How To Become A Master Builder

From White Eagle on Freemasonry Stella Polaris 1977 comes the following wisdom: ‘You will find the true Masonic teaching [as the basis] in all the ancient Mystery Schools.  They all required the candidate to measure up to a certain moral and physical standard, before they were permitted to be initiated into the craft.  You do not hear anything of this in modern Freemasonry, but you do hear of the Masons, the Brethren of the craft, being taught to act on the square, and to measure their work, which means their actions, very accurately. 

‘There can be no slipshod methods in the life of brothers/sisters; they must endeavour to measure up to a correct standard of behaviour.  They are given the tools of life, of building, and White brothers/sisters [not recognised by the colour of their skin – which is irrelevant – but by calling upon and working with the light of the Highest Star] are all builders.  We want you to think of yourselves as builders, you must be very accurate in everything you do and think and say.  You must be exact [honest and on the square] in your dealings with your siblings.

‘If this Masonic law was really put into practice, perfect love and perfect justice would rule supreme in the worldly life [as it will do eventually].  There would be no more war, no more cruelty, no more pain or suffering inflicted by one upon another... The Masonry which was brought to the Earth thousands of years ago has never been lost; it has been kept alive throughout the ages.

‘The Grand Master of all Freemasonic Lodges is the Christ, whose rule – in whatever embodiment he has come among the peoples [of Earth] – has always been the same.  Love and help all people; heal the sick; comfort the bereaved and sorrowful; love nature; love the elements; learn to understand and commune with the Angels and consciously co-operate with the myriad little workers [unseen helpers of Mother Earth], the spirits of the elements by whose service the world is made beautiful and productive for humankind.’ Words in square brackets have been added by me in the hope of further clarifying the meaning of this teaching.

To me, the Christ does not mean the Master Jesus, but the Universal Christ, the Great architect and Masterbuilder, in Its capacity as the Lord and Master of the whole of Creation, whose children we all are. With the help of the legend of the Master Jesus’ life story, S/He revealed to us the meaning of spiritual mastership. All of God’s children of the Earth are eventually required to walk in the Master’s footsteps, so that in the fullness of time each one of us grows into a Master in their own right.

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Thirteen –An Unlucky Number?

To this day, our world contains a great many myths and superstitions which, in the light of the spiritual knowledge we are now gaining access to, are no longer sustainable. Yet, for as long as one of us still thinks that they are true, they will continue to pour their negative energies into our individual and collective consciousness.  This article was written in the hope that it will be possible to disperse the negativity and darkness that surround the widely held false belief that the thirteen is an unlucky number. Take it from me, it is nothing of the kind; in truth, it is a warning number. To get a better understanding of why this is so, may I invite you into another brief excursion into numerology?

With its help, we shall now investigate the energies of which the thirteen consists. 1 = the Sun and Leo, as well as the 3 = Jupiter and Sagittarius. When one brings both figures together, i.e. 1 + 3 = 4, the energy of this number also brings that of Uranus and Aquarius into play. Both Leo and Sagittarius are Fire signs. If you read my interpretations of these signs, you will see that Fire is courageous, frequently to the point of foolhardiness. The result is that when our energies contain too much Fire, we have great difficulties learning to control our tendency to act too impulsively. We then rush headfirst into things, without due forethought, attention to detail and totally lacking any regard for the wellbeing of self or others.

And then Aquarius, the Air sign, enters into the scenario of the fiery energy of the 1 and the 3 that is already on stage. Fire and Air get on well with each other. Just look at nature and see for yourself how Air loves the leaping response from Fire. Observe how Fire enjoys being fanned by Air, how that makes it rush and roar along, to its heart’s content and ever more strongly. Understanding the nature of these two energies, it takes no genius to work out what is likely to happen in case of the thirteen. Requiring only the slightest impulse, the constant presence of Air sees to it that the soul’s inner fire rises with great enthusiasm and is ready to take off and go whoosh any time.

The great and mighty planet Uranus, ruler of Aquarius, represents the will of God and is not known as the planet of change, of transformation and transmutation for nothing. Its potent energies require some extremely careful handling and unless we have reached a sufficiently high evolutionary level, we shall not be allowed to gain access to them. Uranian energies can and do bring big and sudden disruptions to everything they comes into contact with. The idea behind it is that they trying to move us forward into conditions that are more appropriate for our present evolutionary state. However, without at least a degree of understanding of the great need for caution, forethought and attention to detail, the souls affected by this are unlikely to be able to make the progress that potentially is their birthright.

Numerology deals with planetary energies, but by implication and in subtle ways the signs they rule are also brought into play. And whom do we find in the case of Uranus, as if sitting in the prompting box of the great theatre of life? Well hidden from public view, to give us clues as to where our next lesson can be found, there is Saturn, the co-ruler of Aquarius, our good friend! He represents old Father Time himself – the teacher who in later life becomes the rewarder to those who patiently pay attention to his lessons. If we are too hasty, we encounter delays and frustrations that will stop us from where we are trying to get too quickly. And if we are careless, there will be accidents to teach us to be more cautious next time. Is this how over time the thirteen acquired its poor reputation?

Lo! In all these things there reveals itself to our astonished eyes the great love and wisdom of our Creator, who has decreed that on our way back home into our true nature Saturn has to act as the gateway. There are no exceptions; everybody has to walk through this gate to reach the spiritual freedom that is the promise of the Aquarian Age. Saturn’s role is to teach each one of us the required self-mastery and self-discipline through the tests and trials of the Earth plane which we constantly encounter. That way we slowly become spiritualised, better people who are more in touch with their spirit and soul, altogether more focused on our true reality and our true nature.

Did you know that the Universe is constantly trying to guide us in some way and that it can give us valuable clues as to what is currently moving through our lives? Becoming aware that this is so can in the fullness of time grow into a valuable tool and a veritable life-help. All we need to do is to watch out for the signs, signals and symbolisms the Universe is giving us and then to make an effort at intuitively interpreting them. For example, if the number thirteen crops up in our life repeatedly and if we insist on living on the fast track of it, the Universe may be trying to tell us to slow down, because if we do not heed its warning there might be an accident.

If your life is affected by the thirteen, maybe permanently because you were born on that day of the month – any month – or just temporarily, this article is a gift that is coming your way from the Universe through me. It is bringing a note of caution but that does not need to frighten you or anyone else. It is merely trying to help all of us find a better understanding of the thirteen, so that we may shed yet another one of our false beliefs and overcome the fears so that we may shed yet another one of our false beliefs and overcome the fears that once accompanied it.

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