My Direct Line With God

Rays Of Wisdom - The Universal Christ Now Speaks To Us And Our World - My Direct Line With GodThe Universal Christ is the only born Son/Daughter of the great Father/Mother of all life, in whom we are all one. S/he is the wise one in you and me, the living God within, who for a very long time could only communicate with us and our world through the metaphors and symbols of the legends that with the passing of time appeared in our world. The life story of the master Jesus was the most recent one.

The Angels and Masters from the highest levels of life are in charge of us and our world. They are the ones who brought these tales to us. Now they want us to become aware that all of us are sparks of the Christ Spirit’s great light, and that the time has come for these tiny lights to wake from their slumber. As this has been happening for quite a while, many of us are by now communicating with the Christ Spirit through having established their own direct line from His/Her heart to theirs.

This is done by simply tuning the receiver/transmitter station of our earthly mind into the frequencies of the Highest in our times of prayers and meditations, also quiet reflections when we are searching for the purpose and meaning of our existence. In this quest we may ask ourselves questions like: ‘Is there a God? *’, ‘Why is there so much suffering in our world? *, ‘Why do bad things happen to good people? * or ‘Will Jesus really ever come again and save us and our world? *

The reception of our direct line gradually gets stronger and clearer the more we practise. For me the breakthrough came when one fine day I found myself praying: ‘O great Father/Mother of all life, my whole being seems to be filled with fears and anxieties and I have so many bad habits that are causing me lots problems. I wish I could just hand them over to you. Can You please take them from me?’ For a while there was no reply, but then quite magically I perceived a small still voice that was speaking to me, from deep within my own being. That must be the voice of my conscience, the living God within, I thought to myself because I had often heard people mention this concept, without understanding what was meant.

The voice replied: ‘There never was a man by the name of Jesus who walked in earthly life. He has always represented the God aspect of everyone’s own nature. The Angels gave this legend to your world because it was too early for the mass of people to find out, at that time, that each one of you in truth is a spark of Me, The Universal Christ, and therefore a young God in the making. Although you are My beloved child, it’s not for me to take any of the things you mentioned from you. If I did, you would never learn anything. Is that what you really want? If you wish to grow into the person you would like to be, you have to be willing to do the work that is necessary for the changing of your thinking and behaviour patterns. You alone can do this and as a reward your character make-up evolves into a better and higher one that’s more to your liking. The same as I cannot change you, you cannot change others, only yourself.’

On another occasion I pleaded: ‘Please, make my handicapped child into a healthy and normal one.’ To my disappointment once again the Christ reacted with a clear: ‘No!’ Then he continued: ‘Through the experiences this state brings with it you are taking part in some invaluable lessons and at the same time redeeming some of your karmic debts. I would not want to take any of this from you. You need to know that both of you yourselves have chosen this particular pathway. When you were resting and recuperating in the world of spirit, your spirit and soul and that of the one who is your disabled child in this lifetime agreed to it, as this would enable both of you to learn and grow stronger through the experiences that would be coming your way as a result of your decision.

‘Spirit and soul is the innermost core of every human being. They are part of Me and therefore immortal and eternal, untouchable and indestructible, the same as I am. Rest assured that even though at present your child is disabled, nothing will ever hurt, harm or destroy its true being. I hope that knowing that the whole experience is serving such a high and holy purpose will enable you to patiently endure whatever comes your way.’ I replied: ‘Knowing everything I know now, I would not want to do anything else. But can you help me by granting me the gift of Your Divine patience.’ Alas, the Christ replied: ‘This too cannot be given. It has to grow and emerge from within you, through working your way through the trials and tribulations that are coming your way in earthly life because of the karmic debts you brought with you from previous lifetimes.’

Undeterred by what I had heard so far, I pleaded: ‘My loved ones are my safety. Why do you take them from me? Why do they have to leave me and die? Can’t you just make them stay? Why do you give them to me, only to take them away?’ To this the Christ replied: ‘My dear child, understand that whenever a loved one goes from you, they are by no means dead. They merely have moved into a different dimension of life where they are not even asleep, but alive and well. Their passing first of all reminds you of your own mortality and that the span of every lifetime is limited. Furthermore it demonstrates to you that true security is impossible to find in earthly life, never in the people who walk with you or in earthly possessions. It only exists with Me and everything that happens on the higher and highest levels that is the background of your present existence.

‘Rejoice, My child, and revel in the knowledge that there is no death and that no-one ever dies. There is only transformation and moving on to a different level of existence and that is all. You loved ones were given to you for a multitude of reasons, but the main one is to assist your learning how to love others unselfishly and respect them. When you have reached a more advanced stage of your development, this lesson will include learning to love wisely and with detachment, the way I love each one of you. You will then be able to find out through your own experiences that love is eternal and can conquer anything, even death. When one of the Angels of Death has carried someone you love into your other world, nothing needs to change between the two of you. Whatever you have been to each other in this lifetime, you can continue to be, if you so wish, forever.

‘Now that you know that none of your relationships finish with the death of a person’s physical body, as your time for departure from the earthly plane draws closer do your best to leave only good connections behind. Make special efforts to improve difficult ones, for they will accompany you until every last one of the issues that are outstanding between you have been resolved. Whatever is left unfinished in one lifetime has to be completed in another. Where you have sinned, you will have to make good, and any wounds you have received or inflicted upon someone in one of your lifetimes eventually have to be healed by you. Until the last one of the karmic chains and shackles that exist between you and others have been dissolved through forgiveness, love and respect for each other, your energies will remain unsuitable for moving on to more elevated levels of experience.

‘Take heart and do not allow yourself be intimidated by any of the above. No matter how difficult anything that comes your way may turn out, the Angels and I shall always be with you, to guide and protect you. So, go in peace, My beloved child, and rest securely in the knowledge that you and your loved ones always have been and forever will be safely held in My loving arms. Because you are eternal beings, your learning is going to continue forever. Send as many loving thoughts as you like to those who are ready to depart from your plane of life. But then let them go and give them the freedom to attend their lessons of a different kind that are waiting for them, the same as you have to deal with yours in earthly life. How else could either of you grow in wisdom and understanding other than through the new experiences that are waiting for both of you?’

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