The Sun In Aquarius

  Aquarius - sign of the waterbearer

The Sign Of Transmutation And Transfiguration,
Of Siblinghood and Friendship With All Life

Soul Food For Aquarians

Great Spirit, Father/Mother of Creation,
Please give me a few friends
Who love me for what I am and not for what I have.
Keep ever burning before my wandering steps
The kindly light of hope.

Even though I may never come within sight
Of the fulfilment of my highest and most precious dreams,
Let me always be thankful for the life You have given me
And for everything it contains.

Day by day, I thank You for all You have done
And forever will be doing for me.
Help me to create memories that are good and sweet,
So that every evening’s twilight
Will find me contemplative and still.

Happy birthday, dear Aquarius.

Whether you are interested in my interpretation of this sign on your own behalf or that of a loved one, how about copying, pasting and printing this file, or any other – as well as my special blessings – and placing it inside a birthday card, as a special surprise?

Take care and God bless,

With Love and Light,

Six pointed Star

Please, note that everything mentioned in this file applies not only to those with their Sun in Aquarius but also when:

•    Your Sun is in the eleventh house, which is associated with Aquarius.
•    Your Moon is in Aquarius or the eleventh house.
•    Your Ascendant is in Aquarius.
•    You were born on the 4th, 13th or 31st day of any month, not merely while the Sun is in Aquarius. It does, however, not apply to the 22nd day. For this day please follow the links below to:

‘Two Studies In Mastership’
‘Master Number Twenty-Two’
‘How To Become A Master Builder’

Six pointed Star


We shall first consider this aspect, because the mythological background of the planetary ruler of each sign can reveal a great deal about the evolutionary pathway of the human soul in general terms, as well as some of the character traces that are typical for the souls that are born into them.

Aquarius is co-ruled by the planets Saturn and Uranus. In Roman mythology, Saturn was the ancient God of agriculture; his Greek counterpart was the God Cronus. Zeus was the son of Cronus, who eventually usurped and dethroned his father. In Roman mythology Zeus was represented by Jupiter. Cronus is said to have fled to Italy, where he ruled during a Golden Age of perfect peace and happiness.

The vision of the Golden Age may be a dream, but it is one that makes life worth while even if it can never be realised; indeed, it makes life worthwhile just because it can never be realised,’ Fyodor Dostoyevsky, 1821 – 1881, said in one of his short stories. I cannot share that opinion because I do believe with all my heart and soul that the appearance of a new Golden Age is very much a reality and already in the process of happening. Obviously, we have by now drawn a good deal closer to this age than Dostoyevsky was in his time.

We shall return to Saturn in a moment, but first let us take a closer look at his co-ruler, Uranus, the seventh most distant planet from the Sun. Its low density and large size place it among the four giant planets that have no solid surfaces; each one is composed primarily of hydrogen, helium, water, and other volatile compounds. According an ancient Greek legend, when Gaia, the Goddess of the Earth, emerged from the primeval Chaos, she first gave birth to Uranus, i.e. the Heavens, and then to the Mountains and the Sea. As well as being her son, Uranus also became Gaia’s husband. Astrologically, Uranus to this day represents the will of God.

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Back to Saturn, the much maligned planet who, in the olden days for a very long time had to endure an exceedingly bad press. Yet, if with the help of the link provided at the end of this chapter, you read ‘Saturn as the Teacher and Rewarder’ you will discover that his reputation as the great astrological villain is by no means justified. When you have studied it, like me, you will no longer allow anyone to say negative things about Saturn in your presence. Saturn stands as the guardian and keeper of the gateway into the Aquarian Age. He is a symbolism for the bridge of learning to control all parts of our being which every soul must cross of its own accord. Earthly and heavenly parts alike have to be mastered by us. And our energies have to be cleansed and purified of all earthly desires before any one of us can return into the perfect alignment with our eternal or God Self; to find it one day is every soul’s birthright.

The co-rulership of Aquarius by Saturn and Uranus explains the way forward into the New Age quite clearly, and the order in which the planets are appearing is of particular significance. Saturn, the strict disciplinarian comes first; Uranus, the destroyer of false beliefs is the liberator who follows behind; more about him in a  moment. All those who are willing to undergo the cleansing process and show their readiness by behaving in an unselfish and disciplined manner, and that at all times, Uranus releases into the freedom of the Aquarian Age. He is waiting to help us burst all Karmic chains and shackles of past ages and by bringing us God’s Divine truth that flows directly from His/Her loving heart into the individual and collective consciousness of our world, he assists us in shaking off all false beliefs and prejudices.

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We shall now take a closer look at the characteristics of the Sun in Aquarius. The following is my interpretation of what this means to the human soul on its evolutionary pathway back into the perfection of wholeness. As mentioned earlier, Aquarius is one of the fixed signs. For a better understanding of the astrological meaning of fixed, please read my notes about ‘The Qualities Of The Signs’. .

Should this be the only Sun sign you are interested in, I would like to explain that the basic approach to life of the Fire and Air signs is masculine, active, positive and outgoing, whereas that of the Water and Earth signs is feminine, passive, receptive and reflective. Because of the active and outgoing nature of Sagittarius, the masculine Fire sign, those born into it may well find themselves among the shakers, movers and initiators of our world. Theirs being a mutable sign, Sagittarians can be astonishingly flexible and adaptable in their views and opinions, as well as their perception and general vision of life, our world and their place in it. They and their lives are as good examples as any of how the energies of our Sun sign reflect themselves in our attitudes to and perceptions of life.

Six pointed Star

The Sign Of Revolution

The fixed Air sign Aquarius is co-ruled by Saturn and Uranus. It is the eleventh sign in the zodiac and the eleventh house is its natural abode. Its keyword is: ‘I know!’ Aquarius is the sign of revolution, whose symbol is the water bearer who holds a pot in his arms from which he seems to be pouring water. Because of this it is hardly surprising that to this day there is quite a bit of confusion about the nature of this sign. In spite of its symbol and contrary to popular beliefs, Aquarius is by no means one of the Water signs. It is an Air sign and the water that flows from the man’s vessel is not of the liquid kind. It is an allegory for the cleansing and purifying effect of fresh spiritual knowledge and wisdom that is constantly being poured from the highest levels of life into the earthly consciousness of humankind, to enable us and our world to move forward on the evolutionary spiral of life.

Aquarius is the sign of siblinghood, kinship and friendship among all peoples and all nations, and ultimately with all life. In this sign the highest human hopes and aspirations can potentially find their fulfilment, on a personal as well as on the collective level. I hope I shall be forgiven for using the word siblinghood instead of brotherhood. For my liking it smacks too much of times gone by, the patriarchy and the suppression of the feminine. The true spirit of Aquarius is equal rights and opportunities for all. Fortunately, by now there is sufficient evidence in our world that this ideal is slowly but surely gaining the upper hand in the consciousness of our world.  Many opportunities for conducting our lives in accordance with this principle are offered to each one of us, but especially to those who are spending their present lifetime in this sign. If they so wish and are willing to work hard on themselves to fulfil the special requirements of their sign, they have excellent potential for growing into significant mental pioneers of this our New Age.

Yet, much love and devotion to the Highest are required. Let no-one run away with the idea that the Aquarian gifts, the same as those of all other signs, will ever automatically fall into anyone’s lap. Nothing could be further from the truth. This is especially true when Saturn is involved. The soul then has to strive particularly hard if it wishes to reach the highest possible evolutionary level in its present sign. Saturn’s keywords invariably are self-mastery and self-discipline. The Aquarian co-rulership of Saturn and Uranus clearly shows that these qualities have to be acquired before any soul can hope to be released into the spiritual freedom of this sign.

Uranus, the liberator, is the planet of revolution and upheavals that come about by the will of God, to free us and our world from the restrictions that bind us to the past. Allowing young and inexperienced souls to freely handle the Uranian energies would be like placing an atom bomb into a toddler’s hands. Clearly, concentrating on integrating Saturn’s invaluable gifts is essential. They are the fundamentals which every soul must learn under the guardianship of this incorruptible, impeccable and stern taskmaster of the zodiac. Ever watchful it guards the inner gates before any of us will be ever allowed to come anywhere near working with the Uranian energies. 

Six pointed Star

The Negative Aspects Of Aquarius

Aquarians do not take kindly to authority of any type and the figures that represent this concept. Because of this they tend to be happiest when they themselves have either been entrusted with some authority or they are fully self-employed and in charge. Their opposite sign and sleeping partner, Leo – more about this in a moment – reflects that they have good leadership potential. Alas, before any soul can find out about and work on integrating the highest qualities of its Sun sign, through its own experiences it has first to become familiar with its negative aspects. That is why inexperienced Aquarian souls may act as revolutionaries and rebels without a cause, whose behaviour can and does all too easily deteriorate into disestablishmentarianism. Now, there’s a word for you! Between you and me, I have always wanted to find some use for it.

Seriously though, this character trait – like all others – is but a tool that has to be used and experienced, until we can eventually wield it to its greatest effect for the wellbeing of all. That’s why in Aquarius the Universe offers us many opportunities for studying its effects on our own lives and that of the societies we have been placed in. This continues until  this instrument has been mastered and the more highly evolved the soul becomes, we are guided into finding appropriate outlets into which we can pour all our creative energies.

Uranus represents the Universal Mind, the intelligence of the Highest and its super-conscious faculties. Because we are created in God’s image, everything that is in God is also in us. Therefore, the same kind of intelligence is also in each one of us, if only as a seed that is waiting to be brought forth and developed. Can you see how unwise it is to sit in judgement over anyone, even if some folks behave as if they had been overlooked when intelligence was handed out?  It is just that such a soul has not yet had sufficient opportunities for developing this part. Knowing this, next time you encounter someone who seems to be ‘as thick as a navvy’s sandwich’ – as a friend of mine likes to call it – remind yourself that you are merely dealing with someone who has not yet had sufficient opportunities for developing their natural intelligence. It’s good to become aware of such things on the spiritual pathway. They help us to become more tolerant, kind and patient with people in general and with those who seem mentally less well endowed than others in particular.

The human intellect is an integral part of the great Universal intelligence. Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are the Air signs. They are the thinking and communication signs of the zodiac that serve the individual and collective development of this aspect of our nature, which slowly but surely leads us and our world into ever higher levels of comprehension of that which is known to us as God’s Divine truth. Each lifetime spent in one of the Air signs presents the human soul with many opportunities for the further advancement of their earthly intellectual faculties of logic and rational thinking. Bearing this in mind, it is hardly surprising that during the time of our entry into the Aquarian Age, there comes to us the realisation that thinking is the most powerful force in the whole of Creation and that our thoughts create, colour and influence the perception of our reality on the Earth plane.

The main purpose of any lifetime spent in one of the Air signs is the further development of our intellect and mental capabilities. In my interpretation of the Sun in Gemini the functions of the earthly and the superconscious minds are explored in more detail. With the help of the link provided at the end of this chapter you may like to read up about it. All we need to concern ourselves with here is that through the soul’s intuition and during the whole course of its evolution, the Divine mind is always guiding everyone. The earthly mind is the vehicle through which the Universe constantly sends us all flashes of inspiration and grants us the gift of insights into people and situations that help us to cope better with life. The aim of the Highest mind all along has been to eventually guide each one of us home again into the knowledge of who and what we truly always have been. This, the authority behind all life, is constantly trying to guide and inspire every soul to work for the good of the whole of humanity.

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Famous Aquarians

Abraham Lincoln – President US; Adlai Stevenson – Politician; Alfred Adler – Psychiatrist; Andres Segovia – Musician; Boris Pasternak – Writer; Charles Darwin – Evolutionist; Charles Dickens – Writer; Charles Lindbergh – Pilot; Clark Gable – Actor; Emanuel Swedenborg – Occultist; Eva Braun – Hitler's Consort; Evangeline Adams – Astrologer; King Farouk – Egyptian Royalty; Francis Bacon – Writer; Harold MacMillan – British Prime Minister; James Dean – Actor whose best role, for my liking, was rebel without a cause, maybe because all he had to do was being himself; Jack Lemmon – Actor; John L. Lewis – Union Leader; Jules Verne – Writer; Leontyne Price – Singer; Rabelais – French Writer; Ramakrishna – Mystic; Roger Chaffee – Astronaut; Stockard Channing – Actress; Thomas Malthus – Economist; Yoko Ono – Artist; Zsa Zsa Gabor – actress.

My list has been arranged in alphabetical order of first names. It reflects the wide range of interests of those born into this sign and how, in highly evolved souls, the Aquarian energies can beneficially express themselves with a great originality of ideas. These wise ones are conscious of objective and aims in life that truly are worth striving for and they possess the necessary concentration and focus upon them that helps them to succeed in the targets they set themselves. The Universe adds to this the gifts of a far-seeing mind, an enjoyment of freedom and mobility, as well as a tendency to search for reforms of a higher nature for the benefit all of humankind. As their life progresses and with ever more practice, the awareness of this type of Aquarian steadily increases of how to bring forth the best from within themselves by using the gifts that have been bestowed upon them wisely and for the highest good of our race and our whole world.

While they are busy with fulfilling their highest potential by serving the common good of the communities they find themselves in, their younger less evolved siblings, who are still spending their present lifetime in the kindergarten of the school of life, may be happily and busily creating ever more difficult Karma for themselves and those around them through expressing the negative aspects of their sign. Impatient with those around them and accompanied by an excitable physical make-up, they can be muddle-headed troublemakers who liberally exercise their inborn self-will, proud of their caprice and obstinacy. Being convinced that they know everything better than the next person, whether this is really the case or not, they revel in contradicting whatever comes before them.

Aquarians thoroughly dislike any form of constraint, but even the above mentioned young souls, in their ignorance of the Universal laws that rule all life, are making a contribution to the richness of life. Knowing, as you and I do, that they are rebels and individualists at heart, who have to go their own way and learn in their own sweet fashion, could you be cross with them? After all, they can’t help themselves being as independent, inventive, imaginative and creative as indeed is their highest potential to be. As soon as they have reached a sufficiently high evolutionary level, there can be a touch of real genius about them. The wise ones born into this sign, the same as they do in all others, make it their business to rise above and overcome the negative Aquarian aspects, the most destructive of which is mental cruelty. Such wise ones appreciate that not everybody is prepared to put up with their eccentricities and because they value their relationships with those around them, they take good care not to push their forceful will and individuality upon others.

In the physical body the shin and ankles are ruled by Aquarius. Although most Aquarians have strong and resilient bodies, they are usually not particularly keen on work of a physical nature but prefer the predominant use of their minds. Many of them have beautiful teeth. In positions of authority they can be critical and demanding, and it can be more than somewhat trying to be their employees. There can be such a coldness and detachment about the inexperienced among them that others may be repelled by it. But once they have evolved to such an extent that their heart centre has opened up, when they are capable of feeling love instead of thinking it, they can be truly great souls. No-one could then be more magnanimous than Aquarius or as monumental. This development is greatly helped when Aquarians have learnt to tap into the energies of Leo, their polar opposite in the zodiac.

Six pointed Star

Gaining Access To The Will And Power Of God

At the beginning of the Aquarian Age we are discovering that in truth human beings are amazing creatures. Ever more are coming home into the awareness that we are a spark of the Divine, children of God and young Gods in the marking. We are part of God and God is part of us; created in God’s image each one contains the same godlike powers that are in our Creator. Each time Aquarius comes round on the wheel of life, whose symbol is the zodiac, all human souls are allowed a certain measure of access to the will and the power of God. As the soul spiritually matures, it eventually finds out that as co-creator with God it has the power to create in the same way that God brings whole worlds and Universes into being and is capable of destroying them again, namely by the sheer force of His will and thoughts.

The unpalatable fact is now facing us that we ourselves created our world the way it presently is. If it seems to be in a mess, there’s no-one to blame, except ourselves; we did it through our own thought processes. It therefore stands to reason that the most urgent issue facing humankind at present is each one must learn to control and direct their thoughts in positive and constructive ways. You may find reading my collection of White Eagle’s wisdom on the power of thought helpful.

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As we know by now, everything that is in our world and all words first had to manifest itself on the inner level as an idea; all creation and any change in us and our world could ever come about this way. Therefore, if we wish to see true and lasting revolutions in the outer world they first have to be born within.  To bring about a peaceful and meaningful revolution that benefits all life on this beautiful and precious jewel, Mother Earth, God and the Angels are waiting to be called upon. They alone can teach each one of us how to safely tap into and handle the Uranian energies.

The time has come when each one of us must sweep in front of their own inner doors first and revolutionise their attitudes and mental thinking patterns. Before any real progress can be made by us individually and collectively, we have to redefine and determine our own destiny and that of the family of humankind and everything that shares our world with us. For this purpose a great many preconceived ideas and prejudices about the purpose and meaning of this life have to be shed by every soul on the Earth plane. Any new insights and understanding into life that comes to one of us brings to the finder the moral and spiritual obligation to share it with as many others as possible, so that in due course they in turn will be able to distribute their knowledge to those who follow behind.

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Self-Willed, Rebellious And Unruly Souls

That’s what Aquarians are and they’re usually quite proud of it, too. The wise ones amongst them know that, because of these traits, applying the self-discipline that Saturn demands is of the greatest importance, no matter how difficult a task this may be. Aware that anything that is really worth having has to be worked for very hard, especially when Saturn is involved, and that a genuine pot of gold is waiting for them at the end of the rainbow, they buckle down and get to work on themselves. They appreciate that this is the only way to fulfil the highest potential of their sign, which is to help human souls to grow into truly forward thinking benefactors of humankind, who unselfishly serve all life, in whatever capacity this may be required from them.

However, the surrendering of their strong will to the will of God and waiting to be guided from within into right words, thoughts and actions by the living God within is by no means an easy task for Aquarians. Yet again, the wise ones appreciate that without fully submitting themselves to this no progress is possible for them or anyone else. By willingly and constantly attuning the mind of their earthly self to that of the Highest, over time their potential is great for growing into faithful, loyal and obedient servants and channels, through which the blessing and healing power of Divine flows ever more strongly into all life.

Like Sagittarius, Aquarius looks forward and into the future; you can notice this in the behaviour of souls born into both signs. On the whole, Aquarians are outgoing and impersonally friendly people who do not have too much time for dwelling in the past – exceptions, as always, confirm the rule; their birthchart may reflect this through a Moon or Ascendant in Cancer or Sun and/or Moon in the fourth, the natural house of Cancer.  Aquarians appear to have a great deal of confidence in themselves, but when one looks beneath the surface it may turn out that this is purely top-show and not really how they feel inside. As their sign is a fixed one, they are stubborn and may find it hard to compromise; no-one can push them into anything they do not want to do. And again on the outside, you may not easily recognise their stubbornness, but you can rely on it that it is there on the inner level. Wise souls recognise this and do not allow their views and opinions to become too fixed and rigid.

As mentioned earlier, the Air signs are the intellectual ones of the zodiac. Wise Aquarians take great care not to get over-involved in the development of the intellect at the expense of the needs of their souls, the soft, sensitive, feminine side of both genders. Aware that underneath our skin we are all brothers and sisters helps them to avoid acting in a too cold, calculating and unfeeling manner towards those around them. Regularly making time available for attending to their inner world of feelings and channelling their efforts constructively into humanitarian pursuits protects them against becoming too eccentric and detached from their environment.

There can be no doubt about it, the Aquarian energies are very difficult to handle. Matters are not helped one bit when the world around them fails to understand those born into this sign. But that is hardly surprising, as the less experienced ones among them are frequently puzzled by their own eccentric oddball behaviour. Know that there is a purpose and meaning behind everything and resist the temptation to sit in judgement over them. It’s more constructive by far to appreciate the difficulties someone is wrestling with and to try to help them a bit. Aquarians, maybe even more than all the other signs, are sure to benefit from learning to appreciate their own uniqueness, and coming to terms with the difficulties of the energies that are influencing them, during their present lifetime.

These things go a long way towards helping us to come to terms with ourselves, the world around us and, most importantly, with our Creator who loves each one of us exactly the way we are. It needs bearing in mind that every human spark of the Divine contains the unruly Aquarian energies. This just comes much more to the fore in souls born into this sign, that’s all. Hence the wise provision of the restricting and restraining influence of Saturn is very necessary indeed, whose influence in Capricorn, Earth at its densest, and Aquarius, Air, is felt most strongly.

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Six pointed Star

The Inner Coldness Of Aquarius

The presence of Saturn reflects a certain inner coldness that can be typical for souls born into this sign. Wise ones regularly take time off from purely thinking and pay attention to the small still voice of their conscience instead. They do this because they know that staying in touch with the wonderful world of their innermost feelings is vital for those who wish to receive the guidance of their Highest Self, who communicates with them from within. They remind themselves frequently that many of those around them operate on a different frequency, that they have souls and emotions that get hurt easily. Their awareness that acting in mentally cruel ways that lack both love and mercy can all too easily become one of the hallmarks of inexperienced Aquarian souls helps them to steer clear of this trap. Equipped with the twin tools of the knowledge of the Universal law of Karma and the negative aspects of their Sun sign, they avoid creating much suffering for themselves and those around them.

This is by no means as selfish as it may sound, because any suffering we do not create during this lifetime does not have to be redeemed by us in one of the coming ones. That’s why wise ones in all their dealings with the world around them always bear this law in mind. In case you are as yet unfamiliar with it, in a nutshell it decrees that everything must return to its source, be it good or bad. Whatever anyone sends out into the world has to come back to its sender. In practical terms this means that any act of unkindness, in thought, word and in deed, has to be made good by us, if not during this lifetime, then another. On the upside, even the smallest act of kindness also comes back; it will return though not usually through the same people. Makes one stop and think, doesn’t it?

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Six pointed Star

The Cool Detachment Of The Air Signs

The Air signs tend to respond to life through the intellect, and their manner can be rather impersonal – this also applies to Aquarius. There is a cool detachment about them that can be maddening to those around them, especially for souls born into the Water signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces, who during their present lifetime are experiencing life predominantly through the world of their feelings. The other Air signs, Gemini and Libra, however are likely to respond well to the Aquarian approach to life. It is difficult for anyone who functions mostly through the emotions and the feeling nature, as the Water signs do, to cope with the Air signs, especially Aquarians’, cerebral approach to life. Without a minimum of understanding of the energies involved, those who experience life through the mind do not have much of a chance of ever getting along with those who do so through their emotions.

Leo is the sign in polar opposition with Aquarius in the zodiac. Familiarising ourselves with all aspects of our nature, working with them and coming to terms with them are essential parts of every soul’s healing process. To my mind, one of the best ways of doing this is by studying the qualities of the sign that is in polar opposition to our own Sun sign, which is known as the sleeping partner. The negative and positive qualities of the opposite sign slumber in our subconscious, from where they influence our instinctive reactions and behaviour patterns. Consciously taking possession of and integrating the best qualities of both signs into our character is every soul’s own responsibility on its way back into wholeness.

The presence of Leo, consciously or unconsciously, reveals itself in the fact that Aquarians are excellent leaders who function particularly well in organisational work and in large organisations. Through the richness of their ideas for new inventions and working procedures, as well as their forward looking and individualistic approach to whatever comes before them, they can become veritable trail blazers for those around them. They are brilliant in all scientific endeavours and in research work of any kind; they love technology and are especially at home with computers. Aquarians are not at all emotional people; it is easier for them to get emotionally involved and express themselves with their work rather than with the people around them. As they like to invest much of their vital force and energy in their work, and spend much of their time working, it really is important that they should find the right kind of employment, which they like and enjoy. Their home is important to them as a status symbol. Ideally, it should be one that increases their sense of pride and prestige.

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Two Types Of Friends

On the whole, Aquarians are kind, generous and big-hearted people, though often highly unsure of themselves and over-anxious about the impression they create on other people. They have a wonderful knack for making friends with just about anyone. And because of this most of them have two distinctly different groups of friends, of which one never or rarely gets to meet the other. One is the conservative, traditional type, the other the unconventional Bohemian one; this better than anything reflects the two sides of the Aquarian coin and the dual rulership of Saturn – tradition and the past, and Uranus – the future and rebellion.

As already mentioned, the lessons of these planets wish to provide each one of us with the key for unlocking the inner doors to the long promised freedom of the New Age. By taking charge of the instincts and desires of its lower nature and making an effort at rising above them, over time it slowly learns the necessary mastery of all parts of the self. Through carefully guarding every word, thought and action, it returns into perfect alignment with its Highest Self. As the soul’s will gradually becomes ever more at one with the will of God, it also increasingly gains access to the power of God and is released into the spiritual freedom of the Aquarian Age, that has cast off all remnants of the spiritual and mental imprisonments of past ages.

The only true freedom the human soul and spirit can find on the Earth plane is of the spiritual kind. It is the freedom to believe and follow what we ourselves know to be good and right, in accordance with our inner guidance. Aquarius is the gateway to this freedom and, as established, Saturn stands guard that Uranus, the liberator, does not release any soul too early. This is a liberation that can only come from within, through tapping into and following the guidance of the wisdom of our inner Teacher, our intuition. The freedom of Uranus will only be granted to souls who withstood every test that came their way and therefore now possess the required sense of responsibility and seriousness of intent. Only those who have mastered this lesson, individually and as a race, will be released into the freedom that another Age of Aquarius brings to humankind.

Each time it came round in times gone by, another batch of souls was ready to be tried and tested and if found worthy, i.e. sufficiently evolved, set free into learning from their experiences on the higher levels of life. This time the matter is very different indeed because our whole world, Mother Earth herself and all life with her, is now undergoing a transformation of vast Cosmic proportions. As pointed out in my jottings, those who as yet have got no further on their evolutionary pathway than learning the lessons of creating Hell on Earth for someone or maybe even, represent the allegorical bad of the Bible, who can do nothing but produce bad fruit.

If this is their predestined role for the whole of their present lifetime, who would we be to want to argue with the wisdom of the Divine for providing them with this education? Rest assured that all is by no means lost for such souls! Instead of being cast into hellfire and eternal damnation or being destroyed, in due course they will reincarnate onto a planet that still has lower and denser vibrations than the Earth. There they will find many evolutionary opportunities for making the spiritual progress that is every soul’s birthright.

Awakened ones do well to remind themselves frequently that because the spirit is eternal and cannot be destroyed or even damaged, no experience is ever wasted spiritually. Never forget that less experienced souls have as much right to be here and to learn their lessons, as you and I have done and will continue to do. In the long course of the personal and collective evolution of our world and all worlds every soul is constantly cared for. The true needs of each and every one of us are unfailingly and unstintingly met by the Universe; invariably this is in keeping with the lessons that are right for us at any given time.

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Six pointed Star

Freedom –  At What Price?

The Age of Aquarius is the age of transmutation and the wisdom and knowledge the water-bearer is bringing us under Saturn’s guardianship is meant to be used by as many as possible of those who are presently dwelling on the Earth plane to fulfil the Uranian task of breaking up and freeing us from all outdated forms, traditions, perceptions and crystallised feelings. Because of this life is offering us many opportunities for redeeming some of our oldest karmic debts and transmuting any negative and destructive energies between us into positive and constructive ones. That’s why we have brought some of our most difficult relationships with us into our present lifetime. Wise ones realise that, instead of begrudging them, for our evolutionary progress it is more helpful by far to get on with mending and healing them and transforming them into bonds of friendship and love. To find out more about this, please follow the link provided at the end of this chapter.

As established, the traditional dual rulership of Aquarius is now taking on some extra special significance and the myths and legends surrounding this sign in particular contain potent messages for us and our world. Everything that has been said in ‘The Sun in Capricorn’ and elsewhere in my writings about Saturn’s role applies in equal measure to Aquarius. From our present position it is easy to recognise the necessity for the sternness of the heavenly schoolmaster. When the soul moves on from Capricorn into Aquarius, again it is tried and tested, many times to breaking point because this is the only way those in charge of us on the higher levels of life can tell whether we are truly ready for the Aquarian experiences.

Souls who have insufficiently mastered their earthly selves during other lifetimes are presented with many fresh opportunities for catching up in their present earthly sojourn, especially in Aquarius. Clearly, before any soul can be entrusted with true power, self-mastery must be achieved. Its consciousness has to be completely cleansed and purified of all the ills of the small self that are caused by fear, like selfishness, greed, envy and violence. The Jesus legend demonstrates the exemplary way every aspiring Master soul is required to conduct their earthly life. It shows the way every human soul eventually has to go, forwards and upwards, and at the same time back home into our true nature. ‘Greater miracles you shall see!’ we are told in St. John 14:12. Like the master in the story each one of us in the end has to evolve into a pure and clear channel of love through which God’s power and healing energies can work to bring about the greatest healing miracle of all, the healing of our whole world and everything that is in it.

The above quote points us towards humankind’s task of helping to bring about the greatest miracle of all. Through our individual and collective efforts of turning into peaceful creatures, each has to make their own contribution towards bringing the desired new world into being. With our Creator’s will and help all things are possible, mountains can and will be moved. In the course of our long evolution thus far, mountains of false beliefs, prejudices and superstitions have accumulated in us and our world. Through the spiritual knowledge we are now allowed access to, they are slowly dissolving. And should anyone ask you: ‘By whom shall humankind’s most treasured and ancient dream of a harmonious and peaceful world be brought about?’ reply: ‘By none other than the likes of you and me.’

Love is the great solvent. It alone can help us to purge ourselves and our world of all the evil that is still in it. It starts with us, with loving and respecting ourselves, being able to see our own uniqueness and preciousness, as well as that of everybody else. And it continues with loving the life that has been given to us and our Creator, who in His/Her great wisdom brings everything into being and maintains us all.  Thus, instead of begrudging old Father Time’s lessons, let us rejoice and gratefully accept them as the key that is the Universe’s gift to show us all the way back home. Considering how disastrous it could be, if any soul was let loose on true power too early, are you as glad as I am that the wisdom of the Universe is so insistent?

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The New Golden Age Of Plenty

Not unlike the Roman God Janus, the Saturn of mythology who looks back on the golden Age of plenty he once ruled also points the way into the future for us and our world. Janus was the spirit of doorways and archways, whose two faces simultaneously peer into the past as well as the future. Isn’t it amazing how many of the mythological concepts of the Ancients are still with us  and in use now, though unbeknown to most people? For example, Saturday took its name from Saturn and the month January from Janus. Interestingly, January, the month when the Sun transits through parts of both Capricorn and Aquarius, is at the same time the doorway into another year.

Ever more of the debris of the false beliefs and prejudices of past ages, which have been weighing the consciousness of our race down for far too long, is presently washed away by the fresh knowledge the water-bearer is constantly pouring into us and our world. To me, one of the best examples of this is that in truth Saturn never was any soul’s enemy, that on the contrary he has always been waiting to be understood, seen in a new light. The true value of his lessons have to be recognised by all human souls, so that he can be accepted and welcomed into our live as one of our best friends, teachers and helpers. By practising self-restraint and freely giving of our gifts and talents to all, each one of us will eventually make their own very special contribution towards the wellbeing of our race and our whole world.

The Earth’s vibrations are speeding up now and the pace of human evolution somehow has to keep up with this. Each must make their contribution towards putting an end to the over-consumption of Mother Earth’s precious resources. Without this we shall never reach the stage when there is no more selfishness and greed. The promised golden age can only come about through everybody taking responsibility for themselves and our world, extracting from the system only that which we truly need. This is not as difficult as it may sound to some because the more one becomes aware of one’s true nature again the easier it is to rise above the desires of one’s lower earthly self. All together we have to bring Saturn’s new golden age into being. Every soul on this side of the veil of consciousness will then have sufficient to eat, clean water to drink, a roof over their heads, clothes to wear and shoes on their feet – if they wish to wear them. None other than you and me and those who come after us are going to bring all this about. We are the only ones who can and will do it, hand in hand with God and the Angels, for it has thus been decreed and is indeed written in the Stars.

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Aquarius – The Sign Of Transfiguration

Aquarius is also the sign of transfiguration. By definition this means the process of changing from one appearance, state or phase to another and that is precisely what we and our world are going through at present. The further we proceed into the New Age, the more strongly the Aquarian energies will make their presence known to us all. Aquarius is the sign of spiritual rebirth, during which the long promised and awaited spiritual rebirth of humankind is taking place. Souls who respond to the call of this age and willingly submit themselves to its requirements will increasingly be presented with great opportunities for making their own unique contribution through consciously acting as channels for the Divine to bring new understanding and through it healing and peace to our world.

If during these times of transition from one age into another the Uranian energies would sometimes be all too happy to smash to smithereens everything that gets in its way to just sweep it away, Saturn steps in and prevents it. Among the sterling qualities that can only be acquired with his help are a deep inner sense of responsibility, duty, restraint, discipline and an appreciation of the values of that which has come to us down the ages from our ancestors. The Saturnian virtues can help us to preserve that which has stood the test of time and is worth preserving because it is good. Bear in mind that they could be the things we ourselves may have striven for and bled to death – maybe many times – in previous lifetimes in the role of our own ancestors, and do your best to avoid pouring the baby out with the bathwater during our rebirth. That is what we and our world at this very special time need more than anything else. Now, isn’t that in itself proof enough that Saturn most certainly is one of the best friends of humankind?

And when it comes to dealing with all those outdated inner beliefs and attitudes, let us follow the poet’s example who wrote a long time ago:

Ah, Love! Could you and I with fate conspire,
To grasp this sorry scheme of things entire,
Would not we shatter it to bits – and then,
Re-mould it nearer to our heart’s desire?

’The Rubayat’ by Omar Khayyam 1048-1123

Humankind’s dream and the vision of a better world is in the process of becoming a reality on the Earth plane. Each one of us now needs to conspire with our Creator, the Great Father/Mother of all life to bring it about. Let us call upon the Uranian energies to help us smash that wobbly building of prejudices, false beliefs and illusion to bits, so that with Saturn’s help, we can rebuild our inner and outer world, nearer to God’s and our own heart’s desire! As in the final analysis all inspiration comes from God, I feel that all along this has been the message Khayyam was meant to bring to our world such a long time ago.

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