Nailing The Small Earthly Self To The Cross

Every spirit and soul eventually reaches the stage when its earthly personality has to be nailed to the cross of consciousness of the Earth by willingly surrendering itself to the guidance and protection of its Highest or God Self. This is by no means something that can only be encountered in Scorpio. The birthchart reveals that everybody has Scorpio somewhere and it is in this part where the earthly self has to be sacrificed, so the spirit self can come alive, until it eventually takes over completely. If you are having difficulties with this rebirth and transformation, don’t be disheartened. Even the most highly evolved and spiritually aware Sun Scorpios are likely to be required to fight some arduous battles to overcome the drives and urges of their lower nature. One of the most famous examples of this is the life of the Indian teacher of the Aquarian Age, Sai Baba, born 23rd November 1926.

The necessary final transformation is unlikely to happen early on in anyone’s life, because the first part of this lesson consists of getting to know, through the soul’s own experiences, the over-strong pull of its earthly self. This is essential because that way alone can Pluto take human souls into the very depths of their inner self and, alas, at times also of human experiences. Those who still require this lesson are thus taken to the very gates of Hell. This is the only way God and the Angels can teach us, the children of the Earth, that even this is perfectly safe. Truly, there is nothing ever to be afraid of, because no matter what befalls us they will always bring us back safely and even after the most traumatic experiences help us to rise from the Earth plane onto the higher and eventually highest levels of life.

The Sun in the sky above us and in our birthcharts is a symbolism for the great Light of the Universal Christ, the Sun above and behind the Sun, who is the most powerful force in the whole of Creation. This is the only or first born Son of the Great Father/Mother. As it moves through the zodiac, it pours its love and light through one sign after the other. When it reaches Scorpio, it combines its creative strength with that of Mars and Pluto. Together they represent the creative and regenerative healing power of God’s creative/sexual/spiritual energies that are a vital part of every human soul’s power supply. These awesome energies are waiting to be tapped into by each one of us, and it is not hard to see that with its help all things really are possible and it will be possible to remove the remaining inner mountains of a general lack of faith and trust in the collective consciousness of our race. 

All who come with good intentions and willingly submit themselves to the protection and guidance of their inner teacher can thus align themselves to the forces of the Universal Christ and Its healing power. We are in this life to take possession of it and learn how to use it wisely, with great reverence and respect, and never for selfish purposes. That alone can empower any soul to do its share of blessing and healing, regenerating and restoring its inner self and its outer life. And as both change, the world around does the same – alleluia!

As pointed out earlier, we all have Scorpio somewhere in our birthcharts. Whatever aspect of life is affected by this, transformation of the earthly self and resurrection of its Highest or God Self has to take place. No-one can do this for us, but those who are willing to do the work this requires can give expression to the highest form of creativity, namely re-birthing themselves onto a new and higher level of consciousness. For example, if our Ascendant is in Scorpio we can do this by transforming our personality. If our Moon is in this sign letting go of the past and its memories of hurtful happenings will be difficult. But whenever something from the past comes to haunt us, recognising and accepting it into our consciousness as old learning experiences, helps us to transform the energies of even the most traumatic events from destructive and painful ones into positive and constructive ones.

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