Two Studies In Mastership

Numerology has two master numbers, the 11 and the 22. You may have noticed how throughout the Astro Files references were made to numerology, astrology’s sister subject. In case this has whetted your appetite for finding out more about it, I would herewith like to invite you to a small excursion into it, to give you a taster of what it can reveal about your pathway through life. Were you yourself or one of your loved ones born on the 11th or 22nd day of any month? If so, you would be spending this whole lifetime under the influence of one of these two Master vibrations.

Mastership in any field of human endeavour has to be worked for very hard and spiritually it is a great deal more difficult still to achieve. As we are all heading that way, this whole study is a must for every evolving soul, who is interested in self-awareness and personal evolution. We are all needy people; even the most advanced of us are nothing but small frightened children in front of God. The wise ones among us therefore welcome any help that may come their way. If you are one of those, then this part of the Astro Files has been written, especially with you in mind.

Now, I do realise that in the natural numbering sequence and in any textbook of numerology, the number 11 would come first. As my interpretations of the master numbers are unlikely to have a great deal in common with any of them, I am presenting the master numbers to you in this file in a different manner. So, here we go: If you were born on the cusp and on the 22nd of any month, the following applies to you:

The Master Number Twenty-Two
Birth Dates – 22nd of any month
A Sign – Taurus
Ruling Planet – Venus
Keywords – Practical Idealism

The 22 is the second Master number and the hardest one in which true mastership can be achieved. Astrologically the 22 belongs to the fixed Earth sign Taurus, ruled by Venus. The 22 encounters great difficulties when it comes to rising above the Earth plane; more of this later, but first you might like to my interpretation of the ‘The Sun in Taurus’ in the ‘Astrological Writings’ section of this website. The most important lessons of this lifetime for those under the influence of this number is to always aim for inner poise, calm and balance. To enable them to tune into the Master vibration, as their life progresses, more than anything else they are in need of becoming one with their Highest or God Self and through it to return into the realisation of their oneness with all life.

The number 22 consists of 2 + 2 = 4, which vibrates to the frequency of Uranus, the ruler of the fixed Air sign Aquarius. Thus the 22 has the idealism for the Aquarian principles, but because of the influence of Venus in Taurus, the fixed Earth sign, souls under its vibration have great difficulties when it comes to learning to rise above the temptations and desires of their earthly self. This requires strict self-discipline, which the energies of this hedonistic sign and the Taurean’s love of the goods things of the Earth can make extremely difficult to find.

Do not despair because help is at hand in the form of Saturn, the co-ruler of Aquarius, to which we shall return in a moment. Like those born when the Sun is in Taurus, once 22s have woken up to their true nature, their perception and understanding of spiritual matters is usually fifty years ahead of its time. That is why they find it difficult to commit themselves to traditional organisations. Their inner self urges them to go their own way and to march to the tune of their own inner drum. Having learnt to listen to their inner teacher and following Its guidance implicitly, they are capable of becoming wonderful pioneers of the Aquarian Age and intrepid wayfinders for those around them.

22s dreams are big, but grounding them is another matter entirely. The first Master number is the 11; 11s have the willpower and the vision to make their dreams come true, but they lack the stamina, perseverance, strength and patience to manifest them in the reality of the Earth. As the 22 contains a double dose of the potentialities of the 11, 22s possess all these qualities twice over. Yet, very few under the influence of the vibration of either number ever reach mastership. This is hardly surprising because no master ever yet fell from the Heavens. Everything the 11s and the 22s want to achieve on the Earth plane has to be worked for extremely hard. On top of that, not infrequently do they encounter stressful conditions, which test them to breaking point.

True success in life can only come to them through conquering and rising above their lower desire nature, and by totally surrendering their earthly self to their Highest Self. As they become one with It – and through this, with all life – they can in time become wonderful channels of the Divine, through which Its blessing and healing power can flow into our world. Those who are aware of what is required from them no longer go in selfish pursuit of earthly pleasures and seek the fulfilment of their desires.  With the help of their Highest Self, they rise above the strong pull of Earth of their Taurean nature and learn to follow implicitly Its guidance from within. It alone can show them – and everybody else – how to ground our idealistic dreams for the future of our race and how to serve the One by bringing help and relief for the suffering of humankind.

The spiritual mastership each one of us is seeking is the one that was demonstrated to us and our world through the life of the Master Jesus. And as 22s aim to walk in his footprints and climb the spiritual mountain, they have the ability to tune into the Taurean energy, to help them ground their dreams. They will then no longer be governed by anything; they rule supreme and are in charge – not of others, but of their earthly desire nature. They take possession and orchestrate the combined energies of Aquarius and Taurus to help them in whatever task comes their way. And that is what we are all hoping to find one day, whenever we were born. Following our inner guidance, we shall know exactly how to behave towards anyone and in any situation, acting from our heart and giving unselfishly of ourselves, spontaneously and never flinching.

But then there is yet another obstacle to overcome by those born on 22nd of any month. They were born on the cusp between two signs, i.e. as the Sun moved from one sign into the next one. See my notes about this, at the end. As explained there, those born on the cusp – not only 22s – have what is known as one foot in each camp – in two signs. The result is that throughout their present lifetime, they are a likely to feel like a somewhat split personality.

Should you have a child in your charge that was born on the 22nd of any month, encourage them to rise above situations and to make an effort at staying calm and poised. Help them to feel safe and steer them gently from the background. If you aggressively meddle and interfere with their affairs, they will turn against you. Use gently persuasion instead; this too is no guarantee for success, but they may just listen. Also try to get them involved with people, for that is something they shy away from. If left to their own devices, they can all too easily develop tendencies of wanting to spend too much time on their own and in seclusion. Every effort you make on behalf of such children will always be worthwhile. Not only will you help them to grow into well rounded adults, you will be helping them to lay the foundations for mastering this very difficult vibration. Who knows, in the fullness of time they may grow up to become great visionaries.

The strong need of the 22 for seclusion has its origin in the influence of the energies of the Moon. Numerologically, the 2 represents the Moon. It is the symbol of the Great Mother of all Life, the feminine aspect of Divinity and also of the feminine side in both genders; apart from that the Moon represents our earthly personality and our soul. For a better understanding of this, please read ‘The Sun in Cancer’, the Moon’s own sign. Consisting of two twos, the 22 has the benefit of a double helping of lunar energy and is therefore strongly affected by it. For example, 22s have the benefit of a double dose of the caring and nurturing qualities of the feminine and they contain a great reservoir of compassion, wisdom and love of the Great Mother of all life they can tap.

Mother Earth is but one of her many her physical manifestations and through the Earth signs, Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn the infinite wisdom and love of the Mother Earth is most accessible to humankind. Not surprisingly, the road to Mastership is a thorny one because here we are required to shed all our selfishness and nail the drives and desires of our earthly nature to the cross of consciousness, so that we may become ever more at one with our Highest Self, until it can work the same miracles through us to bring relief to the suffering of humankind, as it once did through the Master Jesus. Loving Mother Earth and serving her, without getting stuck on the material plane, is an important part of the constant juggling and balancing act, which as prospective masters we have to cope with on an ongoing basis.

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The Danger Of Going Too Far Too Fast

Naturally, this path is strewn with obstacles. This too is for good and wise purpose and that is to stop us from going too far too fast, during one lifetime. To teach us the required self-discipline, Saturn, the co-ruler of Aquarius and the stern schoolmaster of the zodiac, is waiting in the wings to be tapped into. Saturn teaches us through life’s experiences, and if we patiently and willingly pay attention to the lessons it brings to us, Saturn’s role eventually changes from that of the teacher to the rewarder. If we work hard enough, anything that our heart truly desires can be achieved, on the material plane. Now that the Aquarian Age is with us, there is an ever stronger need for all us to learn to control and rise above our emotions. Aquarius is one of the Air signs and they are responsible for the development of the human intellect. But, it is not good enough for anyone to now merely move forward onto are purely intellectual approach to life. The opposite sign of Aquarius is Leo; the former rules the intellect and the latter the heart. This clearly indicates everybody’s potential for learning how to freely serve all life, with a warm and loving heart. As we combine an intelligent approach to live with love that comes from the heart, the mind in the heart develops.
With their double dose of the Moon energies, which are watery and emotional, controlling their unruly emotions can be a particularly trying task for 22s. Another one of the main hurdles on their pathway through life, which also has its origin in the lunar energies, is that they like to hide away from the light of day and retreat to the security of their home. Moony souls are highly sensitive creatures who are frequently hurt and easily feel threatened by the world around them. If left to their own devices, they can be in serious danger of shying away from the contact with, all too easily. The three water signs, Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces, are endowed with high emotional sensitivity and they possess a stronger dose of psychic gifts than those born into the other signs. We all have psychic abilities, but during a lifetime in one of the water signs they are particularly in need of further development. And that applies even more so those born on the 22nd of any month.

For as long as they still live on the negative aspect of this vibration, they can be capable of over-reacting suddenly and without warning, likely to create unpleasant disruptions for those around them. Like all Aquarians, 22s are rebellious and averse to any tutelage and interference from others in their life. For as long as they remain unaware of their true potential for this lifetime, they can easily turn into ‘rebels without a cause’. They could then be so busy trying to prove how wrong everybody else is that they fail see or understand their own actions. Because of this, they can have great difficulties recognising that anything could ever be their own fault, and that they themselves are the creators of their own difficulties – as we all are. Communication skills are their forte; and they are particularly good with computers, television, radio and anything else electrical.

Bach Flower Remedies: Gentian and Walnut
Aids overcoming despondency and discouragement, feeling dejected with life and uncertainty; more optimistic and persevering.

Helps to adjust with more ease to the changes in their life, especially new surroundings; develop the willingness to serve and know when to give and when to receive, as well as when to say something and when to be quiet, calm and wise.

Tissue Salts: Nat Sulph., Nat Mur.

Regulates density of fluids and water; controls the healthy function of the liver; ensures an adequate supply of free flowing, healthy bile for the various stages of digestion.

The water distributing tissue salt thins the blood and is helpful against low spirits and feelings of hopelessness.

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