Who Or What Is God?

Rays O f Wisdom - War And Peace Among Nations - Is There A God?To paraphrase the English theologian and historian the Venerable Bede, ca. 673-735 AD, who wrote about his work on the books of Ezra and Nehemiah: ‘In the treasure of the prophets God has equipped me with the gift to not only embrace things old, but also to find new things that are hidden behind the veil of the old, so they can be brought forth for the use of my fellow citizens.’

Having reached the Age of Aquarius, we need to find a new understanding of the nature of God, the role of our own and our world’s existence in the great scheme of life. To enable us to do this, we should not shy away from asking ourselves some searching questions. After six thousand years of the patriarchy * and the horrors it brought with it, the most urgent query of all to my mind is: ‘Is there a God?’ * Can there be One and if there is a supreme being, what might Its nature be? Who am I and what is my relationship with It? * Considering the sheer endless catalogue of terrifying things that have been happening in our world for such a long time and are doing so to this day, can there really be a God who loves us and cares for us? If there were one, why could He not put an end to the endless catalogue of miseries of earthly life? Why has He not made our world a more peaceful place but instead is constantly making things worse for so many?’

As our understanding of the concept of God did not stop any of these events from taking place, the only logical conclusion one can come to is that God must be something different than we were made to believe by the religions of the past. But what? Did we go wrong somewhere and lost our way? The simple answer is: we did not do anything of the kind because God’s great plan of life for our world decreed that this is how we should be taught the value of peace, truth and honesty and the other qualities of the Aquarian Age. They are appearing in our world through ever more of us endeavouring to bring forth the finest and noblest qualities of their own Christ nature. Even in the meanest of characters who ever walked the Earth they are slumbering and will burst into bloom when for them the time is right for this to happen.

To me, God is the Universe, the Universal life force, whichever name for it you prefer. ‘Call Me by any name and I will be there’. Alas, many still refuse to accept that there is a Divine force behind the whole of the created world that brought everything into being, has always been supporting and maintaining it, and forever will do so. For these people the big bang theory of the origin of the Universe * appears to be proof that there is no Creator. They seem to draw the conclusion that if the Universe came into being through an abrupt expansion of energy and matter, that it happened perchance and quite on its own. And that, to them, does away with the need for a Creator.

If that is your belief too, take a good look around you and then tell me please, how could there be so many intricate different species of life on our beautiful planet alone, unless they had lovingly been designed and created by some great artist? Do you seriously believe that the big explosion, the bang, and all of this happened by sheer accident? Or do you, like me, feel deep within that there is a Great architect and designer of life who safely holds the threads of the whole of Creation in Its loving hands, that it cannot be any other way?

In that case, whenever you meet someone who does not share your views, there is no need to despair about the state of humankind’s spiritual development and that of our world *. Remind yourself that all of us are sure to get where we are meant to go in the end. Then speak your truth and quietly explain your beliefs, maybe something like this: ‘For the life of me, I cannot see why the big bang should do away with the need for some great Universal creative force to make it happen. Who or what do you think was its cause?

‘The way I see it, nothing can ever happen from nothing, and there unfailingly is a good reason for everything. I believe that a great creative power, for simplicity’s sake let’s call it God, is constantly at work behind the scenes of all life, including that of the Earth. It brings everything into being and constantly supports and maintains it. Without this force no life would be possible, but with Its help all lifeforms are constantly and almost imperceptibly moving forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral of life, thus growing into ever higher and more beautiful manifestations of the Divine creative urge.’

To me, this is a much more magnificent display of God’s power and glory. It is much more realistic and awe-inspiring than any Creation stories that exist in our world, especially the one of the Abrahamic religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The tale that our world was created in six days by some kind of a distant and remote God, who just waved His hands to bring everything into being, was good enough for humankind in days of its spiritual infancy and childhood. But increasing numbers of us are reaching spiritual adulthood and capable of grasping that God is as much part of us as we are part of God, that we are all sparks of the Divine and children of God, and therefore young Gods in the making.

Now that ever more spiritual wisdom and truth are flowing directly from the highest levels of life into humankind, in due course we shall be allowed to know exactly how the Universe came into being and the processes that were involved. So, next time someone suggests to you that no explanation other than the big bang is needed as evidence that there cannot be any God, quietly respond: ‘How could there be a Creation without a Creator?’ If the other person is unready to understand the meaning of what you are saying, you could be sowing a seed into their minds and giving them some food for thought. That is frequently all we are required to do. Then it is good and right to step back and leave God and the Angels to do the rest.

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