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Saturn is the sole ruler of Capricorn, the tenth sign of the zodiac, and the co-ruler, with Uranus, of Aquarius, the eleventh sign. Symbolised by Saturn and personified by the Lords of Karma, at our entry into the Aquarian Age, the age of enlightenment and spiritual freedom, stands our Karma and is waiting to shake hands with us. In Capricorn Saturn acts as the stern and undeviating schoolmaster. To my mind, it would be more appropriate to speak of the schoolmistress, as the planet in truth stands as a symbolism for the equivalent part of the Great Mother’s wisdom.

The presence of Saturn as the sole ruler of Capricorn, a feminine Earth sign, and also of the tenth house, traditionally known as the house of the mother among other things, clearly reveals that Saturn represents a feminine energy, and therefore is – not as commonly believed – a ‘he’ but a ‘she’. The planet’s energies represent what is known as ‘tough love’ in earthly life. This is the kind of caring that allows the beloved children to grow and learn through their own experiences, without interference from their wise and deeply involved parent, who merely stands by to support and come to the rescue whenever one of the offspring comes to grief.

The Angels and Masters together with countless groups of ordinary spirit helpers are our guardians, keepers and nursemaids in the world of light. Under the command of the Great Father/Mother they are constantly watching over our progress, ever ready to assist whenever one of us is in need of it. Their helping hands, invisible to earthly eyes, are always reaching out to us. All we have to do is ask for their help. As soon as one of us has done this, that person begins to learn how to follow their guidance and walk with them.

The Great Mother’s way of teaching us, Her beloved children of the Earth, the gift of self-mastery has always been through allowing each one of us to learn from their own experiences. The road of spiritual mastery starts with taking charge of every part of our being and ends with freely and willingly practising self-mastery and self-discipline. And when after the lessons of Saturn in Capricorn and the tenth house, we arrive in the next sign and house, Aquarius and the eleventh, Saturn has by no means left us. The planets energies and the Angels in charge of them stand guard at the sign’s gateway to ensure that none of us can come anywhere near the Aquarian spiritual freedom until we truly have become masters of every aspect of our nature.

High on the list of things to be shed from our consciousness are the false beliefs, prejudices and superstitions that still abound in our world. Each one of them is waiting to be replaced by our own truth, i.e. that which the living God within tells us is true, good and right for us, now – even though it may not be for anyone else. As pioneers of a new age we have to be prepared that our truth may not yet match anyone else’s beliefs. Those we come into contact with may not yet understand what we have to give.

Whenever that is the case, it is best to quietly speak our truth and then leave them to wrestle with their conscience and being told by their own inner guidance whether what they are hearing or reading is right for them. If it is not, when their time of awakening has come, they too will understand what we have to give. They will then be able to add their insights and observations to ours. As a result, the speed of humankind’s evolutionary progress will accelerate every more rapidly.

Two of the main causes of depression, at present rampant in our world, are the negative thinking patterns we have brought with us from previous lifetimes, and the holding on to beliefs that have long outlived their usefulness and are therefore waiting to be shed. On top of that, before any one of us will be allowed entry into the new age, we have to prove that the untamed and wild drives and urges of our lower animal nature are under out control and have been mastered by us. Their energies have to be turned by us into a positive and constructive force that supports and sustains us, instead of endangering us.

I would like to illustrate this by a real life story about a young Christian, let’s call him Bill, who was despairing to the point of becoming suicidal because, as he put it: ‘I keep falling in sexual sin.’ This is what my Highest Self told him through me: ‘It sounds to me that you are a particularly highly sexed person. Nothing wrong with that – many of us are. Has it ever occurred to you that your strong sexual drive could be a special gift the Universal Life Force has bestowed upon you and that it is by no means some kind of a curse to make your life difficult? Could your strong sex drive have been given to you so that you may learn to express, explore and also enjoy the creative/sexual/spiritual energies of the Universe in positive ways?

‘In my view, you would be well advised to make a special effort at channelling them into creative outlets that lie within your own field of endeavours and experiences. This will create opportunities for you to use these energies for good purposes which, in the fullness of time, may lead you to creating some truly inspired works of art. Who knows?

‘You are responsible for yourself and the life that has been given to you. You are the captain of the ship of your life and in charge of it. You need to transmute the creative/sexual/spiritual energies at your disposal into something positive and constructive in your life, instead of allowing your present lifetime to be destroyed by them. Because the Universe loves you, the same as it loves all of us, that is not what it has in mind for you, of that I am sure.  

‘As a Christian you may be afraid of astrology. However, if you belong to the more enlightened ones who appreciate that, because no force exists outside it, everything that is in our world is there by the will of God, to be used by any one of us either for good and positive purposes or bad and negative ones. If you would like to find a better understanding of the pathway through your present lifetime, in my view you could do nothing better than studying my interpretations of the Sun signs.’

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A Message From

‘The Universal Christ Now Speaks To Us And Our World‘

‘The more you evolve spiritually, the better you will grasp that, in the final analysis, every pain and sorrow that comes to you is at the same time an essential part of your joy, because in times of suffering you grow closer to Me and My world, your true home. Those who already have grown sufficiently in wisdom and understanding no longer begrudge their tears, but welcome them as My harbingers of healing and peace. If you suffer from a spiritual guilt complex, let go of it. You are not some kind of worm or miserable sinner, as some to this day would like to make you believe. You are nothing of the kind. You are My beloved children, young Gods in the making. As all manner of evolutionary lessons had to be imbibed by each one of you, individually and collectively, your pathway up to now has been an extremely tough and stormy one.

Unbeknown to you, I have never left you. I have always guided and protected you from within the very core of your own being. My Angels and your Masters on the higher and highest levels of life are watching every step you make. Whenever one of you reaches out to them, they are only too happy to help – for those are My instructions. I have never left you and your world without a witness of My eternal truths. Through a general lack of understanding much of it has been misinterpreted and abused for personal gains. The further you to forward into the enlightenment of the Aquarian Age, there will no longer be any need for tolerating this, because increasing numbers of you are ready to receive My wisdom directly from me.’

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