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What about Heaven and Hell – are they really places anyone goes to? To me, they represent the various states of consciousness, which we create for ourselves and each other, in the here and now. Because we have freedom of choice, it always has been up to each individual whether to create a living hell for ourselves and those around us or to bring our own ideas of Heaven down to Earth in our daily lives.

All human souls throughout every one of their many lifetimes in physicality are in constant search of consciousness expanding experiences that increase their understanding of God’s true nature and their own, and of the wisdom and truth of their Creator as it expresses itself on the Earth plane. For every soul there eventually comes the moment of awakening into the realisation of who and what they truly are and always have been, namely sparks of the Divine and eternal and immortal beings of light, who can and will never die. This quest continues until the soul has fully come home into the conscious awareness of its oneness with God and all life. .

The experiences of my present lifetime have taught me that Hell on Earth is living without spirituality and without the conscious knowledge of the purpose and meaning of our present existence. However, with the help of the understanding that God is something quite different from what anyone could ever have thought of in past ages, namely that God is in you and me and in everything, I am succeeding in bringing my own small piece of Heaven down to the Earth. And that is something I am willing to happily share with anyone who wishes to enter into my Heaven with me, the way I am doing with you here.

In my view, only through becoming aware of what is at stake, can anyone hope to begin to play their own active part in establishing God’s Kingdom on the Earth. And I rest safely in the knowledge that when we do our best, God and the Angels will do the rest. Because the Universe dreams and acts through human consciousness, to achieve Its highest hopes and ideals, when we seek to bring healing and peace to our world, it will always provide us with everything we shall ever require to do so.

That is the only way it can come about that each one of us in their own right will fulfil their highest potential; all together we shall do so for humankind and the whole of our world and all worlds. Those who are here now and whose inner eyes have opened to their true reality are witnessing its beginnings. It is happening because that is what the Universe wants for us, its beloved children of Earth. Each one is God’s daughter and son, all wrapped into one, and the homecoming of the prodigal son of the Bible is the homecoming of all humankind into the full awareness of the true nature of God and our own.

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