Christ, The Great Healer

Rays of Wisdom - Our World In Transition - Christ, the Great HealerThe Christian legend to this day teaches that the Christ is a bearded young man by the name of Jesus who, clad in sandals and a flowing white robe once walked the Earth, radiating love and peace and working healing miracles in the lives of those he encountered. We have reached the evolutionary phase of  aspiring mystic and seeker of God’s sacred wisdom and truth when it dawns on us that the Christ never was an outside influence and force, and that the figure of the Master Jesus all along represented a metaphor for the Christ aspect of everybody’s own nature, which at least in seed form has from the moment of our creation existed in all human hearts and souls. There it waits for a very long time to come alive and begin to grow and expand through life’s experiences, until the Christ spirit eventually awakens and in the end takes over our whole being.

The second coming of the Christ has been promised of old, but only recently has it come clear how and when this event is going to take place. The spirit and light of the Universal Christ is presently waking up in ever more hearts and souls. This is the long awaited Great healer, saviour and redeemer of all our individual and collective sins. The Christ spirit potentially is the healer of every ill that may ever befall us in mind, body and soul. Its energies are capable of regenerating and healing every cell and atom of our whole being and it can be called upon to assist us with overcoming any kind of obstacle.

Love, compassion, kindness and simplicity are the Christ characteristics. They are going to be the solvents and destroyers of every last bit of the shadows of that which to this day is called evil in our world. In truth they are nothing but the lessons that are still required by our younger, less experienced siblings in the family of humankind.

The more experienced members of this clan by now have reached the point when they realise that our race’s earthly existence is too short for being anything but happy. And so they say to themselves: ‘Well, why not simply love the people who treat us right and pray for those who don’t?’ Having reached the age of wisdom, they have learnt to walk away from all amateur dramatics and to shun the people who create it. Increasingly, they feel a need to surround themselves with people who make them laugh and to help others to recognise that anything that is still considered to be bad and ugly on the Earth is merely waiting to be made beautiful, in the fullness of time.

Equipped with this understanding it is much easier to focus on the goodness of life, and to see that all mistake making and falling down has always been a necessary parts of our earthly sojourns. Getting up and walking forwards again means that we have understood the lesson the Universe was trying to teach us. This proves that we are ready to move on to the next, hopefully more enjoyable part of our earthly education.

And wherever the wind of change may yet wish to take you from now on, never blindly believe what anyone says or writes. Know that we all have our very own built-in finely tuned and highly reliable lie-detector that is specially designed to help us discriminate right from wrong and truths from untruths, and use this instrument to your heart’s content. When listening to and/or reading anything, pay attention to your intuitions that emerge through the world of your feelings. The wise one within speaks to all of us in this way. Only if your inner teacher or guru, the living God within, says: ‘This is right!’, then for you it is right, even though it may not be so for anybody else.

When working as a channel for the Divine, there is no need to make a big song and dance about it. Do not seek praise and don’t avoid blame. Just follow your inner guidance and keep on working for the highest good and the greatest joy of all, in keeping with its instructions. Even if someone planted us in the backwoods of some distant country and far removed from civilisation, our light would keep on shining so brightly that the Angels and the Masters of the world of light could not miss you. They know all of us and never leave anyone’s side, constantly on the alert and ready to support and guide us. As they are under instructions to stay in the background, that’s what they do until one of us calls for their assistance. That’s why they are aware of what each one of us is doing at any given time. They are the ones who decide which ones of people who quietly go their way and day by day give of their love with kindness, compassion, gentleness and in a peaceful manner, without expecting anything in return, are chosen for the higher and highest tasks.

These wise ones in charge of us notice when one of us even in their smallest endeavours makes God the full focal point of their attention, which quite naturally promotes the awakening of the highest aspects of our nature, the God part. Nothing in life matters as much as this, because only when the living God within us comes alive can it show us how to carry out our work on the Earth plane to the highest point of our abilities and consciousness. By reaching this our inner centre the negative things in our life right themselves on their own. The heart is God’s dwelling place in all of us and this is the place where the Christ Spirit has been waiting to be born and to grow and expand to its full power and love, wisdom, truth and knowledge. The infant Jesus in the manger is a symbol of this process.

The mark of true healers and lightbringers is the ability to reach out and call into action the blessing and healing power of the Highest on the Earth plane from within their own loving hearts. With this they are capable of touching the hearts and souls of all their siblings in the human family. Such people are easily recognised by the light that shines from their eyes and the vibrations that exude from their auras. Because they have become channels through which the light of the Christ Spirit flows into everything they touch, they require nothing else. This energy radiates from the healer’s heart into their eyes, voices and touch, and the blessing and healing power of the Christ works through them, just like it did in the Jesus legend, to comfort the sorrowful and heal the sick, and to bless and heal, save and redeem all of us and our world.

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