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The light of all lights and the Sun of all Suns is the Universal Christ and the Christ Star is Its light. As the only born child of the Great Father/Mother of all life, the Christ light contains equal parts of masculine and feminine energies, the same as we do. The Christ light is eternal and from it all Creation is born. With its help the power and will of the Highest constantly creates, destroys and re-creates as well as sustains, supports and nurtures everything throughout the whole of Creation. In contrast to this light, darkness and evil are nothing but transient passing developmental phases.

That which to this day is dark and evil in our world is a manifestation of humankind’s individual and collective unevolved aspects. From the beginning of our race’s earthly existence things of this nature have been providing valuable learning experiences for us and our world. The more we strive to bring forth from within the very core of our own being that which is good, right and beautiful, the more evil and darkness is gradually absorbed into it. This will continue until the last bit of it has been removed from our world.

Good and evil are part of the polarities of God’s dual nature and therefore also our own. Young and inexperienced souls have always needed experiences of darkness so they could learn to distinguish between darkness and light, evil and good. The good of our own nature and others cannot be known without first having experienced the evil parts. The only reason why they are still manifesting themselves in our world is that we should learn from them and that in many different ways.

Earth and Water are the feminine, negative and receptive elements of our world. Fire and Air are their masculine, positive and outgoing counterparts. All aspects of the negative and receptive outer part of our material world have always been subject to the will of the positive and outgoing power of its indwelling spirit. The inner brings the outer one into being. Without the inner there would be no outer. Aware of its dual nature and wishing to get to know all aspects of its nature, the higher human spirit part creates itself a small earthly self. The Angels clothe the small self in a physical body that serves as its vehicle for getting around in earthly life to become familiar with itself.

This outer physical body acts like a black box that shields its inhabitant against prematurely finding out about its true nature. The earthly self has also been equipped with a soft and sensitive side, its soul. This is the storehouse for the memories of all our adventures and every bit of learning that helps us to grow in wisdom and understanding. The soul is part of our waterbody and is capable of feeling pain. Several lifetimes of being hurt and wounded teach the earthly self about the nature of pain. It learns to take better care of itself and acquires a knack for avoiding potentially painful situations.

So far the new earthly self has no conscience and is without any moral awareness. They are part of its higher nature and that has not yet stirred from its slumber. In this state of innocence – or rather ignorance – of its own nature and the purpose of its existence, young souls are let loose. Having been born into a physical form that evolved through the animal line of Earth life, its instincts and reactions are of an undiluted animal nature. At the slightest provocation it goes on the rampage and as soon as it gets its hands on some kind of instrument of destruction, it thinks nothing of shooting, killing and maiming people, the more the merrier.

So many things of this nature are experienced in our world at present because large quantities of new spirits are temporarily taking part in our world, so they too can get to know themselves. They are starting at the lowest point, the same as you and I once had to do. From the lowest to the highest all parts of our being have to be explored by all human souls and Mother Earth has always provided the drilling ground for young and experienced souls alike, as well as all stages between. Trapped in the darkness of their spiritual ignorance, the youngsters in our midst are destined to assist the evolution of the planet that is next in line for being developed into a higher and eventually etherealised state.

Spiritually, ignorance is darkness and knowledge is light. From the learning that is gleaned from everyone’s experiences new light is constantly enriching our individual soul and through it that of our world. Once a particular lesson has been learnt successfully, individually and collectively, the darkness and evil it once brought are gradually absorbed into that which is good and right and therefore filled with light. If we ask the Angels that with the help of the Christ Star’s light all dark and evil energies of our world should be uplifted and transmuted into blessing and healing ones for all life, that’s what they gladly do. They need our co-operation as much as we require theirs.

In the beginning was the word – the word was with God and the word was God, if that’s our preferred name for the Universal intelligence. God’s creative thinking will forever continue and no thought in the whole of Creation will ever be lost, and the same applies to us. See the link at the end of this chapter. The Divine is the only force who by the sheer power of its will and thinking can create and destroy matter, bring new worlds into manifestation and get rid of those that have outlived their usefulness. And because every one of God’s powers is also in us, in the fullness of time we too shall develop this ability.

Did I hear you say: ‘That’s all very well, but what happened in the beginning?’ Let’s see whether astrology and numerology can help us to find a better understanding. They reveal quite clearly how the creative processes actually work and why the feminine, passive and receptive elements of Creation are subject to their masculine positive and outgoing counterpart. It is for the following reasons. The first creative impulse is the masculine God, No. 1, astrologically represented by the Sun, planetary ruler of Leo. The second impulse is the feminine Goddess, No. 2, the Moon, planetary ruler of Cancer. The joint force of one and two becomes the three, under the influence of Jupiter, the benevolent and expansive ruler of Sagittarius. 1 + 2 = 3 = the light of the Christ Star. It consists of the masculine fire and the feminine physical manifestation of the Sun through which the Christ light pours its love and warmth into all earthly life. Through this light all life is given and all life consists of this light.

The first impulse of Creation are the masculine forces of Fire, creative ideas, and Air, the thought processes that bring them into manifestation. Fire is positive and masculine. It represents the initial spark that is necessary to get the flow of the creative processes going. All creative ideas have their origin in the masculine aspect of Creation, the God, including those we like to think of as our own. Transmitted through the positive and masculine Air element, these ideas are either added to whatever is already evolving or still being created or maybe even un-created, as the case may be. That’s how God’s thoughts and ideas are constantly flowing into everything, including through the transmitter/receiver station of our human earthly minds into the consciousness of our world. Thought is the most powerful force in the whole of Creation. The thought processes, Air, transmit all of the creator’s ideas, Fire, to the feminine and receptive elements of Water and Earth, including our bodies of clay with its emotional body or soul, the storehouse all our memories.

These creative principles apply in equal measure to both genders. However, the spiritual concept of the feminine being subject to the masculine never meant that on the Earth plane women should be dominated by the men in their lives. The concept is an esoteric one that indicates that matter – feminine – is and always has been ruled by its indwelling spirit – masculine. It’s our higher spirit self that brings its counterpart, our earthly self, into being. And it’s our spirit, Fire and Air, its creative ideas and thought processes that is in charge of our physical bodies, Earth and matter, as well as our emotional bodies and world of feelings, Water. We have been granted the gift of another lifetime in physicality so that we may learn to take charge of all these parts of our being and master them.

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