Master Number Eleven

Numerology has two master numbers, the 11 and the 22. You may have noticed how throughout the Astro Files references were made to numerology, astrology’s sister subject. In case this has whetted your appetite for finding out more about it, I would herewith like to invite you to a small excursion into it, to give you a taster of what it can reveal about your pathway through life. Were you yourself or one of your loved ones born on the 11th or 22nd day of any month? If so, you would be spending this whole lifetime under the influence of one of these two Master vibrations.

Mastership in any field of human endeavour has to be worked for very hard and spiritually it is a great deal more difficult still to achieve. As we are all heading that way, this whole study is a must for every evolving soul, who is interested in self-awareness and personal evolution. We are all needy people; even the most advanced of us are nothing but small frightened children in front of God. The wise ones among us therefore welcome any help that may come their way. If you are one of those, then this part of the Astro Files has been written, especially with you in mind.

Master Number Eleven
Birth dates: 11th and 29th of any month
Birth Quality: Scorpio – ruling Planets: Pluto/Mars
Keywords: Ideals, made practical by test

Pluto is one of the planets of Karma. In a similar way to Saturn it constantly tests our motives to the utmost and brings to light that which is hidden. You have high standards and high ideals, but the difficulty is to express these qualities in our materialistic world in a thoroughly practical manner. You will agree that idealism on its own is not enough; it has to be made concrete to become applicable to real life situations. This is even more so in business matters and for this reason a number eleven will always find this area of life difficult to contend with. Idealism is very hard to express in the materialistic world of commerce. For as long as you expect that your own very high standards of truth, honesty and helpfulness should be met by those around you, you will often reap disappointments. This is because they simply have not yet learnt to operate by the same set of standards, which has taken you many lifetimes to develop.

For you it is best not to be too trusting; never take anything at face value. It is worth your while to make an effort at looking behind the scenery of Earth life into the heart and soul of people. It is helpful to become aware that we all contain the very best and the very worst. Any major enterprises you undertake should ideally be carried out, as far as possible, on a proper legal footing. You could save yourself many disappointments, if you can refrain from gentleman’s agreements and accepting things simply by handshake. For as long as you continue to do this, you are likely to frequently encounter those who let you down. Become aware that his is so and change your life round by refusing to be a loser. Empower yourself by making an effort to glean something of value from every experience, because that alone can make you into one of life’s true winners.

The eleven is likely to encounter three main tests during this lifetime: loss of health and wealth, as well as others through following bad advice that was given to them by false friends. These tests serve the purpose of helping us to gradually grow into more practical creatures. Failures only result when we refuse to face up to our tests and insist on escaping into a dream world of our own creation. Learning to peer into the spiritual background of life, it can easily be recognised that Pluto’s task is to help all human souls to bring forth from deep within them, the noblest, highest and the best that is a potential part of their character.

Wise ones are aware that weaknesses have to rise to the surface of our consciousness before they can be overcome and changed into strengths. And when they do, such people seize the opportunities to get to work on themselves. Instead of feeling sorry for themselves because life can be so very tough and demanding at times, they take comfort from knowing that no soul takes on a lifetime too hard or difficult to master. They realise that it isn’t enough to have a vision, but that it has to be grounded on the Earth plane to become workable and of benefit to all. And that enables them to pass the main test for the eleven, which is bringing out the best within them, with flying colours.

Just like Sun in Scorpio, the eleven is highly sensitive, stubborn and fixed in their views and opinions and their emotions run deeply and strongly. Failure can be caused Refusing to face up to their personal issues, especially in relationships, and other difficulties in their lives, can lead to failure only. It’s unwise to cross an unevolved eleven, because they are likely to never forget and sooner or later insist on getting even, no matter how long this may take.

Bach Flower Remedies: Chicory and Clematis
Aids overcoming tendencies of daydreaming and escaping too much into a dream world of one’s own, as well as not paying sufficient attention to the small details of one’s life.

Helps to develop artistic talents, as well as care and concern for others, without demanding attention for oneself.

New Era Tissue Salt: Calc. Sulp. and Calc. Fluor. The blood purifier that cleanses the whole system and helps to maintain the elasticity of inner the organs. The main areas of concern for the 11 are the bowels and intestines.

Strengthens the tissues to prevent haemorrhoids and a sluggish circulation.

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