The Cross Of Earthly Life

Rays Of Wisdom - The Universal Christ Now Speaks To Us And Our World - The Cross Of Earthly Life‘The source and the law of life is love and everything in the whole of Creation is subject to its energies. Part of this is the Universal law of attraction which, like a giant magnet, eventually draws each one of you back home into the oneness with the Great Father/Mother and Me, the Universal Christ. As their only born Son/Daughter, every human being is our offspring and everything that is created is in our image. All life moves in circles and the Divine laws ensure that in the vastness of space and eternal life nothing can ever be truly lost.

‘Nothing that ever takes place on the earthly plane does so perchance or is an accident. Everything there has its roots in someone’s thoughts, words and actions. And if in one of your past lifetimes, and that could have been hundreds or even thousands of them ago, you had not created the painful and traumatic events that are coming your way this time round, they simply could not happen. The Angels and Masters and many other spirit guides and helpers are in charge of humankind’s development. At the end of each earthly lifetime you return to the world of spirit for rest and recuperation and there is nowhere else where any human spirit and soul can go.

‘The above named wise ones look after humankind’s physical and spiritual wellbeing in both worlds, as far as conditions allow it. As soon as you have recovered sufficiently to once more shoulder the cross * of another earthly sojourn, those attending to you present you with the choice of a suitable lifetime. The idea is to enable you to attend to some of the debt entries in your karmic ledger and that hopefully they can be balanced by some new ones on the credit side. The wise ones see to it that none of you ever has to shoulder a cross that is too hard and heavy to carry. Each new lifetime that will be offered to you will provide you with plenty of opportunities for learning how to tap into and developing your inner strengths. At the same time you will be redeeming yourself and at least a degree of the balance of your spiritual account restored.

‘During your spells in the spirit world, when the illusions of earthly life with their lack of understanding and false beliefs, prejudices and superstitions have fallen away, your vision clears itself and once more you can recognise the higher purpose of your existence. You then realise that, unless you agree to the wise ones’ suggestions, no further progress will be possible for you on your individual evolutionary journey. Hoping to settle as many of your karmic debts as possible and that this will allow you to move on to lessons of a more elevated nature, you decide to have a go. You do this even though no-one forces you and you are allowed free choice, as always. This is hard to believe during your times on the Earth plane, but it is nonetheless the truth.

‘It takes a long time until your earthly self becomes aware of its true nature and the higher purpose of its existence. Therefore, it frequently has to suffer intensely from the outcome of its foolish actions of the past. In principle there is nothing wrong with that because it’s an essential part of the great learning curve of humankind’s earthly education. It’s during the moments of your greatest anguish and despair that your spirit and soul nudge their earthly counterpart ever more strongly with the help of feelings of a great yearning for home and mother stirs within you, but in truth it’s an attempt at trying to remind you of your true home and parents in the spirit world.

‘Through your own suffering you get to know what pain feels like and your heart opens. The qualities of your Christ nature of compassion and love about the distress and torment you are witnessing around you and are noticing ever more are born in you. That’s a signal that the Divine spark in you is waking from its slumbers and growing into a small flame of love. And it’s words like ‘please help me’ are the magical key that is required to unlock the jail of your physical body to our realm. This connects you with us and opens the prison door enough to allow the initial rays of the blessing and healing power of My light to penetrate the cells of the physical body that for so long have enclosed your spirit and soul like a coat of armour.

‘Your physical body is the vehicle you need for getting around on the Earth. It enables you to experience yourself and life as a physical being and also as an individual in your own right.* This body is a protective overcoat that is worn on top of your bodies of a finer substance underneath, which serve your spirit on different levels of life. For as long as necessary, the outer shell fulfils the function of keeping your spirit and soul trapped like in a dungeon. Its doors slowly begin to creak open when your small lower self has finished the early stages of its earthly curriculum, which consists of getting to know the lower and lowest aspects of human nature, including your own. When this phase of your development is complete, the qualities of your higher nature begin to appear in your thinking and behaviour patterns. The birth of the Christ child is a metaphorical description of this process. *

‘At the end of each earthly lifetime the outer shell is shed and your spirit is once more free to enjoy the greater freedom of the spirit world. A new physical body to house your spirit and soul is grown at the beginning of your next adventuring session on the physical plane. The memories of the experiences of all previous lifetimes are stored in the soul. From the subconscious level they determine the thinking and behaviour patterns of the seemingly new being, who in truth could be a very old one indeed.

‘The earthly personality that is developed in the course of your earthly education is the cross you are carrying throughout every one of your earthly lifetimes. And because you alone are its creator, it’s your responsibility and your task to eventually get to work on improving your character make-up. Like every truly great idea, this is a very simple one. All you have to do is bring forth from within the core of your being the qualities of your higher nature. Each time someone asks for help from the Heavens, whatever that means to you at that moment, is the starting point for its emergence. The vibrations of your words join My energies. They can then reach the spark in your heart, to ignite it and transforms it into a tiny flame of love.

‘Through lovingly serving earthly life to the best of your abilities the sacred flame of love keeps on growing in your heart and radiates from there through your whole physical body and then out into your world and the whole of Creation. By uniting itself ever more with the sacred fire of Mother Earth and Father Sun, your whole being gradually develops into a radiant blaze of fiery spiritual light and you act like a miniature version of Me and My light. The heat of the spiritual fire that flows from you has the power of burning away the emotional/spiritual dross of many lifetimes that has accumulated in your own consciousness and that of your whole world.

‘Anyone who freely and willingly surrenders to Me and without hesitation follows the guidance from the Angels and Me are well on their way of becoming a Master and Christed one in their own right. We are the only ones who really know the way of all things. Because we have the plans for every aspect of life and are not only part of everything that is, but also in charge of its evolutionary development. That’s why we can reliably show each one of you how to make their unique contribution towards changing your world into a more peaceful and beautiful place. Even though not much of it may as yet be visible on the surface of earthly life, rest assured that it is happening in its spiritual background. As many of you know by now, nothing can become manifest on its outer plane unless it has first been created on the inner level.

‘You are also aware that I am as much part of you as you are part of Me and that because of this each one of you is a young God in the making, an apprentice God, so to speak. As co-creators with Me, you are constantly in the process of creating something. Every single one of your thoughts, words and actions brings something into being. As a consequence, many small people in many small place doing many small things truly can change your world. Everything has its beginning and ending in you and through thinking and behaving in ever more peaceful and loving ways each needs to do their share of helping your world to gradually evolve into the kind of place humankind for a long, long time has been dreaming of.

‘The best way of making your contribution towards bringing this new world into being is by helping those around you as much as you can in thoughts, words and deeds. Kind and loving, positive and constructive thoughts are the most effective of all, for they have the power of not only benefiting your own soul development but that of many others and also your world. Perceive everybody as My beloved child, just the same as you are. Although the Angels and I are the only ones who know the pathway of each one of you, you can do a lot of good by bearing in mind that everybody has and is part of the same spirit as you, and therefore has their own set of struggles and weaknesses, desires and issues to cope with and attend to.

‘Be at peace and give of your best, My beloved children of the Earth, so the Angels and I can do the rest. Never forget that every thought and word that flows from you into your world and ultimately the Universe causes a vibration that wraps itself around you as either something beautiful or otherwise. Wise one bear this in mind and unless what they say is positive and constructive and helpful to someone, they remain silent. Instead of speaking they send forth thought vibrations of love and hope, faith and trust in the goodness of the Highest forces of life. That is the best way of serving Me and the whole of My Creation.

‘With a light and loving heart accept the responsibility of working for the highest good and the greatest joy of all. The only way you can tell what that is, is by following the instructions you intuitively receive from us. I bless you and thank you, each one, for acting as channels through which the blessing and healing power of our energies can flow into your whole world. Whatever you do, never forget that the Angels and I need you just as much as you need us.

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