The Built-In Lie-Detector

Looking At The Year 2020 – Part Seventy-Nine

Rays Of Wisdom - Our World In Transit - Looking At The Year 2020 - The Built-In Lie-Detector‘The fear of death and the unknown has always made people easy prey for the greed and avarice of those who offer something that’s going to keep them safe. If the wind keeps on blowing in the right direction for long enough, the victims will never find out that in truth the makers of such promises merely pretend they have something of value to offer. After all, they are generously paying people with imaginative minds. They have no problems inventing things that sound as if they were true, when they could not be further away from it. Never mind, if what they are saying gets the wheels of their employers’ propaganda machinery going and, for as long as no strong enough resistance has built up, keeps them turning.

‘People involved in such schemes believe that they are working with the greatest of secrecy and that therefore nobody can observe them, they don’t mind using any kind of means that promises to deceive those around them, when in truth they are deceiving themselves. It’s not really evil that you and your world are up against but ignorance. That’s always been the greatest obstacle on humankind’s individual and collective progress on the evolutionary spiral of life. Not knowing and understanding breeds fear. And that in turn brings forth young and inexperienced spirit/souls, who are only too happy to ruthlessly exploit humankind’s fears with tales that have been specially invented for the purpose of pumping them up to previously unknown heights.

‘And because the age of truth for quite a while has been with you, once more we have come to tell those who are still looking for someone to save you and your world from this kind of menace. Nobody in the whole of Creation will ever come and wave some kind of magic wand on your behalf or anyone else’s, to bring this about, least of all Jesus. He never was in a position to respond to requests of this nature for the simple reason that he never was a historical figure who once walked in your midst. He only existed as a thoughtform that was inspired by us for the wise higher purpose of teaching your world some invaluable lessons of discernment, i.e. the ability to recognise whether someone is telling the truth or a lie.

‘Every one of you needs to be able to do this for themselves and that about everything that comes your way on the earthly plane. Don’t worry, you all have a built-in lie-detector and that is your inner guidance, the wise one of living God within. As soon as your earthly education has reached a certain point,  the time has come for learning how to consciously tap into its communications. Through the world of your feelings this aspect of your being has always tried to keep you walking on the straight and narrow road of doing the right things at the right time, i.e. that which is beneficial for your development. It’s the small still voice of your conscience that’s ignored to your detriment. For every one of you, paying attention to its reactions has always been the only truly reliable way of telling whether something, at that particular moment, is right or wrong, false or true. When this ability has been developed and you look at any kind of knowledge that comes your way, especially in the form of religious teachings, your lie-detector will either react with ‘this is true or untrue’.

‘To assist every human being with developing this part of their being is the wise higher reason why, for the duration of the patriarchy, your world had to be misled about your Creator’s nature and your own, as well as the special relationship all of you are having with the highest authority of all. The imbalances that were created by the old religions’ beliefs, with their all-male God-heads, for some time have been in the process of being removed. It is coming about through the truth that your Creator always has been and forever will be the Great Father/Mother of all life, and their only born Son/Daughter, the Universal Christ’s spirit and light. It’s good to observe that ever more of you are waking up to the realisation that the only one who can save and redeem you and your world is every one of you for themselves.

‘Every physical body, animal and human alike, has always been equipped with the inborn natural gift of healing itself and that in mind, body and spirit/soul. Unfortunately, the products of the pharmaceutical industry all too frequently interfere with the functioning of this aspect of their being. That’s why we are telling those who are in need of healing that, with our help and will, any condition can be healed. As without asking no help can come to you from us, turn to us so we can guide you to the natural – these days so-called ‘alternative’ – healing methods that will really do you good. If you pay attention to your inner guidance when trying those you feel drawn to, you will intuitively know which one(s) are right for you.

‘Stick your toes into the water and find out what each one can do for you. And do not forget to tap into our healing energies that are available free of charge to anyone who asks for them. Learning how to tap into them is the only thing you have to do. When you do your best, we are always happy to do the rest. And that’s how your trust in our presence and our ways of helping those who ask for our assistance steadily grows. This is the most essential ingredient for the process of shedding your fears and anxieties. The spiritual wisdom we have for quite some time been bringing to your world, through many different channels, is providing ever more of you with the key for unlocking the doors to their innermost being, where the memories of all your previous lifetimes have been stored, good, bad and indifferent alike.

‘The lack of understanding to this day is making far too many of you is into gullible victims of the pharmaceutical industry’s tales about the pandemic 2019/2020. They are the driving force behind events of this nature. They have tried before and did not succeed and we assure you that they will not do so this time. To bring about the greatest healing miracle that was ever experienced on the Earth, we need the help of as many of you as possible. It’s up to every individual to release themselves and your  whole world, once and for all, from the darkness of the prison that time and again was created by the machinations of your world’s professional troublemakers and scaremongers, employed by the pharmaceutical industry.

‘Like a poisonous spider, this organisation sits in its web that consists of falsifications and lies, ready to devour any victim that believes its tales and is willing to act upon them. Their favourite hiding places are the façades of once well respected organisations, like the World Health Organisation. The pharmaceutical industry hopes that eventually the government of all countries are going to pass a new law that forces people to take part in compulsory mass vaccinations. They are dreaming that this would come about in dictator fashion, with each country’s police force behind its government to ensure that their law is obeyed. But that harks back to the ways of the past, in sharp contrast with the Aquarian age’s Zeitgeist of freedom from all yokes of oppression and slavery. This age is about friendship and siblinghood with all manifestations of life, reaching out for each other, helping and supporting people instead of exploiting and taking advantage of their fears.

‘As nothing could contravene that spirit more, there is no chance that attempts of this nature will be tolerated. Aquarius is the sign of rebellion and revolution. The deeper you move into this age, the clearer it will become that the Uranian energies are providing people, individually and collectively, with the courage, strength and determination to go on the barricades in order to shake off anything that can no longer be tolerated, for example the yoke of continued lockdowns.  The protest meetings and marches that are already taking part in many parts of your world are a clear sign that the influence of the Uranian energies with every passing day are growing more powerful.

‘The instrument for rendering any kind of human-made trap ineffective is through every one of you overcoming and letting go of their deepest innermost fears, because that enables you to move from your role as victim into that of a conqueror. The magical key for bringing this about is an improved understanding of the processes of life, especially those of birth, death and rebirth. For long enough your fears, individually and collectively, have been making prisoners of your earthly selves. The knowledge that has been coming your way for quite some time is meant to assist ever more of you to unlock the inner doors of the dark dungeon of their ignorance about the spiritual aspects of life.

‘The Aquarian age’s freedom consists of believing only what the lie-detector of your inner guidance tells you is true. To enable you to fully take advantage of what it offers, your inner doors need to be opened wide. Only through using the knowledge we are bringing and in this way digesting it, can any of it become your spiritual property that no-one will ever take from you. It will be yours in all Eternity.

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