Reflections On Faith

Reflections On Faith - Rays of Wisdom - War And Peace Among NationsThe Age of Pisces has been an age of blind faith and false beliefs. But now that we have entered the Age of Aquarius, this part of the evolutionary path of our race lies safely behind us and ever more of us are finding a new faith that is very different from that of all previous ages. It is of a visionary nature that is based on the spiritual knowledge and wisdom that is increasingly flowing intuitively into every heart and soul directly from the Source of our being. This kind of faith is no longer an outer and therefore wobbly manifestation. It is an aspect of consciousness and a part that naturally belongs to every soul. It is an awareness that reveals its presence as a deep inner knowing that there really is a Great plan of life, in which each one of us has their allocated place and role to play.

When we find out and finally accept that everything that has ever happened in our world did so for good and wise reasons, we realise that the Universal Force, the Great Father/Mother of all life, really does love us and that all life has always rested safely in its loving hands. As our understanding of God’s true nature and our own grows, our faith and trust in the existence we have presently been allocated also expands. Knowing that this force has always been on our side and did know exactly what it was doing, helps us to trust that we shall be safe wherever our destiny may wish to take us and that in all Eternity.

True faith is born in human souls from the knowledge that life is good and always moving forwards on all its levels. Faith accepts that we cannot direct life but that, if we relax into it, all will be well for as long as we do not try to control its flow but learn to go with it, whilst listening to our inner guidance to tell us what is right or wrong for us in any given moment. When we do this and give of our best to work with the Universe, instead of against it, God and the Angels bring healing for us and our lives. Without such faith our lives will always remain empty, lacking focus and a centre, and that makes earthly life an extremely frightening experience for sensitive human souls.

Some believe that faith is a second rate option and many seem to think that religions can give people faith. Yet, some of the most devout church-goers that ever came my way were utterly bereft of faith, i.e. they had no trust in the goodness of life whatever. To this day, I am wondering whether the reason why these people go to church such a lot is that they are hoping that one fine day they will find faith there. However, genuine and lasting faith cannot be imparted by religions or anyone or anything else, because it is something that has to grow from within. It makes no difference whether one follows one of the religions of our world or none at all. The kind of faith we are on the Earth plane to seek can only be found by living our life and finding out that it really is a good and fair life from the reactions of the world around us to our own actions. It is good and right to seek the support of groups and to have some input into them, but whoever they may be, they cannot give us faith.

Yet,  faith is vital for our survival, as an individual and as a species, because it lifts us above a purely earthly existence and expands our consciousness to an ever increasing perception of the higher levels of life, beyond that which is familiar to most. It enables us to travel farther, and to dream bigger. Let me tell you from first hand experience that in the final analysis, Earth life remains a dreary journey that lacks direction, purpose and meaning, until one becomes aware of what and who we truly are, and why we are here.

The recognition of this alone can give us a reason for living meaningfully and for choosing wisely, at all times. Until we find out that our life, the same as everybody else’s, indeed has purpose and meaning, true faith has little chance of growing from within. With the understanding that we have come into this lifetime in order to walk a certain pathway that is meant to teach us some much needed lessons, life itself finally helps us to build our existence on solid foundations and we recognise that every experience that comes our way presents us with more opportunities for growing ever more heaven-tall.

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