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From White Eagle ‘Illumination’, first published 1937: ‘Our particular mission here is to endeavour to teach the inner mysteries of Christ’s mission. This is the work of the White Brotherhood, of which the Master Jesus is a brother. [That is what we believed when, on the instructions of the Angels in charge of us, we brought you this message. They supervise us and decide how much of God’s sacred wisdom and truth should be disclosed to humankind at any given time. In 1937 it was too early to reveal to you that the story of the Master’ life is but a legend. This revelation had to wait until Pluto’s transit through Sagittarius, 1995 –  2008.]’

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‘We make no pretence and no claims that our opinion is the only right one. Be quite clear on this point, we bring only such knowledge as has been revealed to us, and there may be those present who have received a greater revelation. Exchange your knowledge with ours, and we ours with yours, for we are here to meet as siblings. We do not come to lecture or sermonise, but only that we may grow together into the light.’

From White Eagle Stella Polaris Feb/March 2008 ‘Fire, Water, Earth and Air’:   ‘We cannot say all you want. You must not expect White Eagle to tell you everything, because as you evolve you will see for yourself. We, your guides in the world of spirit, must not deny you the joy of discovering new knowledge, digging up your own gems and finding new beauty in art, music, literature and philosophy.’

From Stella Polaris October/November 2014 ‘The True Perspective’: ‘We do not say ours is the only truth, but that according to our vision it is what we see. Accept nothing that we say, unless the light within guides you to do so. Indeed, never accept blindly what another soul says. Learn from your intuition [If you let your inner wise one, the living God within, be your teacher and guide and that at all times, you cannot go wrong in anything.].

Grace Cooke acted as the spiritual medium and channel for the White Eagle group of guides. As the years went by, it became ever clearer to me that my writings are a continuation of where the White Eagle teachings left off when Grace passed into the world of light in 1979. My work is coming to you in the same spirit of enquiry and seeks to bring you new interpretations of some very old themes. By adding ever more fresh insights into some of the existing spiritual knowledge, I hope to do my share of bringing a measure of healing and peace to our troubled world.

When I reflect on my life, giving joy to others by doing something kind and loving for them has always brought me most happiness. As I had no other kind of spiritual guidance up to about midlife, words of wisdom I found along the way that made sense to me and struck an inner chord gradually developed into my  leading lights and guiding stars. The following verse has always been the most important one:

Willst du glücklich sein im Leben,
Trage bei zu and’rer Glück,
Denn die Freude, die wir geben
Kehrt ins eigne Herz zurück.

If you want to lead a happy life,
Contribute to other people’s happiness,
For any joy that we give
Returns to our own heart.

To this day my own life is showing me the truth of these words.

God bless each one of you.
May the Angels keep us and our world safe, now and forever.

With Love and Light,

Six pointed Star

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