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Our fears, one by one, dissolve on their own with an ever deepening recognition that everything, including them, was given to us by the Creator's great wisdom and love, to teach us how to live and come to terms with our earthly existence. This improved comprehension of the processes of life in itself brings a measure of healing and peace to human souls and our world. Good advice is all right whenever it comes our way. Yet, even the best and well meant bit of it should ever be followed blindly. We are always the bottom line and we alone can decide what is right or wrong and works for us or does not.

Getting rid of all our fears, learning to live without fear altogether, that’s the meaning of the prophetic words of St. John 10:10: ‘You will have life to the full!’ The evidence of the past two thousand years clearly shows that this cannot happen merely by believing in a legendary figure like Jesus and his mission. Each one of us is required to apply themselves to working on their earthly character and bringing forth the qualities of their higher or God nature and learning to love wisely, the way our Creator loves us. No-one is alone with this task. God and the Angels, as well as our Masters and guides are waiting to be called upon, so they can hold our hands and show us the way back home into the oneness with the those on the highest levels of life. The Jesus legend demonstrates how every human soul eventually needs to conduct their life as a spiritual Master in our own right and through this evolve into a Christed one in their own right.

We are told that love is the great solvent against all fears. But what kind of love does this mean? It seems to me that for as long as one still fails to grasp what life on the Earth plane is truly about, human love is quite capable of creating more fears than it can ever hope to dissolve. That which in human terms is commonly defined as love is not really love at all. It’s nothing but a soppy emotion that creates possessiveness, clinging on and dependency, rather than setting the loved one free to make their own mistakes, so that they can learn from them and assisting them to fulfil their highest potential.

All too frequently, human love is nothing short of emotional blackmail: ‘If you don’t love me, I won’t take care of you!’ is not love. If we love, we love anyway, whether our affections are being returned by another or not. Love in its true sense never ends or goes away, for example when someone has offended and hurt us, or when someone dies. Love endures all and makes an effort to understand why things are happening and what motivated the other one. Love is not only, as the song says: ‘a  reason to be living’. It is the reason to be living and why we are here. Love is the fulfilment of God’s law on the Earth. Love has brought us into being. We come from love and we return to it. Love sustains and supports us here, in all our endeavours and undoubtedly it will continue to do so throughout eternity.

In the course of many lifetimes we were first required to live with and explore the characteristics of our lower animal nature. Gathering its experiences removed us further and further from our true higher self. Each could only get to know life in physicality through their own impressions. Having reached the ascendancy of the same arc that once led us downwards, the time has come for reaching ever more for the blessing, healing and helping hand of our Highest Self, so it can teach us to love wisely, the way our Father/Mother Creator cares for Its Creation. This means living with respect, kindness and goodness towards everything that is part of our lives as well as ourselves. It is a caring for and giving attention to wherever there is a need, without asking anything in return, yet not neglecting our own needs and wishes. This kind of love is a freeing one. It instinctively seeks the good of another because it knows that what is good for them is good for everybody, including us.

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