Learning To Trust

Rays Of Wisdom - Astrology As A Lifehelp On The Healing Journey Of Life - Learning To TrustWe are in this life to re-learn to trust the Highest forces of life. Hand in hand with God and the Angels we need to walk wherever they may wish to guide us on our way up the spiritual mountain and back home into our true nature. The Angels rejoice and celebrate each time another earthling requests their guidance and reassurance. They have always been providing for every one of our needs and are particularly happy to take care of this one.

The Universal Forces love all of us equally. No-one has ever been or will be forgotten and left out of the evolutionary process. It’s impossible and even the seemingly smallest and least important ones in our midst are of significance. Every small effort anyone makes to reduce their own or someone else’s suffering reduces the burden of the miseries of our whole world. Everybody’s contribution to the healing of humankind is of great value and everything counts, for as one of us heals our whole world does the same. And the more we, through our continued efforts, evolve into ever clearer channels for God’s healing energies, the more they can flow through us to wherever they are required and that on all levels of life.

No-one needs to be helpless when confronted with the suffering that still is in our world, although it often feels that way. At times like that I find it helpful to remind myself that whatever is happening can only do so as a vital part of the God’s great plan of life, otherwise it would be unnecessary. Therefore, the events must be teaching some or even all of us some invaluable lessons. Our prayers and devotions, and when we put the spiritual knowledge we are finding to practical use in all daily encounters, empower us to make a real difference. At the same time we are doing our best to restore the balance of our own spiritual account, that of the group we are presently part of and also our whole world.

Through this work the inner light of the living God within our own heart wakes up from its slumber. From there it begins to radiate into every soul we encounter and we thus fulfil our duty of assisting the re-alignment of our own energies and those of our world with the Highest Forces of life. If that sounds too scary to you, rest assured that we are never alone in any of our endeavours and that truly there is nothing to fear. The way will always be shown by the loving hands that are reaching from the Heavens to the Earth, i.e. from the highest levels of life to us earthlings. For a long time they have been waiting for you and me to grasp them and start working with them. If you are not already doing this, why not have a go now?

One of the most significant steps forward on our thousand mile evolutionary journey is the willingness to help ourselves, but at the same time not be unwilling to seek assistance not only from above but also from those around us. When our inner guidance responds to it positively, it is safe to follow good advice whatever its origin may be. As ever, the best part of any journey is not the getting there, but the interesting people one meets, the many things one learns along the way and the wisdom one finds.

As far as joining groups is concerned, if we join one with people who suffer from the same affliction as we do, in due course we shall be able to share the wisdom we are gaining along the way with them. If they are not yet as spiritually aware and receptive to the higher and highest levels of life as we are, our belief in them may have a beneficial influence on building up their faith and trust in the goodness of the life that God has created for us.

This, however, does not come easily to human beings who, in the course of many lifetimes, time and again experienced the ‘slings and arrows of outrageous fortune’, as Shakespeare described our earthly condition in ‘Hamlet’. Trusting does not seem to come naturally to anyone for that reason, and if you are anything like me, it will take a long time until you have mastered this lesson. I am still working on it.

Trusting implicitly our Highest Self’s guidance is clearly the most important and therefore also the hardest lesson of our earthly existence. All we can do is endure the difficult and traumatic times in our lives as bravely and patiently as we can. This becomes easier when we rest safely in the knowledge that we are being taught a vital lesson and that our suffering pays some of our karmic debts. Besides, that’s the only way of finding out that first it’s possible to survive things and come through; second that our ‘luck’ will turn and things get better in the end; and third that help will always appear somehow when our need is greatest and that at times through the least expected channels.

Whenever someone is in distress, I instinctively reach out and offer a helping hand. When this has become not our second but first reaction, only then are we true to our higher nature. When we follow the instinctive response of our Highest Self rather than the urge of our lower earthly nature to turn away, our progress on the great wheel of fortune that is this life speeds up considerably.

Any small kindness is valuable and counts spiritually. Sometimes nothing can be done except giving a person in distress a friendly smile, some kind words of encouragement and comfort, a shoulder to cry on and/or a hug. When the recipient is lifted and helped above their present situation, even if only in a small way, the law of Karma sees to it that our kindness some day in some form or another returns to us. Hence the saying that bread cast onto the waters of life does return. It means that help will surely come when we require some. It may not happen through the people we once helped. In fact, it hardly ever does, but come it will and that often quite magically and only seemingly out of the blue.

The folks who look the happiest,
Who always seem so bright,
With smiles upon their faces
And feet that seem so light,
Are not necessarily the ones
Who always lived in the Sun.

They just faced
Their inner darkness,
Conquered it and won!

Created by Anon.
Edited by Aquarius

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