Letting Go Of Fear And Pain

Dealing With The Shadows Of The Past

Part A

Rays of Wisdom - Our World In Transition - Letting Go Of Fear And Pain

The mystics of all ages have puzzled over the mystery of God. Did it ever occur to them that we ourselves are the greatest mystery of all? Well then, who and what are we truly? Every human soul is a spark of the Divine and our true parents are the Great Father/Mother of all life. Their only born Son/Daughter, through whom all life is given, is the Spirit of the Universal Christ, the light of all lights and star of all stars, the Great Sun beyond and behind the Sun of our solar system. Each one of us is special and unique, a tiny particle of an immense whole, and the only one of its kind in the whole of Creation.

The potential of every human soul is unlimited, but before we can seriously begin to dream about fulfilling any of it, we first have to deal with the two main themes of our earthly existence: fear and pain. As there is so much of both in everybody, the need for overcoming our fears and healing our pain, so that our soul can find rest, peace and healing is great. Any distress our souls suffer manifests itself through pain and discomfort in our physical bodies. And whenever fear and pain are threatening to overpower you, the way they certainly frequently do with me, to my mind there is only one way of dealing with them constructively and that is by asking God and the healing Angels for their help. When you do, listen for their responses from within the very core of your being through the world of your feelings, your intuition.

The list of the fears all of us have to become familiar with is a long one. It begins with the fear of life and ends with the fear of death, with a rich variety of types, shades and degrees of fear in between. In the course of learning to pay attention to what rises from within, it often seems as if a sheer endless assortment of fears were constantly trying to pop to the surface of our conscious awareness. But even when they do and are staring us in the face, they are not meant to frighten us some more. They are relics and excess luggage from the past. All they want from us is to let us know: ‘I am a shadow and a skeleton of past realities. You no longer have any need for me. Release me – dissolve me –  heal me and let me go.’

The great wisdom of the Divine has provided that we should only be afraid of something for as long as we fail to understand it. Making an effort to understand the issue concerned shows that we are dealing with it. That’s why it is better by far to get to know our fears, to face and explore them, instead of running away from them. During this process, our apprehension gradually decreases, until hopefully every last shred of this particular fear has gone from us for good. If that still sounds like a Utopian idea to you, I assure you that it is well worthwhile to give it a try. Having experienced it first hand, I have every reason to  believe with my whole being that with the help and the Will of God:

•    All things are possible.
•    All conditions can be healed.
•    Even our worst fears can be overcome.
•    Our fiercest enemy is our own small frightened earthly self. It too can and indeed has to be conquered by us.

This is a subjugation that like no other one demands an extra rich measure of love, forgiveness, tolerance and compassion for our lower earthly self. For as long as human souls remain ignorant of their own true nature they cannot really help to create ever more difficult and traumatic relationships and the ensuing negative Karma. Both of these aspects accompany us through one lifetime after another. This continues until we reach the great turning point on the evolutionary spiral of life when at last we become aware of the true purpose of our earthly sojourns. We become familiar with the workings of the Universal laws and how they manifest themselves everywhere, including our own lives.

To me, the freedom of the Aquarian Age most of all means a world where fear and pain no longer exist. I have always been a very fearful person and having to endure my share of pain, that is the world of my dreams. Hand in hand with God and Angels,  it is up to each one of us to do our share of bringing it into being. Aquarius is an Air sign and we have entered into an age of knowledge. Knowledge is power and the time has come for letting go of all our fears and healing every pain. Both were caused by our own ignorance and we are here to learn how to attend to them in perfect and natural ways through the power of understanding of what lies behind them. Knowledge provides us with the instrument for freeing ourselves from anything that is bothering us.

Knowing who and what we are, where we have come from and where we are going to helps us to shed our fear of life and also of death. And being aware of the Cosmic laws and endeavouring to conduct our lives in accordance with them, enables us to get back into harmony with the stream of consciousness of all life. Our knowledge supplies us with the freedom to act in keeping with our real nature. That enables us to create nothing but good in our lives. Giving of our best in all our encounters is easy when one knows that in due course nothing but the best is sure to return, for that is the law. For those who are aware of the purpose and meaning of humankind’s existence, there is no longer any need to continue struggling against an unknown and at times seemingly evil fate and destiny. That, to me, makes all the difference in the world – that alone is true freedom!

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