential of this pathway:

•    Being able to help someone make peace with God and themselves and their predestined pathway through life.

•    A constantly growing understanding of God’s true nature and our own resulting in enormous soul growth and expansion of consciousness.

•    Redemption of Karmic obligations. Where we have taken in other lifetimes, by giving wholeheartedly in this one we restore the balance of our spiritual ledger in the great bankbook of life. 

•    Being in possession of precious gifts that can be shared with anyone who is in need of them and help those around us to see their way forward for themselves and our world more clearly.

•    Doing our share of moving our world upwards and onwards on the evolutionary spiral of life.

•    If we get our act together and do things the right way, that is in accordance with the Universal laws, we shall require no further lifetimes on the Earth plane and will be allowed to move on to taking part in and studying on ever higher levels of life.

What more could anyone wish for? As a friend of mine likes to say: ‘Do you want jam on it?’

On the spiritual pathway we are not to swallow any kind of knowledge that comes our way as a whole and follow it blindly. No progress has ever been made in this manner. Most essential for us is the development of the art of discernment, as this enables us to sort the wheat from the chaff, i.e. that which needs to go from the parts that remain valid. To this residue each one of us is expected to add their own insights and understanding. And that is the only way any one of us can grow into a true and trustworthy wayfinder for those who walk behind us. In due course, these newcomers too will be required to add their contributions to the material gathered by all those who trod the path before them.

As pioneers we break virgin ground happily and courageously stride out where no-one has trodden before us. We do this because we know that this alone can move us and our world forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral into the long promised bright and sparkling future of the New Golden Age that awaits us and our world in the Aquarian Age. Firmly believing in our new world and in our imagination frequently reflecting on it, is a valid contribution towards bringing it into being and making it a reality on the Earth.

Therefore, whenever you reflect on the present state of our world, refuse to pay unnecessary attention to the confusion, hatred, resentment, sorrows and suffering that are still very much in evidence in so many parts of it. All of that has to and will run its course. There is no room for sadness when one knows and accepts that the Universal laws are God’s laws and therefore so fair and just, perfect and true that it is hard for human minds to comprehend. In spite of this, at times I cannot help tears coming to my eyes over the lack of understanding of some of my siblings in the great family of humankind and the suffering their ignorance is causing for themselves and others.

However, I do believe that God’s laws exist and that they are working throughout life. And so I comfort myself that in due course my younger sisters and brothers will also re-awaken to their true nature, the same as you and I once did. They too will then understand and when they ask their inner guidance whether there is such a thing as God’s laws, their small still voice of conscience from deep within them will tell them through the world of their feelings: ‘They are the only thing that really makes sense. Yes, that’s how life works.’ They will be at peace because they know that they have found God’s truth.

The more we endeavour to speak the language of love and compassion and act upon it, making these qualities our only motivation, the better God’s laws will be able to work throughout the whole of whole world, until every crooked corner has finally been made straight. The more we share our beliefs and spread the word of the Universal laws, the more people will choose to follow our example and conduct their lives by them and the sooner and easier our world of peace and harmony will come into being.

When you share your understanding of these things with others, there is no need for proselytising or even mentioning the word ‘God’, as some people have become allergic to that word. Instead, quietly explain the existence of the Universal laws and how they are at work in everybody’s life. Tell them that in your view this is not a matter of belief but a fact, and that because of these laws whatever suffering we inflict upon any part of our world, not merely humankind, has to return to us in some way, if not in this lifetime then in another. In the hope that they might wish to follow your example and do the same, add that’s why you would no longer dream of causing harm to anyone or anything. Do your best to sow this seed whenever a possibility for it arises and rest assured that God and the Angels will do the rest. At all times they are watching and standing by each one of us and at the right moment they are sure to guide the recipient of our learning into getting to know the true purpose of their own life and the meaning of God.

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