The Higher Mind And The Lower Earthly Mind

Rays of Wisdom - The Universal Christ Now Speaks To Us And Our World - The Higher And The Earthly MindMany are aware by now that you have two minds: your higher or super-conscious one and your earthly one. The earthly one scrutinises and studies; it sorts, classifies and orders your impressions. I am the super-conscious mind; I am boundless and am in all that is. That is why I gave you, My children, an earthly mind to help you set boundaries and limitations, to separate and discern, for without this faculty you would not be able to tell anything apart from anything else. Also, you could not sort the wheat from the chaff in your life, as is required from you. All your experiences and impressions have to be digested by you, so that you can learn from them. It is your task to assimilate that which is good in your life, because it leads to learning and growth. Whatever is no longer of any use has to be discarded. Failing to do this on a regular basis leads to the digestive disorders that have become so rampant in your world.

If you are afflicted by this, there is no need to despair; it is but one of many experiences that are trying to teach you something. As you know, the purpose of this life is spiritual growth through every experience that comes your way. Whatever you are suffering from, recognise it as a signal and a cry for help from your inner self and your soul. Then go within and take a deep and honest look at your life and scrutinise everything it presently contains. Take stock and get rid of any excess baggage, including people and relationships that no longer serve your highest good. Only when you have done this, will you be ready to move on to your next lesson.

Your earthly mind is designed to help you think logically and rationally, so that you can make sense of your surroundings, understand your experiences and learn from them. Without you being consciously aware of it, this mind constantly analyses, sifts, classifies and sorts mental images; it helps you tell one thing from another, one person from another. You first perceive a mental image of something or someone; by giving it a name you define it. The basic function of the earthly mind is to separate one thing from another; one person from another.

This faculty has been given to you to help you recognise yourself as an individual, as different and apart from others. The heart knows about the oneness of all things; it loves and therefore tries to re-unite whatever has come apart. Now the human mind and heart must learn to work together under the guidance and protection of Me and the Angels, so that the part that is known as the mind in the heart can develop. This is the only way of finding understanding for the higher and Highest spiritual realities and truths.

Your earthly mind is the part of you that makes you believe that you are separate from each other and from Me, in spite of the fact that this is impossible, for I am in everything and everything is in Me. I am all that is.  Nothing and no-one can ever separate anything or anyone from Me. The holy Trinity is a symbolism for the three aspects of Me. There is no split between them; they always have been and will be completely one. Throughout the whole of the created world, and all other dimensions of life, we are working harmoniously together.

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