You Are A Precious Jewel

Rays Of Wisdom - The Universal Christ Now Speaks To Us And Our World - You Are A Precious JewelOne evening after a particularly trying day, at bedtime I prayed: ‘Please, give me happiness!’ The Universal Christ as the living God within me replied: ‘Though the blessings I give each one of you are many, the true and lasting joy * human beings are hoping to get from people and earthly things is part of the illusion of life in physicality. They are not meant to be found there, only in the renewal of your awareness that you are one with Me, always have been and forever will be. In due course this can bring you a kind of happiness that is beyond all earthly understanding. It’s very simple to find. All you have to do is reach out for the Angels and Me, take our hands and walk with us. This is the ultimate happiness that can be found in your present existence and that, My dear child, is what you have always been seeking. You could never find it in the past, for the simple reason that you did not know what you were looking for.

Another day I was in great discomfort and prayed: ‘Please, relieve me of this pain!’ To this the Christ responded with: ‘Each one of My children of the Earth has to become familiar with pain. Until you have gone through painful experiences yourself, it is impossible for you to know the depth of another’s suffering and because of this the Divine qualities of empathy and compassion cannot be born in you. That’s why a measure of suffering and worldly cares are essential parts of every human being’s earthly education. They are My Divine teaching aids that in due course help to begin the unfolding of the characteristics of your own Christ nature. Without them your energies would never be right for being fully re-united with me.

‘Therefore, instead of complaining, rejoice! The more profound your struggles and the deeper your pain, the more thoroughly your energies are cleansed and purified and the closer your spirit and soul can be drawn into Mine. That is how, though for a long time unbeknown to your small earthly self, your consciousness expands and your soul grows. Naturally, this can only come about through each living their own lives, gathering their own experiences and learning from them, feeling their feelings, sadness as much as joy and happiness as much as pain.

‘Whenever something seems too hard or heavy for you to bear, wherever you may find yourself, never despair, but reach out for the hands of the Angels and Me, call for us and never doubt that that we are hearing you and will come to the rescue by supporting you with our courage and strength. It will always be with those who ask. We are glad to help you work your way through every one of your experiences, joyful and sad ones alike. And although you are but one tiny twig on the tree of life and knowledge, each one of you is a many-faceted jewel, priceless, precious and loved beyond compare and of immense value to me. You are one of the most beautiful flowers in My eternal garden and I am the gardener, who prunes you constantly, so that you may flower and mature and at the right time bear fruits and bring a rich harvest. ’ *

Never mind, I thought to myself. I’ll try again with something more general, so ventured forth: ‘Please, give me only the things of life I enjoy.’ The Christ replied: ‘My dearly beloved child of the Earth isn’t it blessing enough that I have created you and given you life? From love you have come and to love you are now returning, for love is My true nature and you being a spark of me, it is also yours. You are on the Earth plane, so that in the fullness of time you will find and enter into My wisdom and truth. The more this gift comes your way, the better you will be able to recognise that in truth everything in the whole of Creation is a loving sacrifice from Me, and that this includes all things, people and every experience that already have come your way and will continue to do so in the future.

Everything the Christ said was making a great deal of sense to me and so I prayed: ‘I would like to love others the way you love me. Can you help me with that please?’ With a sigh of relief the Christ Spirit replied: ‘Ah! At last, My child, you are getting the idea of why you have been granted the gift of another earthly lifetime, namely for learning to love wisely. If you want to become more and more like Me, it’s simplicity itself. The only thing you have to do is love everything to your heart’s content that each new day brings to you and at all times do your best, so the Angels and I can do the rest. And this is true for every human being, not just you.

‘So go in peace now, My child. Walk into your world and enjoy everything that’s in it, for you are as much part of it as I am. Therefore, accept and love it whole-heartedly. All I expect of each one of My children of the Earth that, by the time the end of your earthly education comes round, you will behave in a manner that befits an apprentice God. Making your contribution towards transforming your world into a safer and more beautiful, peaceful and loving place for everything that shares it with you, shows the Angels and me how close you presently are to this goal.

‘Even if some days you can give someone nothing but a smile, a hug or a kind and encouraging word, sometimes maybe only a loving thought, every effort counts and makes you worthy of being called one of My children. And whatever you do and wherever the roads of your life may take you, never forget that with the Angels and Me all things are possible. Never be fooled by mere surface words like ‘impossible’. As soon as you invite us into any kind of situation, that word turns into ‘I am possible’ *.

‘Yet, if I did all the things human beings ask for in their prayers and fulfilled every one of their wishes during the early part of their earthly curriculum, it would be impossible for the petitioners to make progress on their evolutionary journey. In due course the experiences of this pathway take each one of you from being a mere earthling into a healer and lightbringer and eventually a young God, each in their own right. From your present developmental point this may still be hard to imagine, but that is the direction in which all of you, without exception, are travelling. Would you want to deprive yourself of such a high and holy destiny? That surely cannot be what you want.

‘The law of life is evolution and that means spiritual unfoldment. To protect you from some of the desires of your earthly nature and against your development as a spiritual being grinding to a complete halt, many times the answer to your prayers has to be a clear and simple: ‘No.’ Progressing on the evolutionary spiral of life is every human being’s birthright and each one of you eventually has to find out for themselves that living in and with Me requires the total surrender into My loving hands of your whole being, of everything you own and are. That’s what you are doing when you apply the gifts I have bestowed upon you to do all you can to support the spiritual advance of your whole world and everything that is taking part in it.

‘Don’t worry about what other people are doing. Apart from giving them a helping hand when they are asking for it, their concerns are not yours. They have their own pathway to walk and lessons to learn. The earthly personality you yourselves created in the course of many lifetimes is the cross * all human beings carrying each time they enter into another earthly existence. You alone can change it and if you don’t know how to go about it, get in touch with us so we can light your way and guide you to publications and people who can help you forward with this. You karmic debts are part of this cross and, as mentioned earlier, you are the only one who can redeem them. The main task for you at present is minding your own business, not interfering with other and through this allowing them access to My gift of freedom of choice *. This is an essential part of learning to love wisely, the way the Angels and I love you and give you the freedom to make up your own mind whether you want our assistance or not.

‘When you reflect on your own life and life in general, you will be able to observe how it is constantly moving up and down in rhythmic waves. That’s why you sometimes find yourself on top of one, while on other occasions you have to wade through the depths. Knowing that life has to be that way for a wise higher reason, accept everything that comes your way and rest safely in the knowledge that whenever you reach a deep point, you are sure to rise again. Do your best and rest assured that the Angels and I will always be happy to do the rest, if you but ask for it. We bless each one of you and will forever be keeping you safe.’

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