What Is Love?

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If you asked me what love is, I would say:
Love is the emptiness within,
From which everything rises,
And in which everything has its being.
I am the emptiness and I am that which rises,
And so are you.

I am all of Creation and I am love itself.
I have no desire other than to love,
Because that is the only way I can be myself.
You are in me and I am in you.
And from the emptiness of being,
We all have once risen.
Gazing upon the world around me,
I realise that all I see is my own Creation,
That all my suffering is my own doing and that
There is no-one to blame or praise, except myself.
And when I look deep enough within,
There is nothing there
But the stillness of God’s love.

Adrian Meyers

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