The Sun In Sagittarius

Sagittarius Glyph

The Sign Of The Superconscious Mind And Travelling,
Spiritual Explorations And Adventuring

Soul Food For Sagittarians

May the blessing of the rain be on you.
The soft sweet rain,
May it fall upon your spirit,
So that all the little flowers may spring up,
And shed their sweetness on the air.

May the blessing of the great rains be on you,
May they beat upon your spirit
And wash it fair and clean,
And leave there many a shining pool
Where the blue of Heaven shines,
And sometimes a star.

An Irish Blessing

Many happy returns of the day, dear Sagittarius.

Whether you are interested in my interpretation of this sign on your own behalf or that of a loved one, how about copying, pasting and printing this file, or any other – as well as my special blessings – and placing it inside a birthday card, as a special surprise?

Take care and God bless,

With Love and Light,

Six pointed Star

Please, note that everything mentioned in this file applies not only to those with their Sun in Sagittarius, but also when:

• Your Sun is in the ninth house, which is associated with Sagittarius.
• Your Moon is in Sagittarius or the ninth house.
• Your Ascendant is in Sagittarius.
• You were born on the 3rd, 12th, 21st or 30th day of any month, not merely while the Sun is in Sagittarius.

Six pointed Star


The mythological background of the planetary ruler of each sign can reveal a great deal about the evolutionary pathway of human souls in general terms, as well as some of the character traits that are typical for souls born into any given sign. That’s why we are considering this aspect first. The domain of the mutable Fire sign Sagittarius, whose symbol is the archer and wise centaur, is concerned with the unfolding and development of humankind’s superconscious faculties. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the biggest planet in our solar system which is fifth in distance from the Sun. Although they could have had no idea of the planet’s vast dimensions, the ancient astronomers who discovered it, intuitively gave it the name of the ruler of the Gods in the Greco-Roman pantheon. Jupiter is larger than all the other planets together and has an internal heat source that emits more energy than it receives from the Sun. It has its own system of satellites that emits intense bursts of radio noise. On the inner levels of life Jupiter represents the principles of spiritual growth and expansion through a better understanding of life’s experiences.

In Roman mythology Jupiter was the supreme God who reigned on Mount Olympus. His Greek equivalent was Zeus, the son of Saturn and Ops, and the husband of his sister, Juno. His titles included Fulgur, the thrower of lightning –  Tonans, the maker of thunder – Invictus, the protector in battle – and Triumphator, the bestower of victory. The largest temple of Rome on the Capitoline Hill was dedicated to Jupiter, where victorious generals and their solemn triumphal processions paid homage to him. On top of all these roles Jupiter played the one of the protector of Rome – all office taking consuls honoured him in his temple.

Jupiter, Juno and Minerva were known and celebrated as the Capitoline Triad. Juno was a major Roman Goddess, whose Greek counterpart was Hera, the queen of their Gods. As sister and wife of their ruler of the Gods, Jupiter, and the mother of Hebe, Vulcan and Mars, Juno was an ancient and central deity in Roman religion. Minerva was the daughter of Jupiter and the Goddess of wisdom. She was believed to have sprung forth from her father’s brain fully grown and clad in complete armour. Not only did she preside over the useful and ornamental arts, she was also a warlike divinity. Yet, she was merely responsible for defensive warfare and did not agree with Mars’ savage love of violence and bloodshed. Athens was her chosen seat and her own city. They had been awarded to her as the prize in a contest with Neptune, the ruler of the oceans of our world.

Jupiter, Juno and Minerva were known and celebrated as the Capitoline Triad. Juno was a major Roman Goddess, whose Greek counterpart was Hera, the queen of their Gods. As sister and wife of their ruler of the Gods, Jupiter, and the mother of Hebe, Vulcan and Mars, Juno was an ancient and central deity in Roman religion. Minerva was the daughter of Jupiter and the Goddess of wisdom. She was believed to have sprung forth from her father’s brain fully grown and clad in complete armour. Not only did she preside over the useful and ornamental arts, she was also a warlike divinity. But, she was only responsible for defensive warfare and was not in sympathy with Mars’ savage love of violence and bloodshed. Athens was her chosen seat, her own city which had been awarded to her as the prize in a contest with Neptune, the ruler of the oceans of our world.

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General Observations

Are you familiar with the song: ‘There’s something in the air!’? These words perfectly describe the Sagittarian energies. At the time of the Sun’s transit through this sign there is an expectancy and a low-key excitement in the general atmosphere that is quite palatable. It seems to consist mainly of a general feeling of joy and benevolence to everybody, because somehow one knows – if only subconsciously – that something good is coming one’s way, in spite of probably not knowing why this should be so.

Undoubtedly, these feelings in the individual and collective consciousness of our race are a preparation for what is known as the coming of the Christ. This is because at this time of the year, the energies of the Christ circle are pouring more strongly into our world than at any other, to bring about a renewal and rebirth of the Divine spark in every heart. It is waiting to be newly born into every heart and soul at Christmas and if one opens one’s inner eyes one can recognise that the Bible story of the birth of the Christ child in the manger is super-charged with spiritual symbolisms.

During the Sun’s transit through Sagittarius, we and our world may be presented with fresh opportunities for finding a better understanding of some of the things that could have been deeply puzzling us in the past. And when the Sun moves away from the fiery and enthusiastic Sagittarian energies into the stern and dour Capricorn ones, at the time of the Winter Solstice – shortly before Christmas – the energies available to us change dramatically and life once again returns to normal. Everyday duties take over and a rude awakening awaits many because of their excessive spending under Jupiter’s benevolent and expansive influence. Down to Earth goes everything with a bump. One feels deflated and possibly slightly depressed as if something good had been taken away.

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Jupiter is the planetary ruler of the mutable Fire sign Sagittarius, the ninth sign in the zodiac whose natural domain is the ninth house. Among many other things both sign and house are responsible for higher education, especially that which can be found in religions and philosophies, long distance travelling and distant relations like in-laws. A lifetime in Sagittarius offers human souls many opportunities for expanding their whole being, mentally and spiritually as well as physically. On the whole, Sagittarians are jovial and easy-going people who are at all times ready to widen their horizons by acquiring the skills that enable their consciousness to grow and expand through many and varied experiences. Jupiter represents humankind’s super-conscious faculties and its direct connection with God.

Gemini and Sagittarius are in polar opposition to each other in the zodiac. Both signs deal with the mind. That’s why in many of the legends of our world they are represented as twins. Gemini is the earthly twin with its earthly mind and Sagittarius is its Heavenly counterpart that functions through its superconscious faculties. At some stage of our development these two aspects of our nature need to be brought together and trained so that they are no longer at loggerheads but complement each other and harmoniously work together. Only then can the two begin to play for us the role of the allegorical winged messenger of the Gods, Mercury, the ruler of Gemini, Air, and Virgo, Earth.

Mercury’s energies enable us earthlings to steal the fire of the Gods by bringing the creative ideas, wisdom and knowledge of the Highest down into earthly life. As aspiring healers and lightbringers we are required to share them unselfishly with others and ultimately for the benefit of our whole world. The highest purpose of anyone who is strongly under the influence of Chiron/Sagittarius is to alleviate the suffering of our world. And the more we recognise that basically its cause is nothing but ignorance, the more we are gripped by an urge to end this sad state. We realise that this can only be done by helping others to gain their own inner access to the light of God’s wisdom, knowledge and understanding. Silently, we swear to ourselves that for us this work will not end until every last shred of unawareness and the misery it brings has been eradicated from our world for good.

Although there is a great deal of difference between Gemini and Sagittarius, souls born into both these signs are usually intelligent, lively, active and interested in mental pursuits. The scope of our journeying and activities, mental, spiritual and otherwise, during a lifetime in Sagittarius is likely to be much wider and our studies more profound than those in Gemini. In Gemini the soul still prefers to live on the surface of life and enjoys ceaselessly and breathlessly flitting from one experience to another. By the time it reaches Sagittarius, its interest turns to topics of a more substantial and expansive nature. It constantly grows in wisdom and understanding through the exploration of the spiritual background of life and its true purpose.

Things like these, however, do not just fall from the Heavens into anyone’s lap. Like all things on the Earth plane they have to be worked for and that jolly hard. Used to its earthbound ways of thinking and perceiving  the world and its role in it, when the soul enters Sagittarius for the first few times, it may still be reluctant to take the opportunities to lift its vision to the higher and highest aspects of life. Yet, the Universe has endless patience with all of us and for every soul there eventually comes the time when it wakes up and begins to respond ever more strongly to the calling of what is generally known as ‘the Father’, its Highest or God Self. Under the influence of the Fire element, the souls horizons widen. With time, it starts to enjoy the Sagittarian experience so much that it eagerly seizes any chance for travelling and experimenting, spiritual adventuring and explorations on all levels of life.

As by the end of their lifetime in Sagittarius, the soul has taken to its wings too wholeheartedly, to slow down its progress, the Universe in its infinite wisdom finds it advisable to slow down its progress to a sensible pace. To bring it down to Earth and the tasks that are waiting to be fulfilled there, the next lifetime is in the cardinal Earth sign Capricorn, ruled by the stern and undeviating schoolmaster of the zodiac, Saturn. In this sign the Earth element is at its densest and the soul comes down to Earth with a bump. Its wings have been clipped and once again it finds itself grounded on the Earth plane. Instead of constant moving around, explorations and travelling, it becomes stationary and receives the lesson of a lifetime spent focussing on serving the needs of humankind.

Six pointed Star

The Fire Element

Sagittarius belongs to the Fire element. Astrologically fire means the creative energy of the life force itself. In Aries, the first fire sign, it expresses itself as the fire of the head in the form of creative ideas that constantly flow from the Highest mind into all human minds and everything else that shares our world with us. Thus, it is hardly surprising that Aries souls are known as the ‘original ideas’ people of the zodiac. Leo is the second fire sign that rules the fire of the heart and of love. Like the Sun, the symbol of the Sun above and beyond the Sun in the sky above us, Leo souls are romantic, ebullient, at all times overflowing with creative ideas and forever falling in love.

Sagittarius is the third Fire sign. Here human souls encounter God’s spiritual fire, which has always provided humankind with its inspiration, wisdom and truth, regardless of the fact that for a very long time it had to remain more than somewhat inaccessible. After travelling many times round the zodiac and experiencing every sign over and over again, there comes a lifetime when the soul has matured and mellowed into spiritual adulthood. Upon reaching Sagittarius this time round, it begins to develop the ability to reflect the pleasantly mellow glow of the Divine fire onto the Earth plane. When it works unselfishly for the highest good of all, with the help of God and the Angels, it will eventually be capable of lifting itself and all life above the Earth plane, bringing them and itself into ever closer contact with the highest levels of life. This is how every soul in due course is required to fulfil the high and holy Sagittarian potential of  bringing the philosophical and religious ideas of the Universe down to the Earth, where they are meant to be shared by all.

The Sagittarian symbol is the archer and the wise centaur. Horse and rider are one, half human and half animal, reflecting the duality of human nature. The archer’s bow and arrows are pointing heavenwards. To enable the soul to rise above the exceedingly strong pull of the animalistic desires of its lower earthly self, like the archer it needs to aim high above and beyond itself into the super-conscious realms. The rider represents the spirit and soul whose task is taking charge and learning to control the unruly steed of its earthly mind, until it has evolved into a faithful and loyal servant of the highest mind of its superconscious faculties. The archer is a metaphor for humankind’s potential of rising above the instincts of its earthly nature, transmuting its urges and desires until they have been fully brought into alignment with the will and command of our Highest or God Self.

The reunion and healing is complete when every cell and atom of our being has been filled with the Divine energies. To seek it is every soul’s birthright. When we have found it, we shall once again be fully and consciously aware of God’s true nature and our own, that in truth the innermost core of our being has always remained pure spirit. The healing process requires from us that we rise above the pull of the Earth and get rid of the emotional and spiritual dross that has accumulated in our consciousness through the experiences of our earthly self in the course of many lifetimes. At a certain evolutionary level, our spirit will no longer require a soul, so this too will be shed. To what degree these lessons are mastered by any of us in our present lifetime depends to a large extent upon on the progress we made in the preceding sign, Scorpio.

Six pointed Star

Transmitter/Receiver Stations Of The Highest

Every soul contains at least in seed form the super-conscious faculties of the Universal mind and has therefore inwardly always remained connected with it. At least potentially each one of us is a receiver/transmitter station of the Highest. Our small earthly minds have been given to us be worked like tools, so that as soon as we have reached the right evolutionary level, our instrument can be tuned into the Highest mind. 

Interestingly, the human super-conscious faculties are not part of the functioning of our brain; they are situated behind it and all along have been waiting to be developed by each one of us. When the time has come to do so, the Sagittarian energies provide everybody who knocks at the door of God with a direct line and a golden bridge into Its mind, over which anyone who is ready can walk in their prayers, mediations and contemplations. This is not something that will happen to anyone automatically; it has to be worked on conscientiously and demands application and self-discipline. And if any spiritual inspirations and intuitions that flow through us are used unselfishly and only for the highest good of all, in the course of a whole lifetime, horse and rider will grow together into the wise centaur who at all times channels comfort and healing into humankind.

 Sagittarians are friendly, outgoing, optimistic and extroverted souls. They are the original sales people of the Zodiac, the promoter types who are capable of selling commodities, services and ideas with equal ease. It’s got to have been a Sagittarian who first thought of and succeeded in selling ice-cream and fridges to the Eskimos! Facile and easy talkers, they have what is known as the gift of the gab. With their charming and deceptively easy-going manner, they can talk anyone into anything. They have a wonderful knack for inventing stories and for convincing people of just about anything. Natural entertainers, show people and raconteurs, they are quite capable of getting so carried away with their story-telling that, in the end, they themselves believe the yarns they spin.

Because wise and experienced souls act upon any spiritual knowledge they find, they never hesitate to give of their best. Being familiar with the Cosmic laws, they know only too well that the law of Karma ensures that when someone gives of their best, only the best can come back. These souls use their natural gifts for humanitarian pursuits and in all their endeavours they are truthful and honest, especially when they are on their quest of unearthing spiritual truths and that is something they are extraordinarily fond of. Being genuinely fond of people, they enjoy meeting and helping them and are usually only too happy to share their findings with those around them. Incidentally, institutions like the church and its clergy are ruled by Sagittarius, and I shall resist the temptation to explain that in more detail.

Wise ones appreciate that to fulfil the highest potential of their sign of acting as veritable seekers and finders of Divine wisdom and truth, they need to aim high, like the earlier mentioned sign’s symbol, the archer. In this way they can in time grow into pure and clear channels, through which a better understanding of Universal truths can flow into humankind from the highest mind. Alas, until Sagittarians have developed a certain amount of integrity and oneness with their Highest Self, they can all too easily fall into the trap of aiming and shooting their arrows from their earthly animal part into the world around them. They can then be extremely gullible; quite capable of believing their own tall stories, they may have great difficulties telling a truth from a lie. And with the help of their glib tongue, there is every possibility that they could be sliding ever more into the role of the conman.

Six pointed Star

Sagittarius – The Wise Centaur

Souls who have risen above this and are already acting the part of the wise Centaur, in this way are rebirthing themselves into their immortality. Besides, they are finding deep inner healing by unselfishly showing those around them better ways of living and being, so that their souls can also find healing. Knowledge about the healer’s path has been with our world for a very long time. For example, in Greek mythology, the Centaur Chiron was the wounded healer. Half horse and half God, he got involved in a row and received a wound that would not heal.

In his endless search for healing he eventually decided to share the lot of humankind on the Earth, to try his luck there, although this meant giving up his immortality and his identity as a God. Chiron is a symbolism for humankind’s past, present and its future. Like him, we are Gods and our parting from our Creator wounded our souls deeply. Yet, like Chiron, we bravely went to do battle with the Earth environment, where in the course of many lifetimes our soul received numerous wounds. The deeper we descended into physicality, the further we moved away from our Source, until we seriously started to believe that we and our Creator were separate beings. We had forgotten our immortality and for a very long time believed that our earthly self was all there was to us. It seemed that we had lost our immortality forever.

The good news is that this is impossible, so let all human souls rejoice! The time has come for humankind to seek healing for all its wounds, mental, spiritual and physical ones alike. Because they were received in physicality, they can only be healed in this state. As we know by now we are all potential healers, but to become one each must first seek their own healing. Just like Chiron, we gave up our conscious awareness of our immortality and, like him, we suffered and were wounded a great many times. But the great wisdom of the Highest had decreed from the beginning that the memory of the fact that in truth we are young Gods in the making should only be lost for a certain phase of our evolution. And this lifetime is an extra special one because opportunity for re-awakening to our true nature and finding healing through re-uniting the human and Divine parts of our being are on offer to everyone.

For as long as the earthly self fails to understand who it really is, its greatest fear is being snuffed out like a candle and ceasing existing when it has reached the moment of death for its physical body. Terrified of losing its identity it kicks and struggles mightily and clings to life like ‘grim death’, as the saying goes. This explains the great difficulties many people are having when the time for letting go has come, so that soul and spirit, the eternal self, can be released and set free. As it has done many times before at the end of other lifetimes, all it wants is to be allowed to walk hand in hand with the Angel of Death through the gates of its true home, the world of spirit. The only way of overcoming these difficulties is through reconnecting with our Highest Self and the soul memories of all previous lifetimes, including those of where we come from and who we truly are. My advice therefore to anyone, not just Sagittarians, is: nurture your soul and follow your inner guidance, for in its memories your very own key to eternity is hidden.

We are all meant to be teachers and pupils to each other in this great school of life, in which life itself is the teacher. The great wisdom of the Universe has decreed that before we can teach something to another, we first have to be taught by life. Whatever one of us learns during their individual healing journey later needs to be shared with those who are still suffering the way we once did. Wise ones use the wisdom, truth and knowledge they find to relieve the suffering of humankind and for shedding light into the darkest corners of the spiritual ignorance of the children of the Earth. In this way they gradually become ever clearer channels through which the white healing magic of the Highest can flow into all those who are in need and ready to receive it. Over time, this energy slowly grows stronger, until it blesses and heals all who come into contact with the healer.

Having reached that stage, they no longer feel the need for seeking rewards for their services. On their journey back home into the oneness with God and all life, their selfishness has dissolved and they not only have found healing for themselves but they have also become instruments through which the healing energies of the Highest flow into our whole world. True healers realise that it is a great privilege to bring something as holy and precious as Divine wisdom into the Earth environment. To be able to share it with their siblings in the human family of life, to them, is reward enough in itself and there can be no greater achievement and prize to be gained than helping another that little bit forward on their journey back home into God. Needless to say, that applies to us all, whether our Sun is in Sagittarius or in any other sign.

Six pointed Star

Freedom Loving Sagittarius

Most Sagittarians are sporty outdoor people. But as exceptions confirm the rule, here as everywhere, you are sure to come across some who do not care for sport at all. Sagittarians are the gamblers of the zodiac who are usually prepared to take a chance on just about anything. A great fondness for horses, horse racing and the gambling associated with it are all traces of the Sagittarian wide range of interest. The first half of their lives they may conduct very much on the surface of things, and their interests can be rather superficial and limited. The mutable fire energy within them makes them extremely restless. Best of all they like constantly being on the move. To be truly happy they must be given a great deal of freedom. Their battle cry is: ‘Don’t fence me in!’ They get around so fast that it can be very difficult to catch them. Trying to keep hold of one who has not yet mastered their restless energy is likely to prove useless. The mutability of their sign also provides them with the ability to easily adjust themselves to people and circumstances – too easily sometimes. That’s why Sagittarians can be so hard to pin down. Fleet-footedly, they like to be on their way before anyone can catch them and hold onto them over-much.

If you have read about the characteristics of all the Sun signs so far, would you agree that everybody could save themselves a great deal of heart-ache in their relationships by making ourselves familiar with the inherent qualities and energies of each sign? This is particularly helpful when one wants to find out the compatibility of two people. For instance, if Sagittarian’s potential partners knew beforehand about their loved one’s strong thirst for freedom, many future problems could – one way or another – so easily be avoided. If you were in their shoes, armed with this knowledge you would be able to make a conscious decision whether you are willing to put up with this need for freedom. All will be well if you also have Sagittarius in a prominent position in your chart, for example if your Moon or Ascendant is in this sign, because in that case you too need a lot of freedom. It is true that like attracts like. This is because we are magnetic beings and therefore can only attract in our partners that which we are ourselves.

Each one of the twelve signs of the zodiac has a different temperament and the two signs next to each other are usually of a profoundly dissimilar nature. The approach to life of Sagittarius and Capricorn, the two signs side by side, are as good an example of this as any; they could not be less alike.  Driven by their freedom loving energy, Sagittarians look into the future and are constantly searching – whether they are consciously aware of this or not – for ways out of any entrapment they encounter, even if it is only an imaginary one. In contrast to this, Capricorn clings to tradition, the past, home and mother. Above all things, Sagittarians want to be free. But it may take them a surprisingly long time until it dawns on them, through their own life’s experiences, that the only true freedom that can be had in physicality is that of becoming aware of spiritual free will. That is the freedom we are all trying to find, but the need for it is certainly accentuated during a lifetime in Sagittarius.

In the early part of their lives their thirst for freedom is likely to find itself an outlet in their love of travelling and moving about. Because of all this restlessness, Sagittarians are also known as the gypsies of the zodiac. They are happiest in jobs where they can constantly be on the move, being sales representative, long distance driver or taxi driver really does suit them, even if the rewards are not too great. During my own travels, I have come across many a taxi driver who had an outstandingly philosophical and wise outlook on life. As they are usually happy to reveal their birth details to me, I found that even if a driver was not a Sagittarian, on closer examination and when working with numerology, I usually find the energy of this sign somewhere, for example in someone’s date of birth or name.

Upon reaching the middle part of their life’s journey, the Sagittarian’s desire for distant horizons is likely to slowly turn inward and upward. They may then discover their need to find a better grasp of the super-conscious faculties, as well as of the religious and spiritual aspects of life. There is a lot of duality in this sign and the pull between the earthly and Highest Self is probably felt more strongly in this sign than any other. Less experienced Sagittarian souls can sometimes be extremely hide-bound by dogma and creed, clinging firmly to traditional beliefs and churches. Their lack of spiritual vision may cause them to be astonishingly intolerant and dogmatic in their beliefs. But even they – if not in this lifetime, then in another – will reach the point where they will no longer allow themselves to be tied down in that way. Following their inner guidance, they will then have found the spiritual freedom to believe what their own heart tells them to be true – no matter what other sources may say – and they will stick to it. Whichever way this works in any individual life, as it progresses the Sagittarian’s spiritual side usually pushes itself further and further into the foreground, until eventually it cannot be overlooked and pushed aside any longer.

Six pointed Star

Keyword: Perception

The definition of Sagittarius is: ‘I understand!’ and its keyword is ‘perception’. This is another word for intuition and that is one of the greatest gifts Sagittarius can bestow upon humankind. Every soul’s potential born into this sign is to develop this gift to its fullest and to learn how to make good use of it. And that they do most of the time and with so much ease that they are not at all aware that this is what they are doing. However, like all gifts, this one is meant to be used for good and unselfish purposes, not for furthering one’s own causes but those of humankind. As Sagittarians love people and have an exceptionally good intuitive understanding of human nature, they can be wonderfully inspired counsellors, ministers, personnel directors and/or workers in humanitarian movements.

Alas, they are also known as the procrastinators of the Zodiac. All too often, too easily and too happily, they put off until tomorrow what should by rights be done today. Filled with good intentions, they dream their splendid dreams, as mentioned earlier. Sadly, because of their great love of moving on to what they believe to be greener pastures, they may encounter major difficulties when it comes following their objectives through and grounding their ideas on the Earth plane. If this happens too frequently, it can be a signal from our inner self that we are insufficiently convinced of the validity of our aims. We could in that case be barking up the wrong tree and would be well advised to start looking into a different, almost certainly more spiritually orientated direction, to find outlets for pouring our energies into that are more suited to our present evolutionary state. Aware of this and knowing that procrastination is the most successful thief of time, wise ones refuse to waste theirs and therefore make a special effort to unflinchingly and unselfishly act with positive actions upon their highest ideals and inspirations. They rest safely in the knowledge that this is their inner teacher’s way of trying to steer them into fulfilling their highest potential.

The archer has an unerring ability to find and hit other people’s Achilles heel. His words are the arrows he shoots into the world, and they frequently score hits. Usually without any mal intent and many times in all innocence, they can be as direct, harmful, and hurtful as arrows. And the one thing they are particularly good at is shooting themselves into their own feet. If Sagittarians want to find the success they are hoping for, they are well advised to make a conscious effort at building some tact and diplomacy into their character. The positive, outgoing and masculine and approach to life of all the Fire signs, when not handled skilfully enough, can result in too much aggression. These energies are particularly difficult to handle for the female of the species. And it is equally important for both genders to develop their feminine, nurturing and passive faculties, as well as the male outgoing ones. Again this is something everybody has to practise, because it ensures that by the end of this lifetime, we shall hopefully be a well balanced and more integrated being than we were before entering it.

It depends entirely upon the choices of the individual Sagittarian soul whether it responds to the call of its lower nature and therefore joins the ranks of the conmen of the zodiac, or whether – preferring to follow the pull of its Highest Self – it becomes one of the much loved wise and kind centaurs. If you are a Sagittarian, the decision is in your hands; make no mistake about it. If any soul, not just a Sagittarian one, unaware of Cosmic laws and of the fact that spiritually nobody ever gets away with anything, encounters many gullible people and unashamedly takes advantage of them – thinking that because nobody is looking it’s okay to lie and cheat – in its next lifetime it is likely to be in for a great shock.

Let me give you an example of this. If in this lifetime the soul’s Sun is in Sagittarius, in the next one its Moon could be in this sign. It may then be prone to falling prey to con-merchants and to dreaming great visions of spiritual achievements that somehow never find fulfilment. Undoubtedly, the suffering that results from such disappointments and frustrations brings great soul growth. At the same time it presents opportunities for learning first hand what it feels like to be taken advantage of any trickster with their latest hare-brained get-rich-quick recipe that comes their way. The suffering of that poor soul will be all the greater for as long as remains unaware that such things do not happen to anyone perchance or because some unkind and unloving God, fate or destiny is pouring them out, but because the soul itself created these experiences in other lifetimes, so that it could learn from them.

Six pointed Star

The Sagittarian Evolutionary Pathway

Jupiter stands for the principles of harmony, law and philosophical beliefs. The Sagittarian evolutionary pathway first takes us human souls, in the course of our earliest explorations of Earth life, into the exploration – alternately at the giving and receiving end – of religious bigotry, discordant and dogmatic beliefs, disharmony and injustice. At that stage of our development we are as yet unable to peer beyond the end of our nose and we fail to recognise the validity of other faiths and denominations. And because we are by nature quarrelsomeness creatures, at any moment we are ready to go to battle with those who disagree with our beliefs. We are greedy people with immoral behaviour patterns with a constant craving for pleasure and seeking satisfaction of our earthly desires and urges, and our outlook on life is still a completely materialistic one.

However, after many lifetimes of wallowing in the misery of this kind of existence we reach the evolutionary point when its demands have been satisfied. Now the behaviour we ourselves once displayed returns to us in the attitudes and actions of those around us, among them our nearest and dearest. The Karmic debts we are creating in this way towards each other are going to keep us chained together, until every one of the issues has been resolved and put to rest that stops us from living together in peace and harmony. Round and round the zodiac we go, one lifetime after another, learning from the experiences each sign and house can provide for us, and growing through them.

In one of the lifetimes spent in Sagittarius our higher consciousness begins to stir into life and our Highest or God Self increasingly nudges us into reaching for making the positive qualities of this sign our own. This awakens an ever increasing urge for growth and expansion in us that we spend more and more of our time searching for satisfaction, harmony and justice. Our approach to life changes into an outgoing, friendly and optimistic one of good living by simply being a good person. Our inclinations become more positive and constructive and our social sense develops. We become interested in the religious/spiritual/philosophical aspects of life and their moral aspirations become our guide who can show us how to do the right things and avoid the wrong ones. Gradually we develop the ability to perceive the greater picture of life. The vision of our inner Highest Self shows us the whole and we no longer get unduly stuck in too many earthly details.

Sagittarius is the storyteller and the conman of the zodiac, the wilder, more outrageous and less credible the story it brings, the better. Every one of the legends of our world bears witness to this. This is because wherever Jupiter’s energies enter into the picture, gullibility rears its ugly head and happily creates countless problems for us. Alas, for many lifetimes our earthly self is at the mercy of the desires of our lower nature. This part of us is so gullible that it quite happily believes just about anything it hears, sees or reads, thinking that it must represent some kind of what has become known as ‘Gospel truth’. It takes a long time before we find out that even that isn’t truth at all. But when we have become sufficiently evolved and the scales are falling from our eyes at last, we recognise with great clarity that stories like those of the Bible cannot possibly be taken at face value and that they have higher esoteric meanings that are hidden behind their surface words. hidden meanings. With this comes, among many other things, the illumination that the only person who can save and redeem us is each one of us ourselves.

The earthly mind was not given to any one of us for nothing. It is a wonderful instrument that is in need of constant fine-tuning and training until it can finally serve as a channel through which the wisdom and truth of the Highest can reliably flow into our world. To enable us to distinguish truths from lies and that which is true and right from falsities, what we most urgently need to build into our character make-up is discernment, the abilities of thinking logically and rationally, of analysing and differentiating. The Air sign Gemini and earthy Virgo are ruled by Mercury, the winged messenger of the Gods. These two signs, each in its own unique way, serve the training of our earthly minds. Gemini and Sagittarius are polar opposites in the zodiac. This is an indication of frictions on the surface of life between these two aspects of our nature, but at the same time they have the potential of harmoniously working together when they join forces and become one.

In broad outlines the evolutionary pathway of all human souls is the same. Everyone’s religious/spiritual education consists of an initial stage that for a sufficiently long time keeps us firmly stuck in  the bigotry of believing that our religion is the only holy-making one and that therefore it must be protected at any cost against all non-believers. Somehow they have to be converted into following our beliefs. This must continue until the dream the leaders of our religion have instilled in us comes true and our religion has become the only one on Earth. Because that’s what they are telling us, we think that this has to be achieved by whatever kind of force is required and available to us.

This religious intolerance is pursued by us until our Highest or God Self takes us away from it and guides us upwards and onwards through the remaining stages of our earthly curriculum. For each one of us there eventually comes the glorious moment of awakening. The veil is taken from our inner eyes and perception, the earthly blinkers are removed and once more we become aware of God’s true nature and our own. And that in the end leads us on into the recognition that every one of the religions our world has ever seen has been nothing but another road up the spiritual mountain, which all of us have to walk in our search for a conscious reunion with our Creator, the Great Father/Mother of all life.

As mentioned earlier, religious institutions of all kinds are under the rulership of the Fire sign Sagittarius and its mighty and expansive planet Jupiter. I leave you to your own thoughts of how this has always expressed itself in the religious institutions of our world and how some of them to this day are experiencing the initial stages – the nursery classes, so to speak – of their earthly curriculum.

From ‘The Sacred Science’ by Joan Hodgson comes the following: ‘The true function of the advanced Sagittarian is to be guide, philosopher, friend and lawgiver to his or her companions. When the children of Sagittarius have found truth for themselves, they will speak words of consolation, wisdom and inspiration, and the light of love will shine through their lives to help and guide others in need of help. As in the Greek myths the heroes were sent in their youth to the wise old centaur to be trained in the science of life, so will the young heroes of the soul’s quest for freedom be drawn to those who have well and truly learnt the lesson of Sagittarius. In this way they too may learn how to unlock the riches of the higher mind and find the freedom of the higher worlds, so that by aspiration and self-discipline they may enter the Elysian fields.’

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