What Is Love?

What Is Love? - Rays of Wisdom - Astrology on the Healing Journey

Love is the nature of the Universe and also its law. This love wants all its creatures to grow and evolve through learning from their own experiences. The true nature of humankind is love because from love we once came and to love each one of us eventually returns. This world was created to help every soul discover and then integrate its Divine qualities. That is why time and again we have to return to it, until we finally have learnt to love the way our Creator loves us and all His/Her creations. This way of loving is by no means some kind of soppy emotion. First and foremost it is kindness, gentleness, consideration and tolerance towards all life and beings, including ourselves.

To my mind, learning to love this life and everything that is in it can only come through an increased awareness of the true purpose and meaning of our present existence, and an understanding of the different lessons each soul has to face during its present lifetime. More than anything else astrology has helped me to become familiar with the weaknesses and pitfalls that are inherent in the negative aspects of all signs. In every new lifetime the earthly personality encounters them, in the hope of learning how to rise above and overcome them.

It seems that all human beings are naturally inclined to sit in judgement over others. Astrology helps me to observe the peccadilloes and foibles of my companions on the road of life, as well as my own, with compassion and kindness. It provides me with the wings to lift myself above judging others. Knowing the reasons for someone’s behaviour and that they are my sibling in the great family of life has made all the difference to my approach to life and all it contains.

Loving and accepting each one totally and unconditionally is a natural progression of this development. It does away with the urge to sit in judgement and when someone behaves in a way that seems strange to me, these days I can smile instead of feeling irritated and annoyed. As far as I am concerned, each case is closed with the inner recognition: ‘Ah, that’s why they are doing this! Well, I am only here to change myself, not them. Let them get on with their lives and I with mine.’ To help others find that same tolerance through a better understanding of their own nature and others that’s what my Astro Files are all about.

May the White Eagle group of spirit guides have the last word. The following is the essence of one of their teachings that came my way with the Lodge’s Monday Thought for 25.2.2013: ‘You are in earthly life so that you may learn how to love God’s way. This love sees the good in others and that God’s hands is eternally weaving the loom of all life, not merely humankind’s. This love consists of kindness and gentleness, sympathy and understanding. It never means surrendering to unwise and foolish demands.

‘The more you focus your whole being on the Universal Christ’s love, the more your fears dissolve. Faith gradually fills your whole being and what Its voice through your inner guidance tells you to do, you have the courage and strength to carry out. When the Christ love has taken over your whole being, you have no difficulties recognising and doing only that which is good, right and beautiful. Love is power, but this does not mean one being dominating others. Loving God’s way provides you with the power to know and do God’s will rather than your own.’

Another teaching from the White Eagle group of spirit guides arrived in my inbox with the Lodge’s Monday Thought 7.11.2016 when I had just finished updating this chapter. The following is its essence: ‘The light of the Universal Christ is the love from which everything is created, including your own solar bodies. This love is unique and infinite, and yet it manifests and expresses itself in many different forms and varying degrees in human life. You do well to recognise this love in whatever form it presents itself in earthly life. And never forget that love is the only foundation from which your own and everybody else’s solar body or body of light can be constructed.

‘With every loving and unselfish thought, word and action your Christ nature develops. Each one of them increases the level of the Christ light that gradually fills your whole being. This is the material from which each solar body is constructed and that is the body you need to enter and move about on the higher levels of life. Until it has been created by you, you cannot move on to exploring these regions and continue your studies there. The construction of every individual solar body adds to the strength of the solar body of your whole world.’

To paraphrase a quote from the Paramahansa Yogananda: ‘When you are living and loving God’s way, you recognise in every human being the face of the Great Father/Mother of all life, and their only born Son/Daughter, the Universal Christ. The realisation that the light of their love is in everything enters you into a magical living relationship that unites you with the trees, the sky, the stars, people and all other living creatures. Feeling  your oneness with them that is the code of Divine love.’

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