Pathfinders And Lightbringers

Rays Of Wisdom - War And Peace Among Nations - Pathfinders And LightbringersIn spiritual terms darkness is ignorance and knowledge is light. The spiritual development of every human being in earthly life starts with complete ignorance of the spiritual aspects of life and its own true nature. In the course of many lifetimes we slowly but surely mature into spiritual adulthood, when our higher nature stirs from its slumber and begins to know on the inner doors of our earthly consciousness. As a result, we become more interested in one of the religious beliefs of our world. And that is the beginning of developing our inborn abilities as pathfinders and lightbringers, seed carriers and healers for those around us.

We fulfil these functions each time we reach out to help someone find a better understanding of their predestined pathway through life. For everybody this quest starts with the discovery of who we are, why we are here, why people are in our lives in the first place and why they have to leave us after a while. The greatest and most comforting revelation connected with this is learning that they have not died and that in truth there is no such thing as death.

We act as healers whenever we offer someone a shoulder to lean or cry on, maybe a hand to hold or when we bring renewed hope by empathising with someone and trying to help them to view a difficult situation from a different perspective. Healers do these things not because someone tells them to, but because that’s the only thing they want to do. They are following an inner urge to be true to their real nature, which is love. As soon as they have found a measure of light, they feel an inner need to assist others to do the same for themselves.

Do not follow where the path may lead.
Instead, go where there is no path and leave a trail.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Leaving a trail is important because as we climb up the spiritual mountain, others are sure to walk with us, literally and metaphorically speaking. We are never alone and the hands of the Angels and many other invisible helpers are constantly waiting for us to take hold of them whenever the going gets too scary and tough for us on our own. All we have to do is reach out for them, for they are ever ready to guide and protect us and provide us with the courage and strength we require for the task ahead of us. The only thing they cannot do for us is working on the improvement of our character by giving of our best and bringing forth the highest and noblest qualities from the very core of our being.

Whenever one of us stumbles and falls, our helpers draw extra close to bring us the comfort and healing we need. But it will always remain a mystery to me how the surviving members of the family mentioned in the previous chapter reconciled their suffering with their beliefs. Thinking of Jesus as their saviour and redeemer, what did they make of his role when he refused to save them – or anyone else, for that matter?

From the point humankind’s spiritual development has reached by now, one question puzzles me most of all. For as long as we lacked the understanding of the spiritual background of life, how it has always worked and affected us, how could anyone ever gain any faith at all? It does not surprise me that through the war events many ceased to believe that there really is a higher authority who loves us and our world, and who watches and takes great care of all of it. Something of that nature is likely to have happened to me in a previous lifetime and that is the reason why I chose to be born into a background where I had to grow up without any spiritual guidance and support from anyone. At the time of my midlife crisis * I reached the crossroad in my spiritual development that comes to everybody sooner or later.

In the fullness of time every last one of us will evolve into an enlightened being, because finding our way back home into the light of our true nature and the higher purpose of our existence is everybody’s birthright. This is where freedom of choice *enters the picture. Even while we are still unaware of such things, we are presented with choices and are allowed to make our own decisions. And it’s left to each individual whether we accept or reject the treasures of spiritual wisdom and truth that with ever greater force are now coming our way. Alas, reading about them is not enough on its own. Only when we constantly apply them to our daily lives can we grow in wisdom, understanding, and progress on the evolutionary spiral. Anyone is free to choose remaining stuck in the darkness of their ignorance.

The following is the essence of a teaching from the White Eagle group of spirit guides that appeared in Stella Polaris December/January 2010. It brought me a confirmation of the above, which I had written a long time ago. ‘Each one of you has their own special part to play in bringing greater light, i.e. spiritual understanding to your world. When you manifest and express God’s love in your daily lives and hold communion with it in the innermost sanctuary of your heart, you radiate and bring this love to the people around you. Your responsibility towards them gradually increases and so will the wisdom and knowledge you are given access to. God is part of each one of you and all of you are instruments and channels through which the blessing and healing power of the Divine infinite spirit is waiting to flow into your world.’

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