The Alchemy Of Love

Good Relationships - Rays of Wisdom - Relationship Healing - War & Peace in Human RelationshipsAquarius is the sign of transmutation, of friendship, kinship and siblinghood with all life. At our entry into this age, many of our relationships need to be transmuted into friendships, while some of our old alliances are waiting to be renewed and healed. When we take an honest look at the people in our lives to see which ones mean the most to us, it is usually those who, instead of giving advice, offering solutions or cures, simply share our pain and touch the wounds of our hearts and soul with their warm and tender love.

Truly caring friends are the ones who know to be silent in moments of despair or confusion. They stay with us in hours of grief, bereavement and loneliness, content with not knowing our wounds of soul and body and therefore not attempting to heal them. Their presence helps us to face the reality of the predicament of the basic human powerlessness before the great issues, like life and death. These people are outer manifestations of the living God inside the suffering one. With the same compassion, total and unconditional love and acceptance shown by them, the Divine embraces and comforts every distressed soul on the Earth plane. By applying simple human kindness and friendliness, consideration and respect for each other, to all our relationships, the alchemy of love assists us in transforming the base metal of even the most ordinary or difficult ones into the pure gold of truly caring friendships.

In its search for a better understanding of the reason for its afflictions, every human soul on the Earth plane in due course bends its knees before the Highest. Only when we reach out and ask for Its help and advice, can anyone be shown the way that eventually leads all of us back home into the re-discovery of our own true nature. On our present level of existence, true and lasting happiness can but be found in the conscious awareness of our oneness with God and all life. And this reunion can only take place when we have reached a sufficiently high degree of spiritual maturity. When a soul’s time for this has come and the dust has once more settled after a particularly traumatic experience, the Highest Self casts upon it the gift of Its wisdom. This consists of an increased comprehension of the wise higher purpose that lies behind all of Earth’s suffering, which is accompanied by the deep inner soul healing we all are eventually required to go in search of.

On the innermost level of our being, our Highest Self is the friend who deeply cares about us, never judges us but totally and unconditionally loves and accepts us, just the way we are. That, to me, is the true meaning of the Jesus legend’s long promised comforter described in St. John 14:16-17: ‘And I will ask of my Father and he will give you another Comforter, for he abides with you forever. It is the spirit of truth, whom the world cannot receive, because it has not seen him and does not know him. But you know him, because he abides with you and is in you.’

Love and friendship with all life is God’s true nature and our own. This is a love that gives of itself freely and willingly to all Its creations. It asks for nothing in return and from the moment of its emergence from the heartmind of God, every soul is accompanied by this love. This is the only truly caring friend who never leaves us and will stay with us forever. Thick and thin, good and evil alike are jointly experienced by the small earthly self and its Heavenly companion, who has always been there for it and forever will be. Ready to be called upon at any time, it has shown us the way through all our past adventures. It is with us in the present and will safely guide us through the explorations that are yet to come. Each time we act as a truly caring friend towards someone, God’s kingdom on the Earth is newly established.

Friendships of this nature are of the greatest value in times of coping with particularly traumatic times, for example the loss of loved ones. They truly are gifts from the Universe, but they have to be earned before they can be given. If we can play this role for someone, maybe many, the Universal laws ensure that we too shall find at least one of these comforting presences, whenever we are in need of it ourselves.

Thank you, Great Spirit, Father/Mother of all life
For the gift of every one of our relationships.
Dwelling in the conscious awareness of our oneness
With You and the whole of Your Creation,
Help us to lift each one of our relationships,
Especially the most difficult ones, onto ever higher levels of
Friendship and total and unconditional love,
So that we may become ever more like You.

In the name of love we ask this.

* * *

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