Cleansing Human Consciousnes

Rays Of Wisdom - War And Peace Among Nations - Human Mind CleansingAs we know by now, Divine wisdom and truth directly from the Source has always accompanied us. It was just that during the early stages of humankind’s earthly development, to make the teachings they were giving easier to understand, the Angels presented them through human teachers with whom we could identify and connect with the knowledge they were bringing. By now sufficient numbers of us have grown into adulthood and are therefore ready to act as receiver/transmitter stations through which the inspiration from the highest levels of life can flow every more powerfully direct into individual beings and our whole world.

The deeper we move into the Aquarian Age the more powerful its energies will be influencing everything that shares Mother Earth with us. Gradually every one of the cosy notions that have been with us for a long time will be removed from the collective and individual consciousness of our world. The first one that comes to mind is that at some stage in the future a saviour and redeemer will appear in our world to cleanse all those who follow him or her from the sins of their past *. This person was a messenger and a child of God, the only one who was ever born on the Earth. All anyone had to do was follow this mythical being and regularly attend the church that had come into being around it. Once a week on Sundays was sufficient for being saved and redeemed, quite automatically.

Now that ever more of us are reaching spiritual adulthood, the true meaning of this promise is revealing itself. To reveal that it was neither a false pledge nor some kind of a hoax, the only thing required is an understanding of the underlying higher esoteric meaning of this tale, the same as all other spiritual teachings that ever appeared in our world. From the evolutionary point many have reached by now it’s not hard to see that the only way of saving and redeeming ourselves and our world is by freely and willingly surrendering our whole being with all its affairs into the hands of the Highest forces of life, known as God.

The word Islam * means total surrender to God. This is achieved by conducting a life of loving service to the One, working as Its channel for the highest good and the greatest joy of all. It denotes following God’s will and wishes to do all we can to alleviate the suffering of our world. The instructions for this we receive intuitively through our inner guidance, the living God within. Total surrender to God can never come about through inflicting as much pain and suffering on humankind as we can.

This submission includes conducting our life in accordance with the Universal laws *. With this knowledge the Divine forces are laying the instrument into everyone’s own hands for taking charge of our destiny through refusing to create difficult and painful Karma for ourselves. When we start sending nothing but good, kind and loving thoughts, words and deeds into our world, they are the only things that can return to us, as soon as the Karmic debts that have accrued in our spiritual bankbook in the course of many lifetimes. This is the only way they can be paid – by none other than us. And that’s how in the fullness of time every human being will redeem themselves.

One of the many cherished false beliefs of the past has been the notion that Heaven and Hell * are places ‘somewhere up there or down there’ that we go to. Are the experiences of our most difficult relationships in the here and now in themselves not sufficient proof that Heaven and Hell are states of consciousness? With the help of the thinking and behaviour patterns we brought with us from previous lifetimes, each one of us is quite capable of creating Heaven or Hell, for ourselves and those around us. Without being aware of what we were doing, we are likely to have made life unnecessarily hard to endure during the early stages of our present lifetime because of the many false beliefs, prejudices and superstitions from past lifetimes.

The realisation that what we are doing is destructive and negative, therefore wrong for the present stage of our development, is the first step towards empowering ourselves to consciously change our character traces into more positive and constructive ones. But because as earthlings we are allowed the freedom to make up our own minds about things and to make our own decisions *, it’s entirely up to us whether we want to walk this pathway or not. During the early stages of our earthly education we are largely unaware of what kind of a precious gift freedom of choice is and that it needs to be handled wisely and with the greatest of care. But as we mature into spiritual adulthood it gradually dawns on us what it truly means and the responsibilities it brings with it. For example, making conscious decisions about how our ideas of Heaven should be brought down to Earth by us through constantly practising them in our daily lives.

From that point onwards some real progress on our spiritual pathway at last becomes possible. How much of it we are making is disclosed to those in charge of our development in the spirit world – the eye that never sleeps – through our actions and reactions in daily life. In particular this applies to our behaviour towards the less evolved siblings in the family of humankind. How kind and tolerant, without condoning what they are doing, is our approach to those who do not yet know better than creating hell for themselves and those around them? These poor souls surely deserve our compassion, as so far they have no idea of what they are in the process of creating for themselves in future lifetimes *. Caught in the dungeon of their ignorance, they insist on producing ever more negative and difficult Karma for themselves, unaware that at some stage of their development it has to be made good.

At least now and then let’s spare a loving thought for these unfortunate people. In some future lifetime they too will begin to awaken to their true nature. Eventually they will discover that all human beings have the power within to transform their lives and that of others from a living Hell on Earth into a small piece of Heaven on the Earth, which they themselves will be creating. If we told them about it now, they would not believe us. But even so, whenever a person who is afflicted in this way crosses your path, gently try to nudge them in the right direction, the way someone once did with you and me.

There is a strong possibility that it could be predestined for you to be the one who assists them with walking their first step towards the great change of consciousness and initiation, which every one of us at some stage has to experience. Oh, what grandiose words! All they represent in simple terms is changing our outlook on life and with it our inner attitudes towards ourselves, those around us and our world. That is the long awaited spiritual rebirth and the more of us get involved in this process, the more the spiritual rebirth of our race and world will gather speed.

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