What Is In Store For Us?

Looking At The Year 2020 – Part Seventy-Five

Rays Of Wisdom - Our World In Transition - Looking At The Year 2020 - What Is In Store For Us?

 1.    This chapter is winging its way to you on 1st October 2020. It’s the day when the Sun is moving through Libra, the peacemaking sign of the zodiac, and the full Moon taking place in it’s polar opposite Aries, at 21.05 hrs Greenwich Meantime. At any time of the year, Aries is the point of new beginnings and that not only when the Sun moves through Aries and presents our natural world with another uprushing fountain of new life. The time around any of the twelve full Moons is always a period when it’s easier to find enlightenment, i.e. a better understanding of things that could have been puzzling us for a long time. And I hope that what’s before you now will help you to do this in connection with our world’s present situation, as well as getting a better idea of what’s ahead. How about following the relevant link at the end of this chapter and having another look at my reflections on the year 2020, the year of healing.

2.    With the help of numerology, this is an updated and extended version of taking a closer look at our world’s energies at the time of the Sun’s entry into Libra, which will continue for the thirty day’s the Sun spends in this sign. The day when the Sun enters Libra is known as the equinox because day and night for a fleeting moment are perfectly balanced. The date fluctuates slightly from year to year and this time it was the 22nd September 2020. This means that we and our world for thirty days and night are going to function on the Master vibration of the 22 x 2 = 44. There will be more of this energy when the Sun enters Scorpio, the next sign, on the 22nd of October. Sagittarius and Capricorn, the next two signs, will be entered on the 21st November and December respectively. For those two months we shall be coming increasingly under the influence of the benevolent and beneficial consciousness expanding energies of Jupiter, the planetary ruler of Sagittarius.

3.    2 = the Moon, planetary ruler of Cancer, the Great Mother of all life’s nurturing and caring sign of the zodiac. It’s the day of the equinox when day and night for a fleeting moment have the same length, are perfectly balanced. Having left behind the zodiac’s teaching and healing sign, Virgo, our Sun has moved into Libra, the sign of the peacemaker, ruled by Venus. This means that for us and our world the time for making peace has come. Libra is the sign that teaches us to handle things with the iron fist of determination that’s clothed in the velvet glove of Venusian kindness and courtesy.

4.    The Sun on the day of the equinox was accompanied by the Moon in expansive and benevolent Sagittarius. This bodes well for our world because Sagittarius is the sign dedicated to the opening up and developing of humankind’s superconscious faculties. And the day of the Sun’s entry into each new sign is that sign’s birthday and the 30 degrees it will take for the Sun to transit Libra will be coloured and enhanced by the Sagittarian energies.

5.    4 = Uranus, co-ruler with Saturn of Aquarius, the voice of God.

6.    44 = 4 + 4 = 8 Saturn, symbol of the stern and undeviating schoolmaster aspect of the Divine Trinity, who demands self-discipline and self-mastery from every one of Its children of the Earth. Without sufficiently developing these qualities, individually and collectively, we and our world cannot be released into the greater freedom of the Aquarian age. Saturn as its gatekeeper and guardian takes care of this condition.

7.    0 = the circle of Eternity 00 x 2.

8.    September is the 9th month of the Western world’s calendar. 9 = Mars, the Roman God of war and sole ruler of Aries, which is the zodiac’s point of all new beginnings.

9.    Mars together with Pluto, the Roman God of the underworld, is the symbol of humankind’s individual and collective subconscious, rules Scorpio. This is the sign of birth and death, regeneration or degeneration. Death of that which is outdated and no longer needed, which is always followed by rebirth onto a different level of consciousness.

10.    The 31st December 2020 is the last day of that year. The 1st January 2021 is the beginning of year 2022. 2 = the Moon and Cancer, the sign dedicated to the nurturing and caring principle of the Great Mother of all life. 2 + 2 + 2 = 6 Venus, planetary ruler of earthy Taurus and airy Libra, the peacemaking sign of the zodiac. The new year will be starting with the Moon in Sagittarius with is expansive and benevolent planetary ruler Jupiter. Jupiter and Saturn will be conjunct in Capricorn, Saturn’s own sign in which its positive qualities can manifest themselves best. Saturn’s role as teacher, as soon as this planet’s  lessons have been sufficiently attended to, changes into that of the rewarder. And when these rewards turn up, they can be truly magnificent! This bodes well for our world when the pandemic has been dealt with the right way.

11.    The Sun’s entry into each new year acts like the birthchart of a newly born baby. In the year 2021 Jupiter and Saturn will be conjunct in Aquarius. That will be beneficial for our world because the expansive Jupiter energies can make people gullible and easily swayed into believing any kind of tale, including the Jesus legend and the fear inducing stories spread by our world’s professional scaremongers, of the past and present. The Jupiterian energies work better when they are constricted by the Saturnian ones. Their joint energies will be helpful when it comes to grounding humankind’s hopes, dreams and aspirations. In keeping with the Aquarian age’s Zeitgeist, they promise us and our world freedom from all kinds of slavery, religious and those who these days are following the religions’ example and try to walk in their footsteps. Saturn and Uranus are the co-rulers of this sign. With the help of their joint energies, God and the Angels are going to show all those who are working hand in hand with them, ways of freeing our world from the danger of being enslaved by the pharmaceutical industry.

12.    Pluto is the slowest moving one of the outer planets and has been moving through Capricorn for some years. Because of their slow movements these planets are known as the Generation Planets. Capricorn rules the large organisations and institutions of our world, and under the influence of the Plutonian energies things come to the surface of its consciousness, individually and collectively. These energies have a cleansing and clearing effect on everything they come into contact with. They bring about some major shifts of consciousness by clearing away the rubbish that could have been covering something for a long time, for example revealing the basic goodness of human beings and our whole world. Although this is usually brought about through difficult times and some ugly revelations, when the dust has settled it can clearly be seen that major changes for the better have taken place.

13.    In the year 2009, the events of a world economic crisis and the election of a new president of the USA, for the first time from a black and white background, to me were clear evidence that the evolutionary pace of our race and planet is by now being speeded up significantly. The energies of the incoming Aquarian Age are hard at work to help us cleanse and purify the consciousness of every individual soul and the soul of our whole world. Pluto, the planet of transformation and regeneration and the co-ruler of Scorpio, plays a major part in this. Pluto will remain in Capricorn until January 2024. Plenty of time for clearing away the things that for so long have been troubling our world. Read more about this in the next chapter.

14.    So, what can Pluto tell us about the present state of our world? A great deal! On the 1st October 2020, the day of the Full Moon in Aries, Pluto is influencing us from 22.29 degrees in Capricorn. 22 = the second Master Vibration, 29 = 2 + 9 = 11 = the first Master Vibration. That bodes well for our world’s transformation and the new beginning on a higher level of consciousness, individually and collectively, for which we have been yearning such a long time. The planet was in retrograde mode from the beginning of September, i.e. cleansing and purifying our world’s inner subconscious plane. From the 2nd October Pluto is moving direct again, i.e. influencing the outer world in the same way.

15.    And the following is a flashback to the swine flu in the year 2009 to 2010 that gives me a strong feeling of déjà-vu: ‘One of my friends lives in Basel, Switzerland, the home of La Roche Pharmaceutical Industries. Having made it her business to investigate this matter, she writes as follows: ‘Tamiflu is the name of the serum against Swine Flu. It is the baby of La Roche, a company in which Donald Rumsfeld owns a big stake. The serum against swine flu was originally developed in New Zealand as a serum against bird flu, which also turned out to be ineffective. At the time of the bird flu scare, La Roche bought the licence to produce it under the name Tamiflu. Ever since, La Roche has been sitting on vast quantities of this serum and great stock piles of it also existed in the USA. And then someone came up with the brilliant idea of marketing this product against swine flu.

‘Roche stated that the US is their prime target, with fifty million shots sold at one billion dollars last week. Stock holders are thrilled. That none of these so called flu shots have been tested does not seem to matter to anyone. You don’t fuss in the middle of a world Pandemic! Created by whom? The videos of doctors, who have spoken up against mandatory shots, for example one in Austria, can be viewed on u-tube.’

Who are these people who have no qualms about, every so often, having attempting to mercilessly ruin our world’s economies in order to satisfy the greed and avarice of their lower nature? What kind of sadistic pleasure do they imagine they would get if their efforts ever succeeded? My inner guidance tells me that this is most certainly never going to happen. Let’s forgive those who to this day are trapped in the blindness of their ignorance. They have no idea of what they might be doing to themselves and what, in the fullness of time, would come about through returning to them what they are now merely trying to do to others. Unless sufficient numbers of us contribute to preventing this, it is sure to happen. Instead of condemning the activities of such people, it’s more constructive for them and also for us to keep on sending them kind, loving and forgiving thoughts that feed into the Christ stream of consciousness and increase the strength of the light that’s flowing in their direction.

Hand in hand with God and the Angels, every one of us can do something to assist the waking up of their Christ nature. That would break the cycle of events like the present pandemic endlessly repeating themselves. ‘Father, forgive them, for they know not what they are doing,’ were the last words the legendary Jesus spoke on the cross to which the Romans had nailed him. These words were directed at those who were as yet unaware that all along Jesus has represented every human being’s higher God or Christ nature. You and I were among those who insisted that every word of the God-man’s life’s story is literally true and that he is the long promised and awaited Messiah, who had appeared in our world to save and redeem anyone who followed him by believing that his teachings were the truth. His followers, with their lack of spiritual understanding, thought they had the God-given right to persecute and wipe out, by any means available to them, anyone who refused to believe that they were speaking the truth.

And that’s how you and I, a long time ago, created the karmic debts that have found their redemption through our world’s present state. Taking part in this dark time of humankind’s evolutionary journey, those debts have been paid. The Age of Pisces has been a period of about 2,200 years during which deception of the self and others, blind faith, corruption and various kinds of slavery were the order of the day. Lying and cheating, dominating others so their earthly belongings could be taken away by any means were essential parts of the Piscean age’s lessons. For quite some time by now it has run its course. We are witnessing its remnants and the Plutonian energies are occupied with cleansing our world through sweeping them away. If you are among those who have been granted the gift of another lifetime in the age of truth and are aware why the pandemic happened, would you agree that it’s time for ever more of us to become aware of their true nature and the wise higher purpose of our earthly existence?

I hope that one of these days, we shall be able to move forwards, all together, to take part in lessons of a higher nature. To my mind, it would be fairer if  the less evolved siblings in the family of humankind could also find out the truth about what they have been trying to do and what, if they succeeded, the inevitable consequences of their behaviour was going to be? Haven’t we all deserved to move on to the next higher loop of the evolutionary spiral, instead of indulging the drives and urges of a small minority’s lower nature?

Haven’t they also got the right to discover the truth about their own nature and that the purpose of their earthly existence is growing in wisdom and understanding of themselves and the world around them. They too need to find out that the main laws of life are love and evolution, i.e. evolution based on love, and that this applies to them as much as to everything in the whole of Creation. After all, even though our youngsters are trespassing against the main laws, nonetheless they are sparks of the Universal Christ’s great light, just the same as everybody else. They too have the right to find out that life in the whole of Creation, therefore also for every one of us and our world, is subject to God’s Universal laws.

And let’s not forget that nobody is all good or bad. We are all a mixture of both and that’s everybody’s Divine inheritance. I believe that our spiritual youngsters are not really bad. It’s just that they have got stuck in one of the early lessons of their earthly education. They too need to find out that that which is ugly and evil in humankind’s lower nature is meant to be left behind, so that its higher God or Christ counterpart can begin to emerge. Maybe we can assist some of our youngsters – maybe all of them – with the waking up of this aspect of their being, so they can also start bringing forth their best, highest and noblest qualities, from deep within their own being.

Things can only happen in God’s time, not ours, which means when the energies are right. Our world’s planetary system has been designed by the Great Divine Architect as a giant clockwork, known to us as the zodiac. In keeping with it’s timing the Divine plan for humankind’s development, individually and collectively, has always been unfolding and that with astonishing precision. Every birthchart is a snapshot of the energies affecting our whole world, therefore also us, at the moment of our birth. The planetary progressions, especially of the Moon and Sun, show quite clearly how each one of us is constantly moving forwards on the pathway of our present lifetime.

I hope that, with the help of what’s before you now, you will be able to see for yourself that the energies are right for bringing the pandemic 2020 to its natural happy ending through the greatest healing miracle that has ever been experienced on the Earth. Everybody is invited to play their part in bringing it about, in whichever way they can.

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