God Is Near : But Where?

Looking At The Year 2020 – Part Seventy-Seven

Rays Of Wisdom - Our World In Transit - Looking At The Year 2020 - God Is Near : But Where?

These are the days of miracle and wonder,
This is the long distance call,
The way the camera follows us in slow-motion
And shows us the way we really are.

No point in looking to spiritual constellations
That have outlived their usefulness and are dying
In the deepest recesses of human consciousness.
The time has come for find out the truth
About God’s nature and our own.
These truly are the days of miracle and wonder!

From ‘Under African Sky’
Paul Simon
Edited by Aquarius

When people get married in Germany, they get a family book in which the details of their marriage, the birth of their children and of their baptism are entered. My parents first had three girls and then, to my father’s delight, a boy. The four of us grew up without any religious instructions, although we all had been baptised into the Protestant faith. It was dominant at that time in the part of Germany where I was born. My parents lived through two world wars, hyper inflation and all the rest of it. Through these experiences they must have lost their faith that there really is a God. Read more about this by following the relevant link about losing and finding faith at the end of this chapter.

These days my brother is the keeper of our parents’ family book. Some years ago he told me that it seems that I am the only one for whom a baptism verse was entered as follows: St. Luke 10:10 ‘Heal the sick who are there and tell them: ‘The kingdom of God is near you.’ I looked it up when I first heard about it, but to my disappointment it did not seem to mean anything, at all. From time to time, I puzzled whether that teaching contained some kind of message for me, after all. But as nothing ever came to me intuitively, the way things usually do, with the passing of time I forgot about it.

And then out of the blue, a few days before my eighty-third birthday, St. Luke 10:10 came to my mind. So I looked it up again, lo and behold! It started speaking to me like this: ‘All along this verse has been pointing to the pathway you would eventually be walking in this lifetime. Your world’s main sickness is the fear of death and the unknown. And that’s why, on behalf of God and the Angels, you have been telling those around you for quite a while that, to overcome and leave behind all your fears and anxieties, not merely the before named ones, lying and cheating, deception of the self and others need to be overcome and left behind.

‘To find the truth about God and Jesus in particular, the story of his life has to be approached from the perspective that not every one of its words is literally true. Like many other tales of this nature, it was presented in the form of a legend, behind whose surface words higher esoteric wisdom has always been waiting to be discovered, as soon as humankind evolved sufficiently to comprehend their meaning. The time has come for realising that Jesus never was a historical figure. He always has been a symbolism of every human being’s own higher God or Christ nature.

‘With the help of allegories, parables and metaphors the life story of Jesus demonstrates picture-book fashion the various initiations of every human being’s evolutionary pathway on the earthly plane. For a long time they have no idea that something of this nature is happening to them. But by now ever more of you are reaching the end of their earthly education. It reveals itself when someone understands that your world’s present state has served the wise higher purpose of redeeming the karmic debts that the highly evolved spirit/souls in your midst brought with them into this lifetime from previous ones of long ago.

‘Your world is still involved in the process of leaving behind approx. six thousand years of patriarchy with its beliefs of an all-male God-head. They are contrary to the natural laws of the whole of Creation. With the passing of time, this unnatural state disturbed your world’s natural balance more and more, as well as that of the whole of Creation. Because on the inner level all life is one, whatever happens anywhere affects everything else in either a beneficial or harmful disturbing manner. Humankind has been doing the latter for long enough. And as, in keeping with God’s great evolutionary plan, the civilising influence of the wisdom of your world’s feminine forces are re-establishing themselves, it’s balance is slowly but surely being restored.

‘Withholding something for a predestined length of time has always been the Divine wisdom’s way of teaching humankind the value of things. For the wise higher reason of teaching humankind the value of truth, things like lying and cheating, dishonesty and deception were tolerated, but only for a predestined length of time. The pandemic 2019/2020 has been necessary for cleansing your world’s consciousness of the karmic debts that were accumulated during the six thousand years of patriarchy.

‘The Universal laws decree that before something new can be born, something old has to give way and die. The pandemic is a signal that the whole of humankind has reached the developmental stage when it’s time to let go of its old and outdated over-materialistic approach to life. This creates space for the birth of becoming aware of your true nature and that your earthly existence serves the higher purpose of learning something from every one of your experiences, so that you constantly grow in wisdom and understanding of the spiritual background of everything that comes your way.

‘It has been for wise higher reasons that your world’s old religions were too materialistically orientated. At the right time, God’s time and not yours, they have always been destined to disappear. As explained in one of the previous chapters, the energies are right now and this is God’s time. The pandemic has been an essential instrument for changing ever more people’s approach to life into a truly spiritual one. For teaching humankind the value of truth, the patriarchy was brought about. And the deeper your world moves into the age of truth, the more it will come clear to its people that the God-head consists of the Divine Trinity of the Great Father/Mother of all life and their only born Son/Daughter, the light of the Universal Christ.

‘In spite of your old religions’ teachings, God not only has always been near you,  around and with you, God has always been as much part of you as you are of God. As a spark of God’s great light, every one of you is a young God in the making, a chip off the old block. And those who wish to find the truth about Jesus, need to first look behind the surface words of the legend of his life and then to themselves. Discovering the truth about God’s nature and your own is the meaning of Christianity’s second coming. There never was a first one. The appearance of another legend is no substitute for the coming of a saviour and redeemer. St. Luke’s words were part of Christianity’s propaganda machinery when that religion first came into being. Humankind was then about two thousand years away from discovering that the surface words of all your world’s sacred texts have always been hiding higher esoteric truths.

‘For the above mentioned reasons, unbeknown to humankind for a long time, every one of you has always been closer to your Creator than anyone thought. God never was in the Heavens ‘out there, somewhere’, but has always been with you. Wherever you were, God was with you and forever will be. You and your world always have and forever will rest safely in the loving hands of God and the Angels. And every one of you has always been destined to evolve, in the course of many lifetimes, into a healer and lightbringer, a saviour and redeemer of yourself and your world, as well as a guardian and keeper of Mother Earth’s precious resources. Every one of you needs to do all they can to keep them safe and protect them against the greed and avarice of your less highly evolved siblings in the family of humankind, so that when you as your own descendant in future lifetimes return to your planet, they will still be there for you to treasure and enjoy.

‘The time has come for healing your sick world and everything that is taking part in it. Every one of you is, at least potentially, a Messiah for spreading the news that as far as saving and redeeming is concerned, it can only come about through never hesitating to give of your best. Every kind, loving and forgiving thought, word and action of yours is a valuable contribution. And through patiently enduring the pandemic’s hardships you have been paying your karmic debts, as well as contributing to saving and redeeming yourself and the whole of humankind. In this mammoth enterprise you are never alone, but are working hand in hand with us, God and the Angels. Even though we are invisible to earthly eyes, we always have been and forever will be ruling every aspect of your world, together with everything else that exists in the whole of Creation.

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