The Message Of The Birds

The Message Of The Birds - Rays of Wisdom - Relationship Healing - What can we learn from the bird?

Birds are the representatives of the Air element, the realm of thought and intellectual activities. They bring us the message that our spirit is free and that in thought we can indeed fly with any of the winged creatures wherever we please. On the wings of thought our spirit can lift itself above life on the Earth plane and gain glimpses into the higher and highest levels of existence. It is therefore by no means unrealistic to send our love and good wishes into the farthest and remotest corners of the Universe. They are sure to be received there, for thoughts are living things.

In the right hands, i.e. God’s, thoughts can and do create and destroy whole worlds and everything within them. As godlike creatures and young Gods in the making we too shall be capable of this, in the fullness of time. Meanwhile, we have been placed on the Earth so that we may learn how to master and take good care of our thought processes. It is up to each one of us individually to ensure that nothing harmful and unwanted for ourselves as well as our world is created by our thinking patterns.

As animal totems birds can assist us with acquiring higher knowledge. Air being the most ethereal of elements, the creatures inhabiting it are sent to help us find a new understanding of the hidden aspects of life that would otherwise remain invisible and hidden from our view. Closest to the Heavens, birds are our best allies when it comes to transmitting our hopes and aspirations to the Angels on the highest levels of existence. Birds represent physical and mental strength and sovereignty. Very important traits, particularly during times of transition in our lives and when it is necessary to get used to new surroundings.

I do not believe that any bird possesses some kind of power of its own. But all of them act as messengers from the world of light. Naturally, this does not mean anything to people who are as yet unaware of the existence of other dimensions of life, where wise ones are busy helping and guiding those on the Earth plane. For those who have woken up to the presence of such levels of life, whenever birds catch their special attention, they know that the creatures are sent to encourage and strengthen us. They appear to boost our confidence and remind us that the highest powers are forever with us and watching over us, guiding and protecting every moment of our lives. Birds are good omens and their appearance is always some kind of a positive signal from the Highest. It is for us to decipher what it may mean.

On the mighty wings of the Great White Spirit, Father/Mother Creator of all life – one of whose symbols is a white eagle –, and hand in hand with the Angels it is our task, as aspiring healers and lightworkers, to lift our whole world high above the astral plane into the temple of healing in the heartmind of God, so that all its life and lifeforms may be cleansed and purified, blessed and healed.

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