What Is Love?

Rays Of Wisdom - Prayers And Words Of Wisdom From Around Our World - What Is Love?

There is an inner emptiness in every human being
That can only be filled by learning to love God’s way,
Totally, unconditionally and non-judgemental.
That is the only thing that can
Satisfy our hunger and quench our thirst
For reaching out to the higher
And eventually highest levels of life,
To claim our rightful place in it.
Everything was created by love from love
And so were you and I.
Our true nature is love and through loving God’s way
We realise that we are part of the whole of Creation.
That’s why all I want to do is being kind and loving
To everybody. This is the only way I can be
True to my real self.

On the inner level all life is one.
There is no separation between anything.
You are in me and I am in you.
And when I reflect on the state of our world,
I realise that I have done my share of
Bringing everything into being,
The good as well as the bad.
I accept my responsibility and,
By conducting my life in more harmonious
And peaceful ways, help to make our world
A better and more enjoyable world.

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