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Do not lose faith in humankind.
Our race is like an ocean.
And a few drops of it being dirty
Does not mean the whole ocean is like this.
It’s just that the drops are waiting
To be cleansed and purified by the ocean.

Mahatma Gandhi
Edited by Aquarius

I believe that losing one’s faith is by no means the disaster it may at first appear to be. In truth, it is a good thing and spiritually quite desirable, because it is a signal from our inner and Highest Self that our old belief was a superficial one and therefore not really a faith at all. I have reason to believe that something of this nature happened to me in one of my previous lifetimes. That’s why I can tell you from firsthand experience that if you wind up in this predicament, try not to be too sad or upset about it. Instead, take heart, look beyond the end of your nose to the vast horizons of Eternity and become aware that losing ones faith can be – and indeed is meant to be – the first step towards finding some true and lasting inner beliefs. This is going to be the kind that can no longer be shaken by anything or anyone and that no-one will ever be able to take from you.

The way I understand the matter is that there are two types of faith. The first one is a remnant from the outgoing Piscean Age, which was the age of blind faith and of illusions. The suffering, disappointments and disenchantment with the established order of the previous age are now leading us and our world into the light of the Age of Aquarius. This is an age during which Divine wisdom and truth will flow ever more strongly into each one of us directly, through our inner connection with the Source of our being. This knowledge is now waiting to pour into every heart and soul that is open to receive it and that is the second type of faith. Because we understand it from the very depth of our being, rather than from our head alone, this is a faith that gradually grows inside us.

This kind of faith has nothing to do with blindness. It is a deep inner trust that is solidly and securely founded in knowledge and constantly reassures us from deep within the very core of our being that we and our world will always be safe in the hands of God, no matter what happens. Even when things seem to go wrong on the surface, our innermost feelings will always help us to understand and accept that whatever occurs is right. This is not as difficult as it may sound, because we then appreciate that things always come to us so we should learn something.

That is how the long awaited and promised spiritual rebirth of humankind has been taking place for quite some time, which possibly is the very reason why this work came into being, so that it could find its way to you. Because of the freedom to make our own choices, it is up to you whether you make use of anything you may find here. The deeper we move into the Aquarian Age, the more strongly its energies are going to be felt by everybody; they already are – just look around and see what a difficult time most people are presently having. The Cosmic energies affect all life and everybody is involved in this spiritual rebirth and each has to do their share of bringing in the New Age.

Many are searching for new ways and there is a slowly increasing sense of urgency in the air about matters of faith and a yearning for peace. Yet, peace and healing cannot come to us and our world merely through knowledge. For as long as we fail to act upon information of any kind it remains dead. This also goes for spiritual knowledge. It too can only come alive when we start to behave in keeping with our findings. If we want peace in our world, each has to start with themselves by paying attention to their inner attitudes and their own lives. It is essential that we first sweep in front of our own inner doors, put our house in order and make genuine efforts at living in ever more peaceful ways.

For anyone who wishes to join one of the belief systems of our world, but does not know which one, I suggest the following: Go for the one you feel naturally drawn to and look into it. If it feels good and the small still voice of your inner guidance, the living God within, says: ‘This is right!’, you have found something that fulfils your present needs. Whenever something feels right, then that’s what it is. Wise ones are prepared for the fact that eventually their time for moving on and experiencing something else may come. They rest safely in the knowledge that as long as they are paying attention to their inner guidance, they cannot go wrong.

Peace Prayer
Let there be love and understanding among us.
Let peace and friendship be our shelter from life’s storms.
Eternal God, help us to walk with good companions,
To live with hope in our hearts
And Eternity in our thoughts,
That we may lie down in peace and rise up every day,
To find our hearts waiting to do Thy will.


From the Jewish Tradition

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