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The Sign Of The Builder

Soul Food For Taureans

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Many happy returns of the day, dear Taurus..

Whether you are interested in my interpretation of this sign on your own behalf or that of a loved one, how about copying, pasting and printing this file, or any other – as well as my special blessings – and placing it inside a birthday card, as a special surprise?

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Please, note that everything mentioned in this file applies not only to those with their Sun in Taurus but also when:

•    Your Sun is in the second house, which is associated with Taurus.
•    Your Moon is in Taurus or the second house.
•    Your Ascendant is in Taurus.
•    You were born on the 6th, 15th and 24th of any month, not merely while the Sun is in Taurus. See also ‘The Sun In Libra’

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We shall first consider this aspect, because the mythological background of the planetary ruler of each sign can reveal a great deal about the evolutionary pathway of the human soul in general terms, as well as some of the character traces that are typical for the souls that are born into them.

The planetary ruler of Taurus is Venus. The ancient Babylonians around 1600 BC and also the Mayans were very familiar with this planet and worked with its energies. Their by now famous calendar is based on its movements. Whenever Venus is visible, it is by far the brightest star-like object that can be seen in the heavens. As this planet, after the Sun and the Moon, is the third brightest visible object in the sky it is likely to have not only been known but of great significance to humankind since our arrival on the Earth in prehistoric times.

Through Venus in earthy Taurus, feminine, and airy Libra, masculine, the Universe demonstrates to us the feminine and masculine energies and characteristics of the qualities of this planet. Each sign teaches us the expressions of the Venusian energies in its unique way. When the Sun is in Taurus Venus shows itself to our world as the ‘Morning Star’; by the time the Sun has reached Libra it has become the ‘Evening Star’. This fact carries a message of its own that is charged with symbolisms for the human soul on its return into its true nature and home. First each one of has to descend into matter and Earth, where Venus at certain times represents the morning star.

The nature of God is love and as sparks of the Divine, humankind’s true nature is love. Venus is its symbolism, hence the planet of love. The knowledge and wisdom each soul has to gather on the Earth through our lessons we receive under the guardianship of the Angels, guides and Masters, who are in charge of us on the higher and Highest planes of life, are the ones of Venus. Spiritually, knowledge is light and ignorance darkness. Each lifetime adds to the light of our understanding and every new bit of it eases the burden of our existence in the material world and this continues throughout all subsequent earthly sojourns. The lessons of Venus teach us how we can ease the load of the earthly cross – read more about this in the link at the end of this chapter – through living in ever more loving ways that are in harmony with the laws of the Cosmos and also our real nature.

This continues until finally the soul is ready to begin its ascent back into the higher realms of air and understanding, represented in the zodiac by Libra, where Venus lights its the way as the evening star. In this sign the planet teaches different kinds of expressing human love with the help of all our faculties. This requires the development of the inborn intelligence that is a natural part of the equipment of every one of God’s children of the Earth. The Universe offers all souls born into the Air signs ever more opportunities for taking charge of their earthly minds and its thought patterns. Libra adds to the soul’s natural equipment the fine art of creating better relationships through learning how to express ourselves with kindness, tact and diplomacy, and finding words of love and forgiveness at the right moment.

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General Observations

At the end of April the Sun moves into earthy and sensuous Taurus. This is a time that presents us and our world with a dramatic change of tempo. After the breakneck speed and impatience of Mars in fiery Aries, Venus in earthy Taurus enters the main stage. In this sign the planet finds some of its finest feminine expressions and brings to souls born into it, as well as everybody else at this time of the year, a wonderful sense of enjoyment and appreciation of the good things in life. Gracefully and with a deliberately measured pace, Earth presents herself as a beautiful young bride. Bedecked with a profusion of flowers, blossoms and new greenery as far as the eye can see, she reveals to us the freshness of as yet unspoilt youth.

Sun in Aries represents the renewed betrothal of Mother Earth and Father Sun. But when the Sun moves into Taurus they are celebrating their wedding feast. The Universe invites all of us to take time out and enjoy with all our senses one of the greatest Cosmic events, of which the betrothal, the wedding feast with its renewal of all life on the Earth plane are outer physical manifestations of what’s happening on the inner levels of life.

When it’s springtime in the Northern hemisphere and all of nature is stirring after its winter rest, spring blossoms appear everywhere in breathtaking abundance and beauty. Admiring them, let us remind ourselves from time to time of the process of spiritual growth and harmony that is constantly at work behind any manifestation in the world around us. All children of the Universal Life Force, who are aware of this, have their work cut out for themselves, not merely on the physical plane but by adding their voices to the Angelic choirs of praise and thanksgiving that forms an essential part of the great orchestra of life.

Watching Mother Nature newly unfolding helps us to become more aware of and in tune with those who are beavering behind the outer form of life, to bring us fresh evidence of God’s life manifesting itself in our world. Whenever an opportunity for it arises, let us therefore get out and about and under he canopy of Heaven enjoy the shelter and shade of the mighty branches of the Universal Tree of Life, God, and absorb His/Her blessings of healing and peace for ourselves and all lifeforms, visible and invisible, that shares world with us.

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The following is my interpretation of what a lifetime spent in earthy Taurus means to human souls on their evolutionary pathway back into perfection, i.e. wholeness. The circle of the zodiac with all its signs and houses is a symbol of this process. The law of life is evolution and – without exception – round and round the zodiac all of us have to go, lifetime after lifetime. This enables us to slowly absorb ever more of the qualities and characteristics of our Divine parents. In this way every new lifetime brings us that bit closer to our final goal, the perfection and wholeness that is in our true parents, the Great Father/Mother of all life. This task will not be fulfilled until all parts of our being have learnt to function harmoniously together, the same as they do in God. We shall return to this theme later.

In this file we are turning our attention to Taurus, the fixed Earth ruled by the planet Venus, who also rules Libra, one of the Air signs. Taurus is the second sign in the zodiac and the second house is its natural domain. For a better understanding of the astrological meaning of fixed, please read my notes about ‘The Qualities Of The Signs’.  Because of the fixed nature of Taurus, wise ones born into this sign take care that their opinions and attitude to life do not become too rigid and earthbound.

The glyph of Venus is a cross with a circle above, which is used in biology as a symbol of the female sex and femininity. The cross represents the Earth and humankind’s earthly nature; the circle is a symbol of the human soul and Eternity. The glyph is an indication of how the spirit, the circle, through the power of love is capable of lifting itself above the cross, humankind’s oldest symbol of earthly life. The Universe uses astrology to show us that the love of peace and harmony is by no means intended to be restricted to the female gender, just as little as male aggression and assertiveness are the privilege of the masculine.  The rulership of masculine Aries and feminine Scorpio by Mars, and feminine Taurus and masculine Libra by Venus clearly indicates this.

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Leading The Bull To The Water

Taurus represents the freshly ploughed Earth in spring, ready and waiting for the seeds of life to grow. Taureans define themselves by the words: ‘I have and I possess’. In the physical body, their sign represents the throat and the cerebellum, the back part of the brain. The symbol of Taurus is the bull and studying the behaviour patterns of this animal goes a long way towards finding a better understanding of some of those of souls born into this sign. Like the bull they are steadfast and extremely stubborn. Their reflexes are slow and as they can assimilate new ideas and concepts only slowly, they usually approach them with great caution.

Take it from me: there is no point in trying to push the bull into anything it does not want or like or to make them go faster. Forget about it, because it just cannot be done! Truly happy and in their element Taureans can only be when left in peace to do their own thing, in their own way, space and time. Venus, the planet of love, is generous with its gifts and as a result Taureans are affectionate, loving and lovable, sensuous and tactile souls. More than anything else they enjoy touching and holding people and acquiring belongings. No matter what happens, they will try to hold onto them with all their might. As well as being endowed with beautiful speaking and/or singing voices, many of them are particularly charming and good looking.
In all dealings with Taureans it is much easier to get along with them when one appreciates and accepts their nature and temperament and approaches them accordingly. Many problems in our relationship with them can be avoided by never forgetting that it is all right to lead the bull to the water, but that it is most unwise to try to push its head into it. Taureans who are honest with themselves are likely to confirm that one does indeed invite trouble that way! Wouldn’t our world be a much easier place to live in, if we were all more aware of the inborn behaviour patterns of each other’s signs? Let no-one make the mistake of thinking that because of their slow reactions Taureans lack intelligence. They simply need enough time to absorb and integrate new ideas and concepts. Unless they are allowed to assimilate things at their own sweet pace, so they can gradually get accustomed to them, they are likely to become somewhat flustered and upset. Because of this indirect action is best when dealing with Taureans.

Loving, kind and gentle, sensuous and equipped with a highly developed sense of touch, Taureans love to hold and touch people and earthly possessions. Because of their only seemingly sheer endless patience, they frequently put up far too long with things that are no longer right for them and their lives. Long suffering souls, all they want to do is possess and be possessed by their loved ones. They do not anger easily, but when the dam bursts and they get mad at you, your best course of action is to beat a hasty retreat. When you have known them for a while, you will be able to recognise the signals. At the first signs of pawing of the ground and smoke escaping their nostrils – metaphorically speaking – it is best to either make an effort at putting things right or quickly get out of their way. Having reached that phase in the proceedings, there is usually no longer any point in trying to argue with a Taurean. When they see red, just step back and give them sufficient time to cool down, until they have become their usual amicable and friendly self again. We shall return to this later, in more detail.

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The Desire Nature

Taurus is the value and also the money sign of the zodiac, and souls born into this sign are particularly fond of money and of gold. The Taurean love for money is shared by Capricorn, another Earth sign. Yet, there is a big difference between the motivations behind this. Taureans love to enjoy all the good things Mother Earth has to offer and this means spend, spend, spend! Both signs will do all they can to get their hands on money, lots and lots of it. Having it to Taurus means being able to afford wine, women/men and song, literally and metaphorically speaking, as well as good food and drink, fine clothes, furniture, works of art, especially sculptures and pottery. These things are eagerly explored and greatly enjoyed by Taureans, who will insist that everything is of the best and the finest quality they can possibly afford.

However, by the time that same soul has reached Capricorn, through its own experiences it will have grown wise to the fact that in Earth life – and that on all its levels – times of abundance are inevitably followed by ones of great need. The same principle applies to lifetimes and the wise purpose behind it all is to teach each one of us the value of things and to help us differentiate between fat and lean times. That’s how in Capricorn we realise the need for putting something by for a rainy day and enjoy the merits of thrift and saving, but care needs to be taken that this does not wind up in miserliness and excessive frugality.

But in Taurus the soul is still busy with absorbing the lesson that neither money nor gold represent value itself and that these things are of value merely of the Earth plane, where they are two of its symbols. The Taurean desire nature is strong, which makes them into extraordinarily acquisitive people. All possessions and material things are of the greatest importance to them and their present lifetime will offer them many opportunities for appreciating the good things of the Earth to the fullest. However, the more experienced the soul becomes, after it has been many times round the zodiac, the more wisely it learns to handle its earthly resources – even during a lifetime in Taurus. In younger, less experiences souls over-possessiveness, jealousy and greed have to be experienced with great intensity and grappled with.

Why is it that the Taurean desire nature is so strong? When you put Taurus on the natural zodiac, so that this sign is on the Ascendant, the twelfth house of the soul and of subconscious awareness is then occupied by Aries under the rulership of the planet of desire, Mars. The aggressively pushy assertiveness the soul needs and gets from the Universe in Aries is still there. This trace does not just go away when the soul progresses into Taurus, but under the softening, mellowing and sweetening influence of Venus, that of Mars and Aries moves into the background of our consciousness, into our subconscious, from where it continues to drive the soul forward on its evolutionary pathway. During all subsequent lifetimes its influence remains with us. It then makes itself felt in different houses, i.e. aspects of our life.

The desire nature is just as strong in Scorpio, the sign in polar opposition to Taurus, co-ruled by Mars and Pluto. As a result Taurus is subject to a double dose of the subconscious influence of Mars. A fierce desire nature is a natural part of every soul’s character make-up on the Earth plane. That is the engine that drives us from one lifetime into another in pursuit of experiences that result in soul growth and are thus helpful to our personal evolution and that of our whole world. Through the consequences of our actions, in pursuit of our desires, life itself eventually teaches each one of us how to distinguish between the beneficial and detrimental expressions of our desire nature.

And so, off the soul goes in pursuit of satisfying its many appetites, to experience the good things of the Earth and learning to appreciate them. By exploring them its understanding of earthly life gradually expands. This continues until the soul has acquired a set of true values with regard to people and things. Having reached a sufficient degree of spiritual awareness, it begins to feel the need to nail the desires of its small earthly self to the cross and surrender itself, freely and willingly, into the loving hands of its Highest Self. The most important lesson and the greatest test of the soul’s spiritual maturity wait for every soul at the end of each lifetime. All earthly things must be handed back and consciousness alone remains. The better the understanding of the true purpose of life, the easier the letting go, the less chance of remaining stuck on the material level and of getting lost in the illusion of an over-materialistic existence.

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Letting Go

In all their relationships and especially those with their children Taureans and Scorpios are the most clinging and possessive people in the zodiac. Letting go of anyone or anything, not just their children, is painful and extremely difficult for souls born into both signs. The wise ones among them realise that all their negative character traits, including this one, have their origin in fear, to be more precise the fear of loss, and that in order to shed this fear they need to rise above the desires of their small self, most of all the desire of holding on. The realisation that their children are not some kind of property, that they do not belong to their earthly parents but to God, enables them to release loved ones with much more ease when the time for doing so has come.

I do not share the view that we come into this life with nothing and that we depart in the same state. We are spirit and soul, temporarily clothed in flesh, i.e. matter.  We were consciousness when we arrived and any learning we manage to gather during our present lifetime helps us to grow ever more heaven-tall. The more diligently we attend to our earthly education and strive to fulfil the purpose of our being here, the faster we grow in awareness and our consciousness expands.

Apart from our consciousness, we do not own anything. Even our physical bodies are on loan and for a time only. All we can hope for in this life is to act as temporary keepers and caretakers of people and things – nothing more, nothing less. Happy are those of us who learn this lesson as early as possible in life, especially if their Sun is in Taurus. Wise ones rejoice in knowing that this earthly existence is but a passing state; that at the end of each lifetime everybody returns to the world of spirit, from where we once came; and that in love nothing can ever be truly lost. Anyone – not just Taureans, who whole-heartedly understands and accepts these things, is sure to have a much easier time when it comes to letting go of people and possessions at the time of the great transformation of death.

In my view, the true test of value and possessions does not lie in the denial of material life and things, but in one’s ability to enjoy and appreciate the good things of life for what they truly are, namely gifts of our Mother/Father Creator, and for a limited time only. When we stop to identify ourselves with our possessions but realise who and what we truly are, our hearts and souls can no longer be possessed by them. Yes, we are here to take good care of everything that has been given unto us and make sure that it remains in as good a condition as possible. But, when the moment for saying good-bye to the people and things we have cherished has come, it needs to be done gracefully and with deep gratitude to God and the Angels.

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The Virtue Of Patience

Taureans are persistent and patient souls, often too much so. Another one of those false astrological myths is that souls born into Taurus and Libra, the two signs ruled by the peace and harmony loving planet Venus, are naturally patient people. Let no-one try to convince you of that. Nothing could be further from the truth. All you need to do is have a look at the polar opposites of these two signs. The energetic, outgoing and aggressive spirit of Mars, the mythological God of war affects the souls of those born into Taurus and Libra through their subconscious and sees to it that this is not the case. Yet, because of their gentle nature, Taureans and Librans may indeed come across as patient.

This may at least partly be due to the fact that both are usually – at least early on during their present lifetime – not good at asserting themselves and standing up for their own needs and rights. They may be reluctant to establish firm boundaries for themselves that should not be overstepped by anyone. Afraid of not being liked by those around them, some may completely fail to set them and also because they may still be unaware that there is such a thing as boundaries. And this lack may cause souls who are usually kind, obliging and – only seemingly – far too patient to eventually blow their tops. This can sometimes happen so surprisingly and with a vehemence of an eruption of a long-smouldering volcano that the world around them, and they themselves too, may fail to understand what is hitting them!
This putting up with things for far too long and the suffering it causes is expressed by each sign in a different manner. Librans are likely to try endlessly and go to great pains to look after their relationships, mending and healing them, if at all possible. Yet, there comes a time when even Librans have finally had enough and reluctantly wrestle themselves through to the decision to put an end to this particular relationship and to move on. Watch out for the moment when someone has upset and disturbed the peacemaker’s delicate inner equilibrium too much and for too long! In spite of all their regrets and dithering, they are then quite capable of cutting someone from their life altogether, even though forgetting the other one may be an entirely different matter.

And then there is Taurus, the home-builder of the zodiac, who is very fond of home, hearth and family. Willing to work extremely hard at building a cosy nest for themselves and their loved ones, their transgressions all too easily disturb the harmonious and peaceful home-life that is the dream of any self-respecting Taurean. And when the gentle, kind and loving Taurus soul has finally had enough of people’s behaviour, the result may be a surprisingly violent outburst about which no-one could be more distressed than they themselves. Such an experience is usually far worse for them to endure than it is for those who provoked their wrath, in the first place.

Inevitable as they are, eruptions of this nature hurt and surprise sensitive Taurean or Libran souls more deeply than anyone else’s, especially when this happens for the first time during their present lifetime. Grown wise because they have found a measure of self-knowledge and learnt from their experiences, allows them to take precautionary measures, most importantly establishing firm boundaries for themselves and others, to which they will stick. One of Venus’ most pleasant gifts is good manners. This helps them to put their foot down firmly and give some kind of a warning signal – so far and no further, please, as soon as they recognise the early warning signs of intolerable behaviour of others towards them.

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What Price Peace?

The most important part of their earthly education for Taurean and Libran souls alike is the discovery that peace at any price is the most futile exercise on Earth. It cannot bring peace; all it can do is create incessant inner turmoil, upset and suffering. As soon as the soul learns to love and respect itself and its own desires, this should be avoided. ‘Love your neighbour, as you love yourself’ pre-supposes that we love ourselves, not in a selfish way, but through paying attention to our own needs and wishes as much as those of others. After all, everybody has the right to find at least a measure of peace and happiness on the Earth plane.

The establishing of boundaries is very necessary when it comes to healing the most relationship of all, the one with ourselves. This applies to all souls, not merely those born into Taurus and Libra. No-one is meant to live in the extreme characteristics of any of the opposing signs. The point of balance lies in the middle, as the dot in the small circle in the middle of our birthchart indicates. Every soul must learn to have their being in the still centre of the hub of the wheel of life and of fortune, being constantly enriched by all its experiences. The zodiac is a symbolism for this wheel; it spins round and round and takes each one of us through lifetime after lifetime of ever new and changing lessons of great value.

To my mind, the perception that ‘men are from mars and women from Venus’ is nothing but a harking back to the ways of the past and the patriarchy. How good it is to know that these things fortunately by now have run their course. The times are definitely over when girls and boys were trained from babyhood in role-playing, instead of allowing them to develop their natural talents freely. In those olden days – not at all golden ones – boys were encouraged to act upon their Mars energy only; their soft and sensitive feeling side had to be brutally suppressed, if need be. The expectancy of little girls’ behaviour was based upon the unrealistic notion that it was possible for them to act merely on the Venusian qualities of sugar and spice and all things nice.

The evidence of the detrimental effects of such forced and unnatural behaviour patterns is still highly visible in many parts of our world. How good it is to know that ever more are waking up to the realisation that we all have everything within; and that we are in this life to reconcile and heal all parts of our nature together, in order to become more whole and integrated. The opposing aspects of our nature need to be coaxed to join forces and taught to work harmoniously together, the way they are doing in God. When this happens, they stop struggling against each other and no longer cause trouble and strife for us and our world on the inner and the outer levels of life. After all, we are here to learn from the mistakes of the past and to do better.

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