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Rays of Wisdom - Astrology As A Lifehelp On The Healing Journey - About White Eagle - Spirit GuidesThe White Eagle is a symbol of the Great White Spirit, whose wisdom and knowledge over the ages were given to humankind in the form of many different tales and legends. The Angelic hierarchy is the executor of God’s great plan of life. All along their messengers have been beavering, invisible to earthly eyes, in the spiritual background of our earthly existence, to gradually bring as much spiritual knowledge to our world as the majority of people were capable of comprehending. That’s how the Angels and Masters of the Christ Circle, the throne of God, have done their best to guide us back into the conscious awareness of God’s true nature and our own.

The increasing amount of spiritual knowledge they are now making available is lifting ever more of us and our world into the loving heart of the Great Father/Mother of all life and their only born Son/Daughter, the spirit and light of the Universal Christ, the light of all lights and the spiritual Sun behind the Sun in the sky above us.

God’s sacred wisdom and truth is the Great Eagle who has always soared above our world and helped our race to regain access to the light of Divine wisdom and truth, which is every spirit/soul’s birthright to find. This Eagle is still with us now and he will accompany us forever. The name White Eagle does not apply to one particular group of spirit guides of whom there are many. It was never intended to represent one disincarnate personality, but was used by whosoever acted as the spokesperson for each one of the teachings that were given through the spiritual medium, Grace Cooke, also known as Minesta.

In one of the White Eagle books, unfortunately I cannot recall which one, we are told that the group uses more than one spokesperson. It seems that different ones spoke and worked through Grace, but to be easily recognisable they presented themselves under one single name. This was probably done because someone had special knowledge in a certain field. Jenny Dent, the present mother of the White Eagle lodge, in the preface to ‘Memories of Reincarnation’ by Grace Cooke writes: ‘In the present time, White Eagle often appears in a universal guise, not linked to any one particular personality.’ It is likely to have been with full intent that no other names of personalities in the spirit world were mentioned when their teachings were given. The only name that appears here and there is a reference to the Master Jesus. Our spirit friends must have known full well that he and his life are but a legend, but it was too early to disclose that Jesus was but a thoughtform and never existed any other way.

No name apart from White Eagle was given in the past. I feel sure that none will appear in the future, as people would otherwise instantly develop a fixation on the name of that personality, the way it happened time and again with the names of different Masters who were believed to have walked the Earth, like us, as teachers. The result would be yet another personality cult. This was good enough and even wanted by the Angels two thousand years ago when the legend of the Master Jesus came into being.

Fortunately, our spiritual development has come a very long way since then and many by now are capable of grasping that it is all right to honour the White Eagle as one of the symbols of the Great White Spirit, our Creator. The whole focus of our lives needs to be fully concentrated in that direction and no longer on any personality whatsoever, regardless of how highly evolved a soul may yet come our way. Attaching ourselves to the personality of White Eagle or anyone else in the long run is not going to be beneficial for anyone. It was still acceptable when the teachings were given, some of them eighty years ago. But in the meantime we and our world have made considerable progress on the individual and collective evolutionary spiral. Its pace is being speeded up all the time and we are here not to look back and dwell on the past, but to keep on moving forwards and upwards the spiritual mountain in ever greater strides.

I believe that the teachings that were given through Minesta, the same as those of all sacred texts, were never meant to be set in concrete or carved into stone. The tree of knowledge is a vast living organism that has many branches with as many twigs as there are spirit/souls in the whole of Creation. The truth that grows on this tree is flexible and constantly expanding. Each one of us here to discover more of it, to find our own truth and understanding so it can be added to that which already is on the tree. This is how the accumulation and expansion of knowledge and wisdom will never cease, in our world and all others.

Each spiritual teaching that appeared in our world was always intended to be expanded and grow some more. However, this could only ever happen in keeping with the evolutionary level of perception that we, individually and as a group, had reached at any given point in time. One little step by another, every one of us is required to do their share of revealing more of the light of the esoteric knowledge that has always been hiding behind the surface words of the tales and legends that were given by the Angels from time to time. When it is added to the store that is already available to us and our world, it will gradually enable all of us to reach the state of full enlightenment and perfection, in the sense of wholeness and holiness. This too is every soul’s birthright.

About six months after publishing the above, for the first time I found a confirmation of my perception of White Eagle in a small note in Anna Hayward’s article about ‘Pluto and Persephone’ in the magazine of the White Eagle Lodge, Stella Polaris October/November 2008: ‘We want you to understand that White Eagle is not just the name of a man. White Eagle is – shall we suggest – a sign, an influence, a ray, a group. It is an aspect, perhaps, of a higher spiral of Scorpio.’

The following is the essence of a message form the White Eagle Lodge’s Newsletter ‘Star of the North’ January 2011: ‘The White Eagle Lode embraces in its teachings many different schools of thought. It follows and advocates every path that leads humankind to God’s sacred wisdom and truth. That’s why the White Eagle Lodge has no creed other than unity with all and has no other aim than the siblinghood of all life. Our name is not intended to act as an enhancement for any one individual, incarnate or disincarnate. It represents the school of thought of which the word White Eagle is the symbol as the bird of soaring visions and skies filled with the light of the wisdom of the Highest.’

As the years went by, I felt ever more strongly that in some way my writings are a continuation of the White Eagle mission. Possibly the only difference between them is that my contributions to the enrichment of the tree of knowledge are being presented through a different channel and are flowing into our world in a much more direct way, free of charge. As befits the times we live in, my work is freely available on the information highway to all who wish to receive it. That is probably why White Eagle entered my field of vision many years ago during a gathering of like-minded friends.

Everybody was given a White Eagle teaching that consisted of one sentence. Mine uncannily echoed the insights into life I had for quite some time been expressing in my writings. This motivated me to find out who and what White Eagle was. God and the Angels are smiling and not saying anything about this, as with the help of our inner guidance, their way of communicating with us, each one of us required to make up their own mind about the things that enter our lives.

I was delighted when I found, many years after the first publication of this part of my jottings, a new White Eagle Lodge dedication in Stella Polaris February/March 2017: ‘We have chosen to call this centre the White Eagle Lodge – a name not bearing reference to any particular person, but referring to the white eagle as a symbol of vision, used down the ages by the Wise Ones whom we are privileged to serve. This is to be a centre of light and all who would serve the Great White Light, whatever their denomination and whatever their school of thought may be can meet here on a common plane of brotherhood and service. Therefore, beloved children, we say that this place is to be a lighthouse to guide men and women, and we ask you to help us establish and maintain the light within. Let this become a focal point for the light of spirit.’ White Eagle

From its first appearance, by now about sixteen years ago, I have called My website a lighthouse of consciousness. And as a mark of my respect, throughout my writings I have always used the words ‘the wise ones in charge of us and our world’. By choosing the term ‘lighthouse’ for the lodge and ‘the wise ones’ they are serving, neither of which I have ever seen used in any other lodge publication, it seems to me that the lodge has decided to confirm officially that they are walking in my footsteps, rather than me in theirs, which I have never done.

Somebody else liked the introduction to my website so much that they copied and pasted it, word by word and without my permission, into the introduction to a Facebook group by the name Rays Of Wisdom. After I recently started a group of my own with the name of my website, I discovered that a group by this name was already in existence. Simulation being the most desirable form of flattery, I decided to become part of it. Should you be interested in joining my group, please come and do so. If you type Rays of Wisdom into the search box, you will locate both groups quite easily.

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