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Rays Of Wisdom – Our World In Transition – Ideas That Changed Our World – God - The Great GeniusSix thousand years of patriarchy with its warmongering and bloodshed, and all manner of slaveries and tyrannies are almost over. But if there is a God *, why should anything of this nature ever have been allowed? In my view it is because everything in our world happens for the wise higher reason of teaching us something and it is up to us to fathom out what that might be. The patriarchy has taught us the value of peace and the death agonies of this epoch, which we are presently experiencing, are driving this point home some more.

Everybody’s perception * of life and concepts like God, the Universal life force, is at least slightly different from anyone else’s. In the course of our earthly development it slowly moves from not believing in anything to literalism, i.e. believing that every word is true of the sacred texts of our world, for example those of the Abrahamic religions, the Torah, the Bible and the Koran. It takes many lifetimes before we discover that God’s truth can indeed be found in all sacred texts of our world, but that it will only reveal itself when at last we begin to search for the higher esoteric meanings that have always been hiding in the symbolisms and metaphors of their surface words. Now we are ready to find out who and what God truly means, namely an inner force that is part of us and not an outer one that is way beyond the reach of our understanding.

Although before God * each one of us stands alone, this does not mean in front of some kind of throne in a far distant and unreachable location, the way our Creator was presented to us in previous ages. With the arrival of the Aquarian Age * the time has come for placing the Great Father/Mother of all life, our true parents, in Its/Their rightful position. Every human being has to find their own way back home into the awareness of their true nature and re-establish their direct link with the Highest forces of life *. It depends on our own efforts when we shall return into the oneness with them and the state known as Paradise. It takes a long time before we realise that in truth no-one ever leaves it.

Our relationship with God * is something very personal and intimate. It is different for each one of us, because it depends on the contacts we have had with this authority in past lifetimes and this one, up to now. The task of all earthlings is to search for a renewed understanding of the higher purpose of our own life and everything that shares it. In my view, that can only be done successfully when our spiritual nature begins to stir from its slumber. We then discover that a veil of consciousness has been protecting us against finding out about the spiritual background of our existence, where everything in our world and all others have their origin.

Without peering behind and beyond this protective cover of our earthly consciousness, there is no way of penetrating the mists that have for so long been surrounding the deepest mysteries of our existence: birth and death. More about this in ‘The Mystery Of Birth’ * and ‘Comfort For The Bereaved’ *. No truthful answers to our most urgent questions of all times can otherwise be found, for example: ‘Where do we come from and where are we going to? Why are we here? What are we supposed to be doing?’ Also: ‘I know that this perfect and beautiful small creature has grown inside me/my wife/partner, but where has it come from and where will it be going to?’

Our understanding of what God means has changed profoundly since the sacred texts of the above mentioned religions first appeared. Although their origins are lost in the mists of time, from the evolutionary peak our race has reached by now on the evolutionary spiral, through paying attention to the symbolisms that are hidden in their myths and legends it is now possible to make a great deal of sense, for example of the Creation story in the book of Genesis. Being convinced that the surface words of these tales were unalterable Divine truth, for a long time God was believed to be an old man.

Like a kind of superior magician with a long white beard, He was sitting on a throne up in the clouds above our world somewhere. Imagining that our beautiful world was brought into being by this man’s waving of a wand and casting magic spells upon his latest creation was good enough for humankind’s infantile spiritual comprehension of the early days. In those days it would still have been too difficult to grasp that each day of this particular creation story – there are others – describes one of the evolutionary phases of our world. In truth they may have taken many millions of years.

A slow and patient evolutionary process brought our world into being the way it is at present, over millions and millions of years in Earth time. Don’t you think that this is a much more magnificent achievement that commands a great deal more respect than the mere waving of a magic wand? Having been allowed access to the amount of spiritual knowledge that already has come our way, I stand in awe and wonder before the amazing genius of the Great architect and Master designer of life. I bend my knees and open my heart to His/Her love that was so great that it had and still has the wisdom and foresight to think of the many evolutionary changes and adaptations of our ever changing world, which have already taken place and will continue to do.

The Highest forces of Creation, invisible to earthly eyes, are toiling by day and night to manifest the Creator’s ideas. They bring them into being and then care for and maintain all worlds and everything in them. And that undoubtedly will continue for as long as we, our world and all others are moving ever higher on the evolutionary spiral. To my mind, all of that is much more of an achievement than the mere waving of a magic wand.

I see our world as one great a work of art. In spite of its size, it is merely a tiny though integral part of an even more gigantic masterpiece and the labour of love that is the whole of Creation and all worlds and taking part in them. Everything that ever has been and ever will be is created by the will and power of the loving thoughts of our Creator, the Great Father of all life. Through the Great Mother and the assistance of the Angelic hierarchy all things come into being. And everything that is still ugly and disharmonious in our world and also in us is merely waiting to be made beautiful and harmonious, in its own sweet time. Let us not despise any of these aspects, for they too have meaning and serve the purpose of teaching us something. In this case it is the art of discernment * and discrimination that enables us to tell right from wrong, lie from truth, ugly from beautiful and so forth.

Should you now ask me: ‘Why is there still so much ugliness in our world and why do bad things happen to good people *?’ I would say: ‘Try to imagine the frustration of the Great artist, our Creator, if His/Her work was ever going to be finished because it had reached perfection. There would be nothing to be done any more and that is unthinkable, as any creative artist will surely agree. In keeping with God’s great plan of life, the wonder and magic of the evolutionary processes will always continue. All lifeforms, including us and our world, will constantly grow more beautiful and perfect, and move forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral.’

God’s love is the true power of the Universe that commands and controls all life’s processes. It is all loving, giving and forgiving and provides everything that any human heart may ever wish to possess, so we can enjoy it and learn from it. And whenever we, individually and collectively, have to be taught the value of something, life’s forces in their wisdom first withholds it. If there were always an abundance of everything, we would never learn to appreciate any of it. Balance is created when the object of our desire appears, as everything in the whole of Creation eventually has to balance. Without it no evolutionary progress is possible anywhere. The long period of peace that is in the process of coming to our world is going to balance the warmongering and conflicts of the past.

 Loving God’s way is life’s greatest secret of wellbeing, which every human being eventually learns to master. Jesus stilling a storm with love is a metaphor that demonstrates the power of the energies involved. God’s love is wise and gives breadth to our vision and comprehension of life, of ourselves, other people, our world and the rest of Creation. The more our whole being fills with this love, the more we feel inclined to freely and willingly render loving service to humankind, simply by being true to our real nature and giving of ourselves and without withholding anything.

If we spend too much sentiment and emotional energies on our relationships, we and our life are out of balance. The only thing that can restore it is the wisdom that organically grows from a better understanding of the true purpose and meaning of our existence. The Aquarian energies are ideal for the healing of relationships and for manifesting the concept of siblinghood on the Earth, being at one with and part of every aspect and condition of life, not only our planet’s but the rest of God’s Creation. Ever more of us are shedding the false belief that we are separate from each other.

The awareness of our oneness with the Infinite and through this with all life and lifeforms everywhere is the culmination and end point of every human being’s earthly education. Through working together with God and the Angels and being at one with them, the love in our heart grows so much that in the end God’s power can use us not only for the blessing and healing of the Earth, but also the surrounding spheres. And anyone who is in complete harmony and siblinghood with all life is working with God’s white healing magic *.

Such wise ones have reached the end of their earthly education and are walking hand in hand with God and the Angels and under their supervision. No-one is ever let loose on the Universe without it and because God is in everything and part of us, that’s impossible in any case. That’s why, leaning on one of the Jesus legend’s teachings, I say to myself: ‘On my own I am nothing, I have nothing and I can do nothing. The Angelic hierarchy, as executor of the great plan on behalf of the Great Father/Mother, are doing all the work and I rejoice and gratefully accept whatever they may wish to bring me. I trust that it will be nothing but good.’

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