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For a long time astrology and astronomy were considered to be one. They were only gradually separated in the course of the Western seventeenth century philosophy known as the age of reason, when astrology was rejected. In the later part of the medieval period, astronomy was still treated as the foundation upon which astrology was operating. But during the eighteenth century the two subjects came to be regarded as completely separate. Since then astronomy, the study of objects and phenomena originating beyond the Earth’s atmosphere, has been looked at as a science that is a widely studied academic discipline. In contrast to this many astrologers are treating the positions of celestial objects as the basis for the prediction of future events. As a form of divination and pseudoscience it has no scientific validity.

My kind of astrology is a very different one. It has nothing to do with horoscopes and fortunetelling but is applied psychology. In my view there is no finer instrument for getting to know ourselves. Hand in hand with this goes a considerable expansion of our understanding of the processes of life in general and the way they have always been affecting us and our world, individually and collectively. If one wishes to find a better grasp of just about anything that influences us and our earthly existence on its deepest innermost level, astrology is the best possible tool imaginable. And that’s how I am using astrology throughout my writings.

Life in the whole of Creation is subject to Universal or God’s laws and astrology demonstrates how all things have their allocated place and time and are serving a specific wise and higher purpose. It shows that everything in our own life and that of our world unfolds with the precision of a giant clockwork. These things leave no doubt in my mind that there really is a great plan of life * and that all is well with us and our world, in spite of the fact that it frequently does not look that way. If you follow the link at the end of this chapter, you can see for yourself how it has always been working.

Astrology is sometimes called the Divine science and that indicates that it belongs to the esoteric/spiritual realms and their sciences that form the background not only of our earthly existence, but of all worlds and beings throughout the whole of Creation. Invisible to earthly eyes, the angelic and spirit world behind the scenes of our present existence are ceaselessly toiling to bring everything on this plane into being at the right moment and to maintain it. In my view, astrology represents the higher esoteric wisdom and truth that is hidden behind the surface words astronomers use for the planets of our solar system. This is not unlike the surface words of the Jesus legend, when understood as literally true, and the wisdom that for a long time had to remain hidden behind them. The main difference is that the astronomical aspects really exist while the Master Jesus never did.

Astronomy is the technical earthly aspect that can be seen and observed. For merely scientific orientated people the planets’ names are just words that serve no other purpose than telling one apart from the other. The higher meaning of the planetary energies and the purpose each one of them is serving cannot yet be grasped by those whose minds so far can only comprehend concepts that concern earthly life, i.e. things that can be weighed and measured, touched, smelt and felt. When the time is right for them, these people will also begin to wake up to their true nature and the higher realities of the inner spiritual background of their present existence. Until this happens, they will be unable to perceive signals from our other world and true home. They can only be recognised when someone’s superconscious faculties has at least started to unfold.

Astrology can provide us with signs that there really is a great plan of life and that it has always been unfolding the way it should. Young and inexperienced souls among the scientists of our world know nothing about this. It is hard to grasp for earthly minds and perceptions that there are two types of science. The first is the one that seeks a better understanding of the principles of the processes of the outer physical plane of our earthly existence. The second is the higher esoteric science that serves the same purpose for its inner spiritual background. In truth these two sciences are one and there is no difference between them. I don’t think any scientists will get very far with their explorations for as long as they fail to recognise that there are two levels to humankind’s existence and that the world around us is but a reflection of that which is operating on its inner level. The inner brings the outer into being and without the inner, there would be no outer life.

Irrespective of how much anyone wishes to deny that our earthly existence has a spiritual background, I believe it is there nonetheless and there are many who share my view. The New Testament’s John 1:5 tells us: ‘The Light shines in the darkness, but the darkness cannot understand it.’ The light of the intuitive wisdom and knowledge of the Highest is present in everyone. It’s just that for a long time it remains hidden from our view, like buried under some kind of boulder. Through the experiences of many lifetimes this obstacle is gradually removed, so that the inner light in the form of ever increasing understanding can slowly begin to flow and lighten the earthly self’s darkness.

Back to astrology and why it is called the Divine science. In my view, astrology undoubtedly belongs to the realms of the esoteric/spiritual sciences and is part of the dimensions of life that can neither be seen nor measured and weighed. Astrology manifests itself on the outer level in many different forms. Its principles and laws throughout the ages have never changed. The only things about it that did were the interpretations of those who became interested in this intriguing branch of science. And it’s good to know that regardless of what people have ever made of anything, no false belief ever had the power to destroy the truth. In due course the former is shed and the latter becomes known to ever more of us. Naturally, this also applies to the many religious tales and legends our world has seen through the ages.

Astrology is an intuitive science as well as an artform. It consists mostly of intuitive knowledge and that is the kind that can only be given by our inner teacher, i.e. in-tuition, the wise one or living God within. To me, astrology is a gift from the Highest, the same as everything that is in our world and anywhere else in the whole of Creation. It therefore deserves to be treated with reverence, respect and gratitude and that also applies to astrology. Its basics can be taught like any other subject and just like them, the Divine science can be used either for wise and higher purposes or for negative and lower ones.

This is where freedom of choice comes into play. At all times it is up to us to choose which way we want to go. My choice was made a long time ago, it must have been all of thirty years, when the wise one within me gave me the first glimpses of astrology’s true meaning and higher purpose. The result is before you in the form of my writings. They have grown, and are still continuing to do so, into a unique travelogue of the miracles and wonders I keep on discovering along the road of my own healing journey. I won’t bore you with details, but it has been and still is an extremely demanding one.

To me, it will always remain a wonder and a miracle how the Universe through astrology willingly discloses ever more of its secrets to me. I find it endlessly fascinating and awesome, in the original meaning of the word, how riddles and puzzles of Cosmic proportions can in this way be unravelled intuitively. And it will never cease to amaze me with what kindness and generosity the Universal Forces are disclosing ever more of what must have been its deepest innermost secrets in order to show us that there really is nothing to fear for us earthlings.

If that sounds good to you, take my hand, metaphorically speaking, and walk with me through my writings. Come and see whether any of my truth could also become part of yours. Whenever you find something that does, do not forget to share it with as many as possible, so their truth can also increase.

Who Is Blind?
Those who are unable to perceive another world.
Who is dumb?
Those who cannot speak a kind and loving word at the right moment.
Who is poor?
Those who are plagued by too many desires.
Who is rich?
Those whose hearts are contented.


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