The Sun In Gemini

Gemini - sign of the earthly mind, duality and communication

Gemini  Glyph

The Sign Of The Earthly Mind, Duality And Communications

Soul Food For Geminians

I said a prayer for you today,
And God must have heard –
I felt the answer in my heart,
Although S/He spoke no word!
I did not ask for wealth or fame
I knew you wouldn’t mind –
I asked Her/Him to send treasures
Of a far more lasting kind.

I asked that S/He be near you
At the start of each new day,
To grant you health and blessings,
And friends, to share your way.
I asked for happiness for you
In all things, great and small –
But, it was for his loving care
That I prayed the most of all.

God be with you.


Many happy returns of the day, dear Gemini.

Whether you are interested in my interpretation of this sign on your own behalf or that of a loved one, how about copying, pasting and printing this file, or any other – as well as my special blessings – and placing it inside a birthday card, as a special surprise?

Take care and God bless,

With Love and Light,

Six pointed Star

Please note that everything mentioned in this file does not only apply to the Sun in Gemini but also when:

•    Your Sun is in the third house, which is associated with Gemini.
•    Your Moon is in Gemini or the third house.
•    Your Ascendant is in Gemini.
•    You were born on the 5th, 14th or 23rd day of any month, not merely while the Sun is in Gemini. See also ‘The Sun In Virgo’

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Mythology  - Castor And Pollux

The mythological background of the planetary ruler of each sign can reveal a great deal about the evolutionary pathway of human souls in general terms, as well as some of the character traits that are typical for souls born into any given sign. That’s why we are considering this aspect first. Mercury is one of the planets that rules two signs, namely Gemini, the sign of the twins, i.e. duality and of communications, and Virgo, the teaching and healing sign of the zodiac. The planet itself is going to be investigated later in this file, as my observations and insights make more sense there. So, instead of the planet itself we shall focus in this spot on what the myths and mysteries that surround the sign of the twins can reveal to us.

Castor and Pollux, the mythological twins and heroes of Greek mythology, were the sons of Zeus, the king of the Gods. They were great warriors and noted for their devotion to each other. Castor excelled as a horseman and Pollux as a boxer. The ancient Greeks believed one of every set of twins to be the son of a God and thus immortal. In one version of their legend, Castor, the earthly brother, was killed and Pollux, the son of a God, begged his father to allow his brother to share his immortality with him. Zeus in his great wisdom decided that the twins should divide their time evenly between Hades – Earth life – and Heaven – the world of spirit; in their honour they were placed together in the sky by Zeus as the constellation Gemini or The Twins.

To this day, the tale of the twins can give us some valuable clues about the mysteries of the dual nature of humankind, as well as providing us with the key for unlocking them. The fact that one of the twins descends onto the Earth plane, while the other one remains in the spirit world, from where he guides and protects his brother, is an indication of the close relationship that exists between our small earthly self and our Highest or God Self. The devotion of the mythological twins to each other shows that there has always been an intimate and loving relationship between the two.

In his role as the fabulous horseman Castor also points us in the direction of Gemini’s inner connection with its polar opposite, Sagittarius. This is the sign of the superconscious mind and travelling, spiritual explorations and adventuring. Here the human superconscious faculties are waiting to be developed until we have mastered them to perfection. However many times of going round the zodiac and passing through Sagittarius this may take us, we all get there in the end.

The Sagittarian symbol is the centaur, whose lower half is animal, horse, and the upper half is human and potentially Divine. In the animal speak of the Native American tradition the horse represents power, i.e. the power of the spirit to carry the human soul forward on its evolutionary pathway. The concept of the horse also brings to mind Pegasus, the winged horse of the Ancient Greek mythological tradition. The ideas from the Source provide the inspiration for all creative efforts and the steed is a symbolism for the creative imagination of writers on whose wings we can lift ourselves and our world into the heart of the Universe.

The inspiration for doing so is constantly flowing from the highest levels into all life, to be received by those who are ready to express them on the Earth plane wit the help of their very own individual perception of life. During previous lifetimes such people have been prepared for the main task of their present one of bringing some specific work of art, maybe several, into being. There’s just one snag and that is that to reach the conscious awareness of the recipient the Universe’s ideas must work their way through layer upon layer of that person’s residues of the soul memories from those lifetimes. And that is the cause of the bouts of deep depression that have to be endured by so many creative writers before their next creative outburst.

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Romulus And Remus

Roman mythology also had a famous set of twins, Romulus and Remus, the founders of Rome. Their mother was one of the Vestal Virgins who was impregnated by the God Mars. The Vestal Virgins were women priests in ancient Rome who entered their order as virgins and were sworn to chastity, as they played a very special role in the temple of Vesta, the goddess of the hearth. They were considered to be holy and their primary task consisted of maintaining the sacred fire of Vesta. The Vestal duty brought great honour and afforded greater privileges to women who served in that role than they would ordinarily have had. The virgins were the only female priests within the Roman religious system.

When the Vestal Virgin of our tale gave birth to twins, she called them Romulus and Remus. However, the King decreed that they should be left to die in the Tiber River. As fate had other intentions for the twins, they were placed in a basked that was set adrift on the river but later washed up on shore. A wolf found them, took pity on them and suckled them. When they were a bit older a woodpecker fed them, until eventually a kind shepherd found them and took them into his home. When they had grown up, Romulus and Remus restored the throne of Alba Longa to its rightful ruler, their maternal grandfather. Then they set out to found their own city, but sibling rivalry developed between them; as a result Romulus killed his brother. Thus he became the first King and the founder of the city of Rome which is named after him.

The wolf in the Native American tradition of animal speak stands for a teacher of the spiritual kind. And in the tale of Romulus and Remus we have two children of a God, whose mother, an earthly priestess, was forced to abandon them shortly after their birth because of a cruel King’s orders, but who were suckled by a wolf who took pity on them. Here we have an early version of God’s children of the Earth, who are abandoned by their true parents, and given into the care of earthly ones – who all their lives are likely to remain small and frightened children themselves. These earthly parents are meant to be the children’s teachers; yet, only up to a point. We, the children of the Earth are only seemingly abandoned by our true parents, the Father/Mother of the whole of Creation.

The wolf, to me, is a symbolism for the Angels who always take care of us, bringing us into this life and taking us out of it again when the right moment has come. The wolf also represents the spiritual teachers and guides from our other world, who feed all children of the Earth with their very own special nourishment. Later a bird feeds the twins, until the kindly shepherd finds them and takes them into his home. This represents a double symbolism for the nurturing and caring that is constantly provided for all human souls by spirit beings.

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General Observations

The full Moon in Gemini takes place in Sagittarius and is known as the Christ Moon. In the year 2013 it will be taking place on the 25th May. As the name implies, this full Moon is spiritually of the greatest significance for all life on the Earth plane, because on the highest levels of life this is a time for special celebrations to honour the Universal Christ, the third aspect of the Holy Trinity of the Great Father/Mother of all life, their only born Son. This is the great spiritual light from which all creative ideas flow forth and give life, warmth and sustenance to the whole of Creation on all its levels. What is meant here is not Jesus, but the Christ Spirit, the eternal Sun and great light. He is the firstborn son of the great Father/Mother of all life. His spirit is the first spark of Creation from whom fresh creative ideas are constantly flowing.

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Gemini is the mutable Air sign ruled by the planet Mercury, the messenger of the Gods, who is also responsible for the human soul’s early earthly education and the development of the earthly mind and its communication skills this requires. The third sign of the zodiac, Gemini, is the ruler of the third house. Both sign and house deal mainly with siblings and close relatives of all kinds, like sisters, brothers, cousins and so forth. When our Sun is found in Gemini or the third house, the main focus of the lessons of our present lifetime is on further development of the skills that we, very unwisely, too often take for granted. Gemini is also concerned with short distance travelling like walking, cycling and motoring.

Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are the Air and communication signs of the zodiac. Souls born into any one of these are much more ruled by their intellect than the emotions. This is how it comes about that Geminians think their way through life and they define themselves by the keyword: ‘I think!’ The human intellect is an integral part of the great Universal intelligence and the Air signs serve the individual and collective development of this aspect of humankind’s nature. It slowly but surely leads us and our world into ever higher levels of comprehension of that which is known on the Earth plane as God’s sacred truth.

Every lifetime spent in one of the Air signs presents us with many opportunities for the further advancement of our earthly intellectual faculties of logic and rational thinking. Souls born into the Air signs usually are not emotional people and the best way of reaching them is with logic and reason. Gemini is no exception to this and if you would like to find a key for their thinking patterns, your best plan would be to not only study my interpretation of Gemini but also of its sleeping partner and polar opposite, Sagittarius.

Gemini represents the earthly logical and analytical mind of the small self. Detached from its soft and sensitive feeling side, the soul, this mind is cold and crystal clear in its analyses, its vision is firmly focused on daily life and the concerns of the Earth, which can therefore be extremely limited. The earthly mind is a jittery and nervous one that is doubtful and all too easily frightened. This is helped greatly when the Geminian soul learns to tap into the energies of Sagittarius. The most endearing qualities of this sign are unbounded faith, trust, joy and hope, because it is part of the faculties of the ebullient, expansive and trusting, which can also be exceedingly gullible, super-conscious mind of its Highest or God Self.

The study of Gemini and Sagittarius takes us back to the twins of mythology whose two parts are active and alive in all human souls. It is not hard to recognise Gemini as the earthly twin and Sagittarius as its heavenly counterpart. Most souls born into both these signs are intelligent, lively, active and greatly interested in mental pursuits. During a lifetime in Gemini the soul is still mostly involved with earthly matters. By the time it reaches Sagittarius its interests – especially from midlife onwards – begin to turn to higher concerns, for example the religions and philosophies of our world. While many a soul in Gemini happily remains on the surface of things, carelessly flitting from one experience to another, Sagittarians who have developed at least a degree of spiritual awareness are likely to choose subjects of a more expansive nature that question and query further and deeper into things. The nature and scope of the Sagittarian’s journeying and activities, mental, spiritual and otherwise is likely to be wider and their studies more profound than the ones Gemini would be interested in.

Six pointed Star

Behaviour Patterns In Opposing  Signs

Great spiritual progress is possible as soon as the soul – in any of the signs – learns to tap into the energies of its own Sun sign and that of its polar opposite, because the two signs of each pair complement each other.  The narrow window of the perception of life of the earthly personality’s mind, Gemini, can and needs to be opened through attunement to the expansive and spiritually enriched vision of Sagittarius. And the earthly logical and analytical faculties of Gemini benefit the soul’s process of sorting the wheat from the chaff in spiritual matters. On top of all that souls in Gemini, Air, and Sagittarius, Fire, are equally in need of grounding themselves in the Earth and Water elements. Inner guidance can only be received through the world of our feelings, i.e. the emotions and they are ruled by the Water element.

Air and Fire are masculine, while Earth and Water are feminine. That is why the energies of the signs in opposition in the zodiac get on well with each other. As there is an underlying harmony between them, they enjoy working with and responding to each other. And so, Water gets on well with Earth, Air with Fire, and vice versa. Whenever two extremes join forces and find the golden point of balance halfway between them, each is capable of giving of its best. In the case of Gemini and Sagittarius, when this happens and Geminians devote themselves to selflessly attending to the needs of others, its over-concern for itself, its love of the minutest details of everyday life, and also for tittle-tattle and gossiping disappears over the horizon of their earthly consciousness. When the Sagittarian soul does the same, its devotion to boasting and tendencies to over-confidence are forgotten and its love of display loses all meaning. As the soul forgets itself increasingly in loving service to the One and through it, all life, these things vanish as if they had never existed.

Every soul must learn in its own time how to deal with the extremes of behaviour of its own sign and the one in opposition. Gemini and Sagittarius present us with one of the finest examples of this. To help the soul cope with its experiences on the Earth plane and for understanding its concepts, it has been given the gift of an earthly mind that has reasoning and logical faculties. Alas, this mind suffers from an extremely narrow field of vision. That’s why it is desperately in need of and can benefit greatly from integrating the best of the qualities of its opposite sign, Sagittarius. This is the sign in which the soul develops the ability to tap into the intuition and inspiration of the super-conscious mind of Its Highest Self. Because the Sagittarian vision can all too easily become over-expansive and far too advanced for the soul’s present evolutionary state, this part, in turn, requires the checking influence of the earthly mind.

The point of balance, as always, lies somewhere in the middle region between these two extremes. Eventually the soul realises this; it then connects its two minds with each other and trains them to work harmoniously together. Until this has taken place, during a lifetime in Gemini the earthly mind may keep the soul firmly bound to the Earth and chained to the endless trivia of its daily life. Deeply unhappy and suffering because of its inability to open its inner eyes and lift them above its present existence, it may sink ever deeper into depression. That, however, is by no means the end of anything!

Used to its earthbound ways of thinking and perceiving our world and its role in it, the soul when it enters Sagittarius for the first few times may still be reluctant to take the opportunities for lifting its vision to the higher and highest aspects of life. Yet, the Universe has endless patience with all of us and there comes the time for every soul when it responds to the calling of what is known as ‘the Father’, its Highest Self, ever more strongly. The soul wakes up Its horizons start to widen and responding to the influence of the Fire element, in the end it enjoys the Sagittarian experience so much that it eagerly seizes all opportunities for travelling and experimenting on all levels of life, especially spiritual adventuring and explorations. Ask any Sagittarian whether this is true!

Because all human souls finally take to their wings so wholeheartedly that, to slow down their progress to a sensible pace, the Universe in its infinite wisdom decrees that the next lifetime should be spent in Capricorn, the sign that follows Sagittarius in the zodiac. Capricorn is ruled by stern and undeviating schoolmaster Saturn. Here the Earth element has to be encountered at its densest and so our souls come down to Earth with a bump. Our wings have been clipped and we have been grounded on the Earth plane, where we must serve the needs of humankind in some fashion. Instead of constant moving around and travelling, we become stationary and receive a lesson that lasts a whole lifetime on serving and focussing on our objectives in life, especially long-term ones.

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Six pointed Star

Learning To Trust

The Highest or God Self of every soul is waiting to be called upon, so that it can guide, protect, inspire and motivate us into right thoughts, words and actions. But, no matter what information we receive from anywhere, even from within, has to be filtered by us through our earthly mind, to ensure that it makes some sense. When in this way we, the earthly twin, are doing our best, God and the Angels, our heavenly twin, can do the rest and work through us for the highest good of all. There is no way that the earthly twin on its own can know what that may be. As its life progresses and the soul moves along, endeavouring to follow the guidance of its inner teacher, it learns through first hand experiences to trust that its heavenly Self infallibly knows a solution to every problem.

Our lives are meant to be conducted so that in due course we become aware and accept that trust is something that cannot be given to us by anyone; it has to grow from within. This can only come about through testing, trying and having a go at things ourselves, sticking our toes into the water, finding out and constantly learning from all our experiences. That is the only way of finding what we like and what we don’t like, what is right and what is wrong for us at any given time. Basically, life on the Earth plane is as simple as that. Why then can be often be so difficult? Because trusting, letting go and letting God completely take over our lives at the beginning can be very scary indeed. Yet, only by moving along and learning to go with the flow can genuine trust in the inherent goodness life slowly build up in us; and the more one practises this the easier it gets.

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Finding Our Special Task

Every soul was created so that as soon as it has reached the right level of spiritual evolution, it can carry out some kind of a special task that cannot be executed by any other soul. In the course of trying to find its special assignment every soul is bound to encounter many obstacles, delays and frustrations that may be exceedingly hard to bear. As each one that tests our mettle to the full is necessary for gradually building up our inner strength, courage and the power, so that in due course they can be brought forth, let us not begrudge them. One of the greatest facts of life is that if we learn something from every experience that comes our way, we will always gain and grow in wisdom and patience. As those two qualities are the two most precious gifts each new earthly sojourn wishes to bestow upon on every soul, it is not surprising that they are the hardest ones to come by. Ask any soul who is strongly under the influence of Saturn during their present lifetime; they are sure to confirm this.
In the light of all that, it is hardly surprising that many a time at the beginning of some of our more daring new ventures, something of a quantum leap of faith is required from us. In such cases, I find it helpful to imagine myself as following the example of the fool in my favourite Tarot, ‘The Medicine Woman – as a Symbol of Everybody’s Awakening Feminine Intuition and Wisdom’ by Carol Bridges. The fool in this Tarot is pictured as a young maiden, who is walking close to a steep river embankment. Blissfully unaware of the danger of her situation, she smiles and scatters her seeds, a symbolism for the inspirations that are flowing through her, onto the water and land below. Her gaze is firmly fixed heavenwards and the Sun’s radiance and love is fully upon her. It does not seem to bother her that she is only one step away from falling down a sheer rock-face into the river below. The look on her face shows that she trusts implicitly that she is safe.

However, we as healers have to go one step further still. Trusting our intuition and inner guidance, at the threshold of each new venture, there comes the moment when there is nothing for it but holding our nose and jumping with both feet into the abyss. That’s what it sometimes feels like, especially when it comes to finding the above mentioned special task. The fool is a symbolism for every human soul who in Gemini becomes more aware of its earthly mind and is required to develop it. Each time the soul attempts to ground one of its new ventures, through its inner connection with Sagittarius and the super-conscious faculties of the Highest mind, it receives inspiration and is guided into thoughts, words and actions that are right for its present evolutionary level.

As the earthly and heavenly twins are increasingly working together and the soul’s earthly self learns to trust the inner guidance it receives from its Divine counterpart, it finds it easier to surrender itself to its Highest Self. As shown to us in the legend of the Master Jesus, in this process the two parts heal together, until finally the Highest Self takes over completely. If we so wish and ask for it – and who in their right senses would not? – our Highest Self can then manipulate the cells of our physical body, so that they return to normal and healthy functioning, and peace fills our whole being, body and soul. This process can be helped along by using affirmations.

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Six pointed Star

The Dual Forces Within The Universe And Us

Dual forces are at work within all life and therefore also in us and our world. For a very long time these forces were considered to be one the greatest mysteries of earthly life, but fortunately astrology can be used to unravel them all, one by one. Up to fairly recently it was believed that a division and an opposition existed between the Divine and its human offspring. This clearly was a false belief, which was necessary during past ages, to create the illusion that we were separate beings from our Creator. Ever more of us are by now becoming aware that in God everything is one – it always has been and forever will be. God is in all life and all lifeforms, we are as much part of God as God is part of us and in truth there never was any division between anything.

At the threshold of the Age of Aquarius we are at long last beginning to find the spiritual freedom that is the birthright of every soul and that is finding out who we truly are and making up our own minds about what we truly can and want to believe. All of us have been placed on the Earth plane at the present time, so that we may learn to look beyond the cultural illusion of our present world and to wake up to the realisation of the inner oneness of all life. Armed with the spiritual knowledge we are now allowed access to, it becomes ever easier to shed the apparent divisions that have for so long been the part of the great illusion of Earth life, thus helping us to create more suffering for ourselves and each than anything else. Every soul for itself has to first discover and then explore the underlying harmony that exists between all opposing forces within their own nature and that of our world. The task in hand for all of us is teaching them to work together instead of against each other.

As ever, the point of balance between two extremes – in behaviour patterns as in every other aspect of life – invariably lies halfway between them. In this case, on the one hand we have Sagittarius, the sign in which we gather manifold experiences in connection with matters of faith and trust. Beware! One of the greatest Sagittarian pitfalls is gullibility. This is something we all have to watch out for at certain times in our lives when our energies are more strongly under the influence of Sagittarius than we would normally be. There is no need to bore you with the technical details here, but such periods occur at certain intervals during each one of our earthly sojourns. This is probably what happened to one of my friends when he went through what I like to call his pork experience, to which we shall return in a moment.

The polar Sagittarius, and therefore the other end on the scale of this particular set of extremes, is Gemini, the sign in which every soul ultimately must meant learn how to take control of and master its earthly mind. This mind can all too easily become too analytical, in which case the danger of growing over-cold and cynical looms at the horizon, which may result in the total loss of faith and trust in God, people and the whole of life. Yet, this too is something every soul has to experience at least once in the long course of its evolutionary pathway. So, all is by no means lost when it does. We all get back into the awareness of our oneness with God and all life in the end. Only through its own efforts can any soul learn the wise use of its earthly mind, until it serves us as the tool for a true perspective of the concepts of Heaven as well as of the Earth.

Sagittarius represents the superconscious mind and Gemini its counterpart, the mind of Earth. The two faculties have to be brought together and trained by us, so they complement each other and work harmoniously together. Only when this has been achieved can the two together play for us the role of the allegorical messenger of the Gods. Like Mercury, who stole the fire of the Gods – the wisdom and knowledge of the Highest – we are required to do so unselfishly and for the benefit of humankind. Our only motivation should be to alleviate the ignorance of our race which, to this day, is the sole cause of all the suffering on this plane of life. This needs to continue until every last shred of misery has gone from our world.

Six pointed Star

Telling A Truth From A Lie

Even when we are following our inner guidance, it is essential to develop our discriminatory faculties to the full and to use them with great care to enable us to tell a truth from a lie. There is only one way of knowing whether some information comes from our Highest Self or the, ego, its small earthly counterpart. To find it, it is necessary to focus our whole being on the mind in our heart and to listen to its murmurings that come to us through the innermost world of our feelings; that is the only place in the whole of Creation where truth it known. This joining together of the twin faculties of the two minds is the most vital part of the individual and collective healing journey that is presently taking place.

For aeons the Divine spark waits in all human hearts for the moment of its waking up. At long last it comes and our spirit and soul wake from their slumbers and the spark, the seed of the Divine, comes alive and develops develop into a small still flame of love that burns away the dross of darkness and fears of our conscious mind. This is increasingly happening on the Earth plane and the awakening love and wisdom of the mind in our hearts are our most precious friends and allies in our endeavours to be reunited with the heart-mind of God and the Universe.

We are creative beings, co-creators with God, and therefore constantly in the process of creating something, although most of the time we are unaware that this is what we are doing. It is vitally important to create the right things through the right way of thinking, the right frame of mind, not only for ourselves but also for those around us and for our world. The beginning of all creative processes is always a thought. Out of thought comes the word; out of this result the actions that bring new things into being. Because of this it is essential that, as early as possible in life, we take control of our earthly minds and establish patterns that enable us to express our thoughts in the right way.

Six pointed Star

The Planet Mercury

In Virgo, the teaching and healing sign of the zodiac, Mercury’s energies benefit greatly from the stabilising and strengthening effect of working through the gentle wisdom of the Earth. This, alas, is absent in Gemini, the Air sign.  To help it further along, the soul’s earthly mind in Virgo can learn to draw strength, faith and inspiration from its opposite sign Pisces and its rulers Jupiter and Neptune. In Gemini, it can be trained to tap into the faith, joy and optimism of its polar opposite sign, Sagittarius. Under the jurisdiction of Mercury Gemini and Virgo – not merely as Sun signs but also through other influences like Sun in the third or sixth house or the Moon in one of these signs or houses – between them have and still are producing some of our world’s finest writers.

In Roman mythology, Mercury was the fleet-footed messenger of the Gods. Many artworks depict Mercury as a young man who is wearing winged sandals or a winged cap. He holds a caduceus, a staff around which two snakes are winding themselves upwards and facing each other. Amongst many other things, it has always been Mercury’s task to steal the fire of the Gods. This symbolism has always tried to convey the message to our world that it is through the channel of the human earthly mind that Mercury in his capacity as God of communications brings the creative ideas, wisdom and knowledge from the highest levels of life, onto the Earth plane. Mercury’s gifts have always come to humankind to help us make some kind of sense of our temporary existence and to lessen our struggle with it. The highest levels of life are constantly trying to help us find a better understanding of ourselves and our environment, so that the wounds that were of necessity inflicted upon ourselves and each other would heal again. That’s what the messenger of the Gods is doing, to this day! Who do you think is writing this, through me?

Mercury’s counterpart in Greek mythology was Hermes, who also carried a caduceus but this time it represented a symbol of peace. His staff had originally been a rod or an olive branch that ended in two shoots and was decorated with garlands or ribbons, which were later interpreted as two snakes entwined in opposite directions with their heads facing each other. A pair of wings, as a symbol of Hermes’ speed, was attached to the staff above the snakes. Its similarity to the staff of Asclepius, the healer who carries a staff that is branched at the top and entwined by a single serpent, resulted in modern times in the adoption of the caduceus as a symbol of the physician. These processes have been taking place long before we – by that I mean that you and I in other lifetimes could have been among them – ever thought of giving the names of Hermes and Mercury to the earthly counterpart of the super-conscious mind of our Highest Self. To understand itself and the life it is in the small self has been equipped with a mind that can receive and understand the gifts that Mercury brings from the superconscious realms. Even the very ideas for the names of all those concepts have their origin in the Source, where ultimately all ideas come from and return to.

To this day, the legends that were given to us in the days of yore provide us with clues about the functioning of the dual nature of humankind. The two snakes represent the streams of consciousness of the earthly, conscious and logical mind, and the super-conscious mind of the Highest mind, the Divine within us. I see the caduceus as our spine. The intention is that through our spiritual practices, meditations, prayers and contemplations, the two snakes should start to work together, so that they gradually wind themselves evenly around each other and their energies rise through the staff of our spine. As the snakes, the two energies, begin to face each other, come into harmony and slowly become one, they are bringing healing and peace to us and our world.

With the coming together of the soul’s earthly mind, Mercury, and the super-conscious mind of its Highest Self, Sagittarius, the soul gains access to the mind of its own heart. Thus, it re-establishes its inner connection with the great loving heart of the Universe, where all truth is known. As the earthly mind devotes itself ever more to serving the Highest and Its mind gradually takes over, until the two minds have been healing together and act as one. The result is the small still voice of consciousness that is meant to be listened to in every heart. As every individual one is part of the heart of our world and also of the whole of Creation, the prayers of the Universe itself can then flow through us and bring healing and peace to us and our world. The voice in every soul’s heart is part of the great loving voice of the soul of all life; in that soul the wisdom and knowledge of all ages and all worlds are stored; that is why it knows the answers to all our questions. When we have become sufficiently evolved, the voice of this soul will also speak through us, as It once did through the legend of the Master Jesus, to bring Its wisdom, blessings and healing to us and our world.

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Six pointed Star

Negative Aspects Of Gemini

Wishing to make the progress that could potentially be theirs during their present lifetime, wise souls familiarise themselves with the detrimental as well as the beneficial behaviour patterns of their Sun sign. They make it their business to find out what they are and then get to work on avoiding and overcoming them. Taking an active interest in those around them and their concerns stops them from getting too wrapped up in themselves. Aware that their critical and ever analysing approach to life makes it is all too easy to slip into the habit of noticing only that which is disadvantageous in people and situations, they steadfastly refuse to join the ranks of the whingers and moaners of the zodiac. Instead, they endeavour to always look for and concentrate on the good and positive in all people and situations. To their greatest delight they then very quickly discover that it most certainly is there for all those who look for it.

Because of their restless flitting from one adventure to another, in their ceaseless search for many and varied new experiences that promote inner growth, Geminians are known as the butterflies of the zodiac. As they are extremely restless souls, the Chinese call this one the monkey sign. Because of the mutability of their sign Geminians are the most adaptable and versatile people of the zodiac. Unfortunately, they are not known for concentration and persistence. Wise ones make special efforts to build these traces into their character, as experience – either during this lifetime or others – has taught them that this is essential for achieving the success they dream of as much as anybody else. That indeed is hard work for witty, charming and clever Geminians. If you have any contact with them you are sure to have become aware of their wonderful ability of thinking on their feet and how the butterfly breezes through people’s lives like a refreshing summer wind. Here today and gone tomorrow, but leaving us feel enriched for having known them.

The wise ones among them take control of their tendencies to endlessly fussing and nagging over inconsequentials and their obsession with too much detail and trivia. They learn to control their fickle temperament, because they appreciate how difficult that can be to cope with for all concerned. Many Geminians are averse to close and binding ties. This could possibly be an unconscious reaction to lifetimes spent in Taurus, the sign that comes before Gemini in the zodiac, in which the soul gathers experiences of ownership and hopes to develop a true sense of values. To own and being owned is part of the Taurean experience, but in Gemini the soul wants and needs to be free and therefore has a strong dislike for ties that bind them too much.

The approach to life of any of the two signs in the zodiac adjacent to each other are always profoundly different; this ensures that the soul is presented with ever more lessons of a different kind. And that is how it comes about that in Gemini the soul loves everybody and may find it quite hard to settle down to one love only, in spite of the fact that it also wants to be important and special to someone. The more understanding of the basic differences in each other’s life experiences two people can find before entering into a serious relationship, the more freedom they will be able to give each other and the happier their union will be for both of them.

As Geminians have a wonderful gift for communicating their ideas to others, they can be excellent teachers, writers, reporters, as well as sales people. They love talking to an audience, in spite of the fact that people make them nervous. Ideally, they need work where they can move about freely and mingle with people. Eight hours solidly stuck behind a desk is not usually their idea of happiness, unless there are other energies at work in them. For example, if their Moon was in one of the Earth signs or their Sun and/or Moon conjunct Saturn; that would some stability and help to pin the restless butterfly down.

Geminians are fond of dramatising everything that happens to them. They are capable of dreaming up big schemes, but because of their restless desire to be on their way – which they have in common with their polar opposite, Sagittarius – their difficulties in bringing their plans down to the Earth can be great. Being altogether too preoccupied with themselves to allow anyone else in isn’t helpful either. Wise ones who appreciate that their self-centredness is the cause of all their problems, prefer to lose themselves in service to others, because they know that this is the best and probably only way of taking the emphasis away from themselves and their many family problems. Further problems are all too often created by Geminians because they get lost too much in their descriptions of the minutest details and being over-absorbed with themselves and their tales. Thus, they may not notice when their listeners have lost all interest in them as well as their projects.

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Mastery Over Speech And Mind

The soul’s highest aim in Gemini is to achieve mastery over speech and mind. That is why opportunities for learning about the functioning of the earthly mind are constantly offered to those born into Gemini. Alas, in all of us the earthly mind has developed the habit of ceaselessly going on about something and nothing. Learning to control this is one of the most important tasks for this lifetime, not only for Geminians but for everybody. The murmurings and prayers of our Highest Self that rise to the surface of our consciousness from the depths of our innermost self can only be heard when the chattering of our earthly mind has ceased.

This mind is a powerful tool; it is also a delicate and sensitive one. All too easily swayed and influenced, it can be programmed into believing just about anything. Its tendency to believe any old tale and yarn, so long as someone says it comes from ‘above’ or ‘the beyond’ shows up its great need for attuning itself to the wisdom and knowledge of the Highest mind. As we are all receiver and transmitter stations for communications from the highest levels of life, it is of vital importance that we take charge of and learn to control our earthly mind. It is meant to be developed into a finely tuned instrument that can be used as an effective tool and a channel, through which the blessings of the wisdom of the Highest Self can flow to wherever there is a need for it.
We are responsible for everything that is in our world, including every part of ourselves, every thought, word and action. As thought is the most basic and most potent force in the whole of Creation, first and foremost we need to make every effort to take charge of our thought processes. We also have to answer for what we allow to penetrate our consciousness, and with what we fill our hearts and minds. It is essential that we learn how to point and focus our earthly minds in the right direction. The worlds of mass media and sensationalism, where only bad news are good news, because that’s what sells newspapers and fill the masses of air space on radio and TV that are now available no longer appeal to those who have seriously chosen the spiritual pathway. To them, developing positive thinking into a fine art form is a must.

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The Power of the Mind

May the following illustrate how false beliefs can all too easily embed themselves in the human consciousness. You are sure to know from your own experiences how extremely difficult it is to delete them again, even when one finds out that they are untrue. Let me illustrate this with the example briefly touched upon earlier. A friend of mine recently told me that he had become a vegetarian. But, even before he stopped eating meat altogether he had been avoiding pork for a very long time. This happened because he had joined a certain spiritual school – no need to dwell on its name, because that is irrelevant to our tale. In the view of this organisation pigs are very degenerate animals. One of its teachings was that eating the meat of pigs leads to ever increasing amounts of lust. As its followers also practised a kind of celibacy, this was most unwanted and so they avoided pork, though by the sound of things not any other animal products. My friend confided in me that he had noticed that any time he ate any kind of pork, even including sweets that had gelatine in them, in a very real way his lust reared up in a major way.

Now, if there had been any truth in the above mentioned teaching, don’t you think pork would by now be the best known aphrodisiac of our world, extensively hyped, recommended and exploited by all and sundry? That this is not the case, doesn’t that tell you something? I would say that my friend’s body reacted in the way he describes, because his mind had accepted the school’s belief as true. May it serve as a demonstration of what kind of a powerful tool our earthly minds are. It is a very versatile instrument, one that can make us ill and also one that can heal us again.

This tale demonstrates the importance of taking charge of our thoughts and seriously getting to work on the mastery of our restlessly working earthly minds. Geminians appreciate better than anyone else how difficult this is; for them thought control is an absolute must. A better understanding of their true nature and their predestined pathway through life goes a long way towards helping them to gradually shed any feelings of suffering from a somewhat split personality. Geminians have an extremely highly geared nervous system and it is not for nothing that they have the reputation of being the neurotics of the zodiac. Taking extra good care of their nerves can go a long way towards avoiding mental and physical health problems altogether.

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Ever Youthful And Enterprising Gemini

At all times Geminians are mentally alert, alive and open to endless possibilities. They usually remain youthful in outlook and appearance, no matter what ripe old age they may reach. Eager curiosity drives Geminian souls to explore everything that comes their way, and they do not stop at the realms of infinite knowledge. However, they may fail to grasp ‘the Unknown’, if they approach it with their usual devastating logic only. Their duality often causes Geminians to be tantalisingly out of their depth, especially when it comes to confronting their own complex personality.
Whilst their opposite sign Sagittarius draws its strength from a bottomless well of optimism to support its belief in the self and its purpose in life, Gemini may have very little self-confidence. Both signs at times may suffer from bouts of extreme depression. By tuning into and making use of the energies of the sign that is in polar opposition with theirs wise souls can take advantage of and benefit from the blessings of both signs. Aware that fatigue in itself is frequently the cause of serious depressions, they do not allow themselves to become depleted of nervous energy. Because they know that conservation of energy is vital for them, they shut up once in a while and pay attention to what those around them have to say. Thus they waste none of their precious energy. Last but by no means least, they carefully watch out for the greatest pitfall of their Sun sign, which is due to its strong duality, and that is being two-faced. When wise ones say something, they make sure they mean it and follow their words up by positive actions.

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Dualities And Polarities

Our Creator consists of dualities and polarities that manifest themselves throughout the whole of Creation. This is also clearly visible in our world wherever one turns. Why else would there be the need for feminine and masculine expressions of almost all living creatures? Being sparks of the Divine, each one of us contains the same dualities and polarities. First and foremost we are in this earthly existence to become familiar with all aspects of the two parts of our nature, the feminine and the masculine within us, as well as the small earthly human self and its counterpart, our Highest or God Self, the heavenly twin. The conscious and super-conscious faculties are a vital ingredient of the Divine heritage that is the birthright of every soul. Alas, as long as our spiritual awakening has not yet taken place the two parts of our nature fail to understand each other. As for a very long time they do not even know about each other’s existence, a struggle develops between our inner and outer self. Because one is afraid of the other, they reject each other and are therefore frequently pulling us in opposite directions.

The only really effective way of overcoming this predicament is an ever increasing awareness that we are so much more than the physical body we walk around in, namely that we are spirit and soul who is but temporarily dwells in the world of matter. The first and most important step on the earthly twin’s journey is the rediscovery that it is not alone on the Earth plane, that is has a heavenly twin, a Highest or God Self that is well capable of taking care of all its needs. We are in this life to make our peace with this part, to take on its role and work on reconciling and healing the two parts of our nature together, so that finally they can operate as one. Although this applies to everyone, the issue is a far more urgent one for souls born into Gemini because until it has been attended to, the law of opposites will continue to operate in us and also our world.

The struggle of the two forces of our inner and outer being, our earthly and its heavenly counterpart, will only stop pulling us in opposite directions when the earthly self at last wakes up to its true reality and begins to work on reconciling itself with its spirit and soul. This alone makes it possible to shed the feeling that something is trying to tear us apart. As we know by now, the world around us constantly reflects back to us that which is taking place inside us, because inner manifestation must always come before outer. That is why true and lasting peace can only come to our planet when sufficient numbers of us have made peace within. Didn’t the legends of the ancients tell us all along that the heavenly and the earthly twin were good and devoted companions to each other? Isn’t it therefore the highest time that they should be re-united by each one of us?

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