Do Not Fear The Unknown

Part One

Rays of Wisdom - Comfort For The Bereaved - Do Not Fear The Unknown

The following is the essence of a teaching from the White Eagle group of spirit guides that appeared in ‘A Time to Remember’ in Stella Polaris Oct/Nov 2008: ‘Do not be afraid of the future and the unknown. The essence of your being is spirit/soul and there is no need to fear the moment when you part company with your physical body. Each time you do this you are merely moving forwards into a different dimension that is your true home from which you emerged at the beginning of your present lifetime. Our world with its greater freedom offers you a fuller existence. Your physical body has been your vehicle for one lifetime and whenever you leave it behind, all you do is joining us in our world of light.

‘Without consciously being aware of it whilst taking part in earthly life, this is a road most of you have travelled many times before. The only thing you can bring with you each time you return to us is that which you have learnt in the course of all your earthly lifetimes, including the most recent one. The purpose of your taking part in the school of earthly life is searching for consciousness expanding experiences that help you grow in wisdom and understanding. Each can only do this through their own experiences. The learning you accumulate with every new lifetime is added to that which is already stored in the memories of your soul. They are the only things you can take with you every time you depart from the physical plane of life.

‘The common belief that people come into earthly life with nothing and leave it in the same state is a false one. You bring the memories of the learning of all your lifetimes with you into every new one. From the moment of your birth and from the subconscious level of your being they influence everything you do, helping or hindering you, as the case may be. Have you noticed that some newly borns look like very old women or men? It’s because that’s what they truly are. That’s why some children come to terms with learning how to walk and talk much quicker than others. Because they have done these things many times before, they just want to get on with whatever else their present lifetime has to offer.’

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Do Not Fear The Unknown - Part Two

When Death Draws Near

Rays Of Wisom - Comfort For The Bereaved - White Eagle : There Is No Death - When Death Draws Near

The following is the essence of teachings from the White Eagle group of spirit guides. The first one is from ‘The Divine Mother – The Creation of Form’. The second one appeared in ‘White Eagle Spiritual Unfoldment Two ‘Companioned by Angels’:

‘For all human beings there eventually comes the moment when they leave their physical bodies behind and die, as it’s called in earthly life, although in truth the only thing that happens to these bodies is that their indwelling spirit and soul withdraws from it. Leaving the body through the head, the outer garment is discarded like an empty shell. Nobody is ever alone in this process. Each time this happens to someone the Angels are in attendance and assisting the departure of one aspect of your being from the other. The Angelic hierarchy is responsible for humankind’s development and when matters of birth and death are concerned, they are serving the Great Mother of all life. Christianity’s Virgin Mary is one of her many symbols and so is the Egyptian Goddess Isis. They were just two of the many names God and the Angels gave to your world to illustrate the Great Mother’s influence down the ages.

‘For as long as all you can see are the physical aspects of life, you are likely to think of death as something terrible. Even though to you someone’s departure from that plane may often seems to be accidental, this is never the case because the group of Angels known as the Lords of Karma are observing everything that happens on the Earth most carefully. Each time the predestined moment of death for one of you is approaching, they make their preparations and give notice to the Angels of Death to get ready. And these Angels are by no means the repellent figures and gruesome spectres people imagined them to be in the past.

‘If you could look through the veil of consciousness that to this day separates your world from ours, you would be able to see that their appearances are of an ethereal beauty that is hard to describe in earthly terms. As manifestations of the Great Mother’s unconditional and all-embracing love, the Angels of Death emanate compassion, kindness and love. At the moment of your departure from earthly life these Divine messengers bring about the separation of your spirit/soul from your earthly existence. The Angel helps you to let go and then returns you safely to your true home, the world of spirit and light. They also assist you with your rebirth in our world, where loved ones are greeting you with celebrations that are very similar to those of earthly life when new babies arrive.

‘In case you are wondering how you can best help someone whose departure from earthly life is near, the power of thought can be more effective than any spoken or written words could ever hope to be. It is possible to help those in the ‘departure lounge’ by sending them optimistic thoughts about the fact that in truth they are eternal beings who will never die. In your mind hold kind and loving, hopeful and constructive dialogues with them that there is nothing to be afraid of because there really is no death, that what’s ahead of them is but a passing into another dimension of life.  

‘And then, in your imagination, take the person into the blessing and healing rays of the Christ Star, to be bathed in the powerful light of the only born Son/Daughter of the Great Father/Mother. By attuning the receiver/transmitter station of your earthly mind to the Star’s healing rays you can send these rays at any moment to those of whom you know intuitively that they will benefit from them. In any kind of distance such ministrations are as effective – more so in many cases – than physical ones like ‘hands on’.

‘We sincerely hope that what you are reading here will help you to overcome your own notion that the worst that can happen to any human being is the passing from their physical body. Whenever you catch yourself thinking that way, remember that those who do are by no means dying and that in truth they are heading for another rebirth into our world. Ours is a realm of infinite beauty and wonder, love and joy where pain does not exist and where all those who pass from your world continue to live and thrive, explore and study, so there really is no need for expressions of grief and sorrow. Let there be compassion but not pity.

‘The American poet John Greenleaf Whittier, 1807-1892 described this most beautifully in his poem for the funeral of William Lloyd Garrison, 1805-1879: ‘Death is the Angel sent who draws the unwilling bolt and sets the captive free’.

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Do Not Fear The Unknown - Part Three

Excessive Grief And Sorrow

Rays Of Wisdom - Comfort For The Bereaved - White Eagle : There Is No Death - Excessive Grief And Sorrow

‘Grieving is a natural process that manifests itself in different ways for every human being and has to run its course. But you will find that this changes profoundly when your inner guidance, through the world of your feelings, reacts to the knowledge we are bringing you with: ‘It’s the only thing I have ever heard about death that makes sense. It is true!’ When you have digested everything we have come to tell you today, you will be able to see for yourself that excessive grieving and sorrowing by those left behind on the earthly plane of life is unjustified. It is also undesirable because it seriously impairs the progress of those who have arrived in our world.

‘Please bear this in mind whenever sadness threatens to overwhelm you. Remind yourself that although the other one’s spirit has passed from your outer world, in truth you will always be close. As a matter of fact, when one of you has moved on, you will be closer than it was ever possible for as long as you both dwelled on the outermost plane of life in physicality. Wherever there is love between people, no power between Heaven and Earth will ever be able to separate them from each other. Their loving has created a bond that will forever connect them.

‘The awareness of this will help you to shed your sense of separateness. It once was necessary to help you become aware of your individuality, but for you the time has come for letting go of it.  Now you know that even though in earthly life everybody inhabits their own physical body, on the inner level all life has always remained one. We are all part of each other and of God. There never will be separation between anything and because of this you have always remained at one with the whole of life and will continue to do so in all Eternity.

‘Love is the greatest power in the whole of Creation. An essential part of it is the Universal law of harmony and union and that’s what connects us behind the veil of consciousness that separates our world from those in earthly life. And because we once took part in that state of life, we have first hand experience of what a hard school it can be. But the more you connect with us and your loved ones in our world, the more you consciously take part in the limitlessness of spirit life and that is bound to make your earthly existence more bearable. Knowing that your loved ones really are waiting and reaching out to welcome you home is sure to  ease your passage, when the time for your own departure has come.

‘Rest assured that all life is safely held in the loving hands of God and the Angels. In keeping with their will and wishes, the spirit realm provides tirelessly for everyone’s requirements on the physical plane. And that includes making preparations for the important events in every earthling’s life. Let there be no doubt in your mind that the Great White Spirit, Father/Mother of all life, known as God or Allah to many, loves each one of you in just the same way, totally and unconditionally. And no matter what may ever befall you, you will never be forsaken. To paraphrase the Jesus legend: ‘Every hair of your head is numbered and not a sparrow falls from the sky without God and the Angels knowing about it.’ At all times you are closely held in their loving arms and cared for.

‘Everybody’s true needs will always be supplied. Naturally, this covers a wide range of possibilities, for example periods of hunger and thirst, physically and spiritually. To teach humankind the value of food and drink, they have to be withheld from you in one of your lifetimes. And if there is anything you think you really must have, all you have to do is go to the right place, i.e. knock at your inner doors that lead to us and ask. Be careful though what you request because, to teach you a lesson you will never forget, your wish could be fulfilled in unexpected ways you may not find agreeable at all. But for a long as you proceed in the right manner, you can be sure that the spiritual and physical blessings of the Heavens will come to you in full measure, in due course. This is decreed by Divine laws and they never fail.

‘Never forget that life is eternal and that the whole of God’s Creation is constantly moving forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral. This happens in cycles that can be observed in the coming and going of the seasons of the world around you and, because human beings are not exempt from these processes, the different stages of your own life. There have been other golden ages on the Earth when the Angels moved hand in hand with people in full consciousness. One of these ages comes around at the end of every Great Year. The whole cycle of one of these years takes approx. every 25,860 Earth years.

‘The coming golden year is going to be an extra special one because God and the Angels are transforming Mother Earth into a planet of healing and peace. We advise you to take full advantage of the opportunities for progressing on your own spiritual pathway, as every small step one of you takes on this road benefits the whole of humankind and your planet. We are well aware that you have known easier earthly lifetimes than the present one. Naturally, this fulfils a wise higher purpose, the same as everything else that happens in your world. And when you observe your world, you are bound to notice how everywhere people are struggling to come to terms with their existence and are trying to understand why things are happening to them. This is because many have reached the end of their earthly education and they are in the process of redeeming some of their most ancient and difficult karmic debts. Until this has been seen to, they cannot be released onto the greater freedom of our realm.

‘Wise ones appreciate that shedding too many tears over someone who has departed from the earthly plane of life would most certainly not be a sign that the mourner loved them more than anyone else. It merely shows that, because they fail to understand the purpose and meaning of humankind’s earthly existence, they selfishly and endlessly wallow in self-pity over the hole the departed left in their life. Wise ones save their energies and spend them on helping such people to find a better understanding of the processes of life and its spiritual background.

‘So, do all you can to share your knowledge and assist anyone in need of it to understand that physical death, when seen in the right light, is an event for rejoicing rather than weeping. As far as your own life is concerned, no matter what obstacles you are still encountering, never give up hope and do your best until every last shred of your Karmic debts has been redeemed. One of these days this will be the case. Trust that hand in hand with God and the Angels all will be well in the end and everything will work out for the highest good of all, as surely it will, therefore also for you.

‘Each time one of you returns to our world, its wonders and beauty are revealing themselves anew. You rediscover the joy and the freedom of being able to move around without the encumbrance of a physical body that is almost constantly in need of attention and very delicate and easily wounded. This applies in particular to those who spent their most and maybe all of their recent lifetime suffering, as many have chosen to do for the redemption of their karmic debts.’

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Do Not Fear The Unknown - Part Four

Developing The Higher Christ Nature

Rays Of Wisdom - Comfort For The Bereaved - White Eagle On Life And Death - Devloping The Christ NatureThe law of life is love and evolution that has its foundations in love. Each one of you has been granted the gift of another earthly lifetime so that you may evolve into a healer and lightbringer in your own right. The healing light you are meant to bring to your world is the wisdom and knowledge you are finding along the pathway of your life. It is meant to be shared as much as possible with anyone who is in need of it, to support their efforts at coping with their present existence. When you look around you, you cannot help noticing that there are needy people everywhere in your world who are hungry and thirsty for spiritual knowledge and the healing it can bring. Once you start giving of your best and unselfishly serving the needs of others and through that the whole of life, ever more opportunities for doing so are sure to come your way.

‘That’s how, simultaneous with the work you are doing on behalf of others, your higher Christ nature develops and gradually takes over the fears and anxieties of its earthly counterpart. Some of you are working upfront, while others are toiling quietly in the background. Yet, all contributions are equally valid and greatly appreciated by God and the Angels and us, your ordinary spirit guides and helpers. The sole cause of the suffering of your whole world is humankind’s ignorance of the spiritual aspects of life and the meaning of its existence and the higher purpose it serves. Even the smallest efforts anyone makes to alleviate this sad state of affairs is of the greatest value and appreciated by those who are observing your efforts and supporting you, from our side of the veil of consciousness. That’s the only way the whole of your world can move forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral.

‘When you are enjoying Mother Earth’s beauty, do not forget to give thanks and praise to those who are incessantly toiling on your behalves in the spiritual background of your earthly existence, for bringing all of it into being and constantly maintaining it. As you know, in every soul the spiritual fire of the Divine spark is present, though at first only in seed form. This is how the spiritual fire of love within you slowly but surely grows more powerful. There will come a time when you begin to notice that, whenever you reach out to someone with a kind and friendly smile, there is nobody who does not respond in the same way.

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Do Not Fear The Unknown - Part Five

Human Life Is Infinite And Eternal

Rays of Wisdom - Comfort For The Bereaved - Setting The Captive Spirit Free

The following is the essence of two teachings from the White Eagle group of spirit guides. The first one appeared in ‘Morning Light – Neither Death nor Separation’: ‘You are a beloved creature of light, a many faceted jewel and the essence of your being is infinite and eternal. There has never been or will be a time when you were not. But even if you are already aware of these things, you still cannot help asking yourself from time to time: ‘Don’t I have the right to get tired of endless rounds of incarnations, when earthly life is so difficult and burdensome?’

‘That is the very reason why your days in physicality are limited and each incarnation lasts only for a comparatively short time. Even if you should be around for a hundred years or more, in terms of Eternity, God’s time, it represents the mere batting of an eyelid. This is also why, at the end of each lifetime, you leave your physical body behind like an outworn garment. For a period of rest and recuperation your spirit/soul joins us in our world, your true home, from which you emerge at the beginning of each new lifetime.


‘In your daily lives you do not mind moving from one house to another, when the time for a change has come. You may still love your old home, but when you have had enough of it, you say good-bye to it and move on. In just the same way, in the course of every one of your earthly sojourns you eventually reach the point when you have become weary and tired of your physical body, especially when it has grown old and you are almost constantly in pain. You have dealt with that part of your development and are ready for the next stage. That’s why God and the Angels eventually remove you from the old one.

‘In your daily lives you do not mind moving from one house to another, when the time for a change has come. You may still love your old home, but when you have had enough of it, you say good-bye to it and move on. In just the same way, in the course of every one of your earthly sojourns you eventually reach the point when you have become weary and tired of your physical body, especially when it has grown old and you are almost constantly in pain. You have dealt with that part of your development and are ready for the next stage. That’s why God and the Angels eventually remove you from the old one.

‘In your daily lives you do not mind moving from one house to another, when the time for a change has come. You may still love your old home, but when you have had enough of it, you say good-bye to it and move on. In just the same way, in the course of every one of your earthly sojourns you eventually reach the point when you have become weary and tired of your physical body, especially when it has grown old and you are almost constantly in pain. You have dealt with that part of your development and are ready for the next stage. That’s why God and the Angels eventually remove you from the old one.

‘When you have arrived here, you will be amazed about the kind of freedom and the ease of movement you have in our world. Your spirit/soul intensely enjoy its happiness that truly is a world apart from the limitations and boundaries of your earthly existence. But still in the end, you reach a point when you have rested sufficiently and the lessons of your most recent earthly existence have been assimilated. Your interest in a further incarnation that will help you to progress on the evolutionary spiral of life in you quickens. That’s the signal that for you the time has come to apply for another lifetime on the Earth.’

The second teaching is from ‘The Source of All Our Strength – No Death’: ‘Death is by no means the dark vale it was made out to be by your world’s religions of the past. It is but a passage that takes you forward to be re-introduced to our world of beauty and light. At the moment of your passing, you will not know when you are taking your last earthly breath. For a short while you are unconscious, but then you begin to feel much lighter and realise you are free! You may be asking yourself: ‘Lo, what’s happened to me? Why was I so afraid when people were talking about death? There really is nothing to fear. It’s like going to sleep that leads to an awakening into a more radiant and harmonious existence that soon makes you forget earthly life.’

‘All of you are eternal beings of light and as you are today, so you will be tomorrow and forever. With the help of your thought processes you can consciously recreate yourself by filling your whole being with ever more spiritual atoms. This prepares you for fully enjoying that which is waiting to be explored by you, as soon as your earthly education is complete and your energies are right for moving on to explore the higher and eventually highest levels of life.

‘The spirit realm is by no means geographically distant from your world. It is part of and within you, the inner layer of everybody’s own consciousness. And the light of the higher worlds can only be reached by those who are conducting their lives on the frequency of love and who freely and willingly surrender themselves to the will and wishes of God and the Angels. What in Earth terms is known as death is but an initiation into our world for your spirit/soul. Without losing your identity of earthly life, you then move into an ever increasing consciousness of God’s eternal light.’

Going home, going home – we’re all going home.
Quiet like, some still day – we’re all going home.

It’s not far, just close by, through an open door.
Work all done, care laid by – fear and hurt no more.

Mother’s there, expecting us – Father’s waiting too.
Angel folks are gathered with guides and friends we know –
Guides and friends we know.

Morning Star lights the way  – Earth-bound dreams all done.
Shadows gone – break of day – real life’s just begun.
There’s no break, there’s no end – just a moving on.
Wide awake, with a smile – going on and on.

Going home, going home – we’re all going home.
It’s not far, just close by – through an open door.
Going home, going home, I’m just going home.

Though I have gone before you,
I did not do so alone and neither will you,
When your time for saying goodbye to the Earth plane has come.
God and the Angels are forever with us,
Keeping you and me safe.
No matter where we may ever find ourselves,
We shall always rest securely in God’s loving hands.

William Arms Fisher
Edited by Aquarius
Sung to the well known tune from
Dvorak’s ‘New World Symphony’

‘God bless all of you and keep you safe, always.’

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