Waking Up From The Illusion Of Separateness

Dealing With The Shadows Of The Past

Part C

Rays of Wisdom - Our World In Transition - Letting Go Of The Illusion Of SeparatenessEmbedded in its deepest innermost memories our soul carries a wound that nothing can heal but the reunion with our Creator. Our soul longs and yearns for its true home, which is often misunderstood by our earthly self as simple homesickness. There is a fear that can only be dissolved, a thirst that cannot be quenched and a hunger that is impossible to satisfy with anything available on the Earth plane. We dream of ideal parents who make us feel welcome, loved and safe, but can never find them in our earthly parents. Through lifetime after lifetime we search for the ideal lover and fail to meet him or her, someone who understands us and our needs and responds to them without having to be asked, a wise one who knows the way of all things and is strong and powerful enough to keep us safe and shields us against all adversaries. All these roles can only be played by one and that is our very own Highest or God Self.

We may feel that somehow there is a gaping hole in us that cannot be filled by material things. The more we try to cram them into this void, the more dissatisfied, unhappy and depressed we become, as many are experiencing at present. At the time of updating these chapters we had just entered the year 2015, a year of Saturn. 2 + 0 + 1+ 5 = 8 = Saturn. This is an indication that this year is one for contracting rather than expanding our worldly affairs and taking responsibility, and an excellent year for taking charge of all parts of our being and practising self-discipline. At the beginning of January that’s precisely what many are showing signs of doing. Freely and willingly they are thus responding to the influence of the Cosmic energies and bringing our world more into line and harmony with it. 

I had been wondering how this would express itself, so can you imagine how delighted I was to listen to a phone-in on BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour the other day and heard people speaking about how sick and tired they are getting of the bandwagon of materialism, with its insatiable demands and its thoughtless, irresponsible and destructive behaviour towards our planet. When I mentioned this to some of my friends, they told me that ever more of us are coming to this conclusion and refuse to continue to take part in the dance around the golden calf. Interestingly, Tesco, the largest supermarket chain in the United Kingdom, has announced the closure of fort-three of its stores and Morrison, the fourth largest, are closing ten of theirs. I see this as a very positive sign of our times. It shows that ever more of us are at last coming to their senses and are buying less, because for those involved the lesson of overconsumption and ‘shop until you drop’ has run its course and is coming to its natural end.

All of us reach a stage in our development when we begin to crave for a world that is at peace, where people live together harmoniously and are happily sharing the planets abundance with all its lifeforms. There is plenty for everybody because we all take only that which we need and leave the rest for those who come behind. Eventually, there comes a lifetime when our warring days are over and our waking and sleeping dreams are of a peaceful world like the one we left behind, a long, long time ago. Throughout every one of our lifetimes on the Earth our soul has been weeping about the greatest pain that was ever inflicted upon it, which was caused by a false belief, but a conviction nonetheless, that we have been separated from God. Unfortunately, the only way of communicating our soul has with us, its earthly counterpart, is through the cells of our physical bodies. Each time we feel a pain in one of its parts, our soul is trying to tell us that something in our lives has gone awry and in need of our attention.

In the course of many lifetimes the earthly self and its soul do not talk the same language and therefore suffer from communication problems. Because of this the soul has no means of telling us that every pain that is experienced in our physical bodies is one of its signals. As a result, whenever the soul knocks on the inner door of our consciousness, the earthly self cannot help failing to respond in the manner desired by its soul. The soul has to continue to send us its signals in vain, hoping that its earthly self awakens to its demands and responds to them by seeking healing for its pains, in preference to suppressing them with chemicals. Until this happens, the lower self can do nothing except suffer, without ever finding our why it is hurting so much.

In spite of the fact that the initial soul pain was caused by an illusion, the deep inner wound it has left behind in all of us takes a lot of healing. I believe that it is because of this pain why each time someone goes from us in the material world, something that is sure to have taken place on a great many occasions and throughout numerous lifetimes, when parting from yet another of our loved ones, the soul’s wound of separateness stirs within and brings the pain of parting alive once more. Our task as healers is to play the role of our Highest Self and make it clear to our small earthly self, as well as our soul, that no power between Heaven and Earth will ever be able to keep us apart from our Creator.

‘I am the resurrection, I am the way, the truth and the light,’ that’s what each one of us is in truth, and all our healing efforts renew the inner connection with our Creator and re-awakens the awareness in us that we are eternal and immortal beings, who will never die. As our earthly self begins to grasp this concept, the illusion of separateness dissolves, our deepest innermost wound heals and we slowly but surely begin to feel our oneness with all life once more.

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