Evolution Is The Law Of Life

The Fall Of Humankind – Part Two

Rays Of Wisdom - Healers And Healing - The Very Best Of White Eagle - The Fall Of Humankind - Evolution Is The Law Of Life‘The Spirit of the Universal Christ is the Sun of all suns and the Light of all lights. From Its light every cell and atom in the whole of the physical world was created by a loving thought, will and power of the Creator or God, the Great Father of all life. It was brought into manifestation through his companion and counterpart, the love and wisdom aspect of the Divine Trinity, the Goddess or Great Mother of all life. The supreme Universal laws are love and evolution, cause and effect. Because the Christ light contains them, so does everything that comes into being throughout the whole of Creation, on all its levels. And that’s why all lifeforms have always been moving forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral that winds itself around the spiritual mountain of life. The Divine Trinity is at its top.

‘Naturally, this is also true for every cell and atom of your physical body and, even though they are invisible to your earthly eyes, your spirit/soul. Because of this every part of your being has followed its inner urge to develop and grow. The same applies to the animal, vegetable and mineral kingdoms of the Earth. Deep within the cells of every creature the Divine spark steers the course of its evolutionary journey and what kind of a being it will eventually be. We who are living and working in the spiritual background of earthly life are no exception. The only difference between you and us is that we are dwelling in bodies of a different kind that allow us to freely move around our world. Several different bodies are also worn by each one of you underneath the outer shell of your physical body, the temporary vehicle you require for getting around on the Earth. Your inner bodies are of a different density and the more highly evolved you become, the more they will be filling with the light of the Christ Star. This process gradually allows you to explore the higher and later even the highest levels of life.

‘The original idea of the prototype for each species is programmed into the cells of its physical body, as soon as the first ones appear, for example in the womb of human or animal mothers. That’s how on every level of its being the new creature slowly starts to grow. Its first task is building itself an earthly personality. So that through learning from its own experiences it grows in wisdom and understanding and its consciousness expands, every so often it has to spend of lifetime on planet Earth. Starting at the lowest point of its development, the result is a crude and unevolved human being. Without hesitation it carries out the lowest and most deprived drives and urges that enter its mind and goes around hurting, maiming and killing whatever is not to its liking.

‘This is how, with the passing of time, large amounts of negative Karma are being built up during the early stages for humankind’s earthly education. They are stored in the memories of the spirit’s soul, as if they hade been written with an indelible ink. In due course every bit of these karmic debts will have to be redeemed by the one who created them. That takes place as soon as the earthly self has evolved sufficiently to be strong enough to carry the burden of this self-created cross.

‘Because of the Universal laws God’s justice is so perfect and fair that it is initially hard to imagine in earthly life. But with their help every creature in the course of countless lifetimes gradually evolves into a perfect manifestation of the creative idea that once was born in the heartmind of the Great Father. For human beings this means a whole and holy son/daughter of the Great Father/Mother, i.e. one in whom the opposing forces of masculine/feminine, positive/negative, higher and lower nature have been healed into one. Instead of working against each other, the way they did for a long time in the past, they are then working together and supporting each other. Peacefully and harmoniously, with kindness and love they respond to each other the way God and Goddess are doing.

‘The main Universal law of interest in this connection is the one of cause and effect, also known to your world as the law of Karma. This law decrees that every action causes a reaction and that everything in the whole of Creation will eventually be drawn back to its source. The effect of this is a homing instinct which ensures that nothing and nobody can ever be truly lost in the vastness of the Universe’s space and timeless existence. Every cell and atom anywhere, including those of your physical body and the bodies worn underneath, are made from the same material, the Christ light and are therefore programmed with the homing instinct. That undoubtedly is the most essential part of every spirit/soul’s travelling equipment, which throughout its earthly lifetimes expresses itself as a constant deep inner longing and yearning for the spirit world, humankind’s true home.

‘Your earthly self could be craving for the home of your childhood and your earthly mother even though they were particularly painful and disappointing experiences for you. It may take you a while before it dawns on you that your spirit/soul through the world of your feelings has been trying to comfort you through becoming aware that your longing is for your true home and mother, the spirit realm and the Great Mother of all life. If this is happening to you, it’s a sure sign that your spiritual nature is stirring from its slumber. For you the time has come to find out about God’s true nature and your own, that is God is as much part of you as you are of God. To your amazement you discover that you are a spark of the Divine and that all God’s powers and characteristics are also in you.

‘You will get to know that human beings have been given the gift of freewill and that, within the boundaries each of their own Karma and that of your whole world, are allowed to make their own choices about how they wish to use these gifts. You thank the love and wisdom of the Great Mother for sending you into earthly life, because you realise that if your spirit and soul had never taken part in the darkness of earthly life’s ignorance about its spiritual background, it would have been impossible for you to become consciously aware of God’s true nature and your own, and the special relationship you have always had and forever will have with your Divine parents.

‘As on the inner level everything is one and there is no separation between anything, spending many lifetimes in your own physical body on the Earth was necessary to help you realise that you are an individual being in your own right. The Divine spark within you reacts to being placed on the Earth like any seed that has been sown into your planet’s soil. In the darkness of that existence the seed instinctively reaches out towards the light and begins to grow. The knowledge is gains through learning from its own experiences are the light of the earthly being. With the passing of time the cells of the shell surrounding the spirit seed, your physical body, begin to respond and open to the warmth and light from their Creator on the highest levels of life.

‘What in your world is known as evil in truth merely represents the compulsory lessons for all young and inexperienced earthly selves. In due course the Universal laws return to them the suffering that they handed out so freely and thoughtlessly in previous lifetimes, ignorant of their true nature and that all life is ruled by God’s laws. Finding themselves at the receiving end of these experiences, and when there is nobody and no-one who seems to be able to alleviate their suffering, eventually leaves them no option but reaching heavenwards and pleading for help from somewhere, anywhere.

‘This explains why there are no earthly lives without sorrow and pain. And that’s how from being a minute spark the Divine aspect of ever human being’s nature, in the course of many lifetimes, the upper and lower selves are growing in wisdom and understanding. Their consciousness expands at first almost imperceptibly, but through the redemption of the earthly self’s karmic debts and the suffering it has to endure their developmental pace speeds up. For all of you this continues until you have mastered the earthly plane of life and through your behaviour in all daily encounters are proving to the wise ones in charge of you behind the scenes of your earthly existence that you have evolved into the master of every aspect of your nature.

‘By then you will have developed other bodies or vehicles that are going to allow you to function with equal ease on different planes of consciousness in other parts of the Universe. They will soon be turning into your field of exploration. Now that you are God-conscious, i.e. aware of your oneness with the Great Father/Mother, the earthly school of life has nothing left to teach you. Your mind has entered the spiritual freedom of the Aquarian Age. It consists of allowing you to believe only that which your innermost being, the wise one or living God within, tells you is true. That for you is the truth – even if it is not yet anyone else’s.

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