Walking By Faith

From ‘The Universal Christ Now Speaks To Us And Our World’

Rays Of Wisdom - The Universal Christ Now Speaks To Us And Our World - Walking By FaithThe following is the essence of a teaching from the White Eagle group of spirit guides that appeared in the book ‘Festivals & Celebrations’: ‘As a spark of the Divine every human being is a young God in the making and whenever one of you tunes their earthly mind into the frequencies of the Highest, vibrations of peace are created. Through making an effort to think nothing but good, constructive and positive thoughts and directing your hopes, dreams and aspirations towards the highest forces of life, the Christ consciousness in you expands and grows. In this process you gradually evolve into a vortex of spiritual light that, under the guidance and protection of God and the Angels, has the power of changing the dark, evil and destructive elements of your world into good, right and beautiful ones that are filled with light.

‘This is how, with the passing of time, your confidence in the Highest Forces of life grows and you develop true faith that is accompanied by feelings of deep inner peace and harmony. You have read ‘The Great Plan Of Life Unfolds’ and your inner guidance tells you that it is speaking the truth. From that time onwards you have been walking the pathway of your life by the kind of faith that has its roots in a deep inner knowingness that, with the help of God and the Angels, all things are possible and miracles really can be worked as soon as the conditions are right. You have every reason to trust because you not merely believe but know that many different forces of life are working in the background of the earthly plane for the highest good and the greatest joy of the whole of humankind and your world. On the deepest innermost level of your being you know beyond any shadow of a doubt that everything will be well in the end for the simple reason that the cycles of life always have been and forever will be moving forwards and upwards on God’s eternal evolutionary spiral.

‘In spite of long spells of darkness, for example the six thousand years of patriarchy that kept humankind trapped in the prison of ignorance of spiritual matters and the evil that was created through this state of affairs, individually and collectively you and your world have been progressing nonetheless. To help the opening of humankind’s heart centre, God’s heavenly light has always been penetrating as deep as possible into the individual and collective consciousness of your world. As a result, increasing numbers of you by now are manifesting their Christ or God nature and are behaving with love and compassion, goodwill and patience towards all lifeforms in Mother Earth’s loving embrace. The legendary Master Jesus represents the Christ aspect in every human being. Regardless of the fact that for a long time it exists merely in seed form as a tiny spark of the Great Light of the Universal Christ, it has always been there in every one of you.

‘Through taking possession of the spark and developing it, in due course all of you will be doing their share of assisting your planet with its transformation into one of healing and peace that radiates its energies into the farthest and remotest corners of the whole of Creation, to wherever it is needed. And when at last you have reached the end of your earthly education and you are free to explore the higher and eventually highest regions of life, you will never be let loose on your own on anything in the spirit realm.

‘The Angels and Masters and we, your spirit friends and helpers, will always be by your side to show you where to go, what to do and the things that are in keeping with God’s great plan of life and those that are not and therefore would be unacceptable. This is no change from how we have always been guiding you and that on a reasonably long leash. You never have been alone and you never will be. God bless you all and peace be with you and your world. When St. Paul is said to have written in the Corinthians 5:7: ‘We walk by faith, not by sight.’, who would have thought that the time would come when the true meaning of the Jesus tale had been revealed and ever more of you would really be walking that way?

‘To assist you with this, we are glad to tell you that there is a great deal more to every one of you than can be observed on the outer physical plane of life. You are multi-faceted jewels and many of the components of your whole being are still hidden from your conscious awareness, waiting to be discovered by you. Some have difficulties coming to terms with the concept that they are eternal beings who cannot die and that they have taken part in earthly life many times before. We hear them ask: ‘If this is true, why don’t I have any recall of what happened to me?’

‘The memories of all your previous lifetimes are stored in your soul on the subconscious level of your being. From there they are influencing everything you do in many different ways. This is how you bring with you into every new lifetime the earthly personality that has thus far been developed by you and it’s for your own protection that you are shielded against knowing about what went on before. That’s because you have taken part in every aspect of humankind’s earthly curriculum, as all of you have to do and therefore have experienced some of the best as well as the worst the earthly plane has to offer.

‘To help you become aware of both sides of the picture, you sometimes found yourself at the giving end and on other occasions on the receiving one of every situation. If you knew about the things you did and have been involved in, you would find it impossible to live with yourself in the realities of each new lifetime with its fresh beginning. This is why the Great Mother’s wisdom and love are guarding you against the knowledge of your soul memories until you have spiritually matured sufficiently to deal with them.’

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