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The following is the essence of a teaching from the White Eagle group of spirit guides from the book ‘Spiritual Unfoldment’, which was first published in the 1940s: ‘The law of life is love and in the course of many lifetimes every human being is destined to evolve into a young God * and that is someone who loves God’s way, totally, unconditionally and above all wisely and being able to give without expecting anything in return. However, in the early stages of your earthly education you frequently misunderstand sentiment as love. During that phase of your development you try to cover your weaknesses and faults by saying that you are doing things in the name of love.

‘Alas, for as long as you are blinded in this way you cannot yet perceive the true needs of those around you, i.e. their spiritual requirement for learning, each through their own experiences, so that through this you grow in understanding and wisdom. This prevents you from giving real service. It causes you to give foolishly in ways that indulge the other one and indirectly your own selfishness. This brings to mind devoted parents who give their children everything they demand, in the belief that what they are doing is an expression of their love. Instead of creating opportunities through which their offspring can learn and grow, such parents are robbing their youngsters of the means for self-development and self-expression.

‘More highly evolved parents are aware that the Great Mother allows all Her children to come to their own decisions and make their own mistakes, so they can learn from them and do better next time round. Being a wise parent does not mean you are cold and indifferent towards your children. Quite the opposite is true. Your love is so great and you are so wise that you recognise your children’s requirement for experiencing life, each in its own unique and special way. The greatest gift any parent can give their offspring is as early as possible encouraging them to come to their own conclusions and make their own decisions. When you have learnt to love God’s way, you will know when to give and when to withhold something and for how long, as this helps your child to learn how to appreciate the value of things.

‘Too many sweets in more than one sense can be the cause of severe bilious attacks! If you indulge those around you and give them all they want, mistaking this to be love, in due course you are likely to create a spiritual bilious attack that will be as uncomfortable for your loved ones as for you. Human motherly love with its maternal instincts in its lowest form expresses itself as possessiveness that has its roots in selfishness. Experiencing this is an inevitable part of humankind’s early earthly education.

‘The higher you move on the evolutionary spiral of life, the more the caring and nurturing Divine aspects of maternal love in both women and men come to the fore of their consciousness and gradually take over their whole being. This kind of love is creative and endlessly giving. It manifests itself in the creation of every new life. In the long evolutionary process that follows each birth Divine love constantly endeavours to assist its creation to become ever more beautiful and perfect. In the case of human beings this is achieved when all aspects of their nature are integrated and working together peacefully and harmoniously, the way they are doing in God.

‘As you mature into spiritual adulthood, you are familiar with your own true nature and why you are taking part in earthly life. In your lifetimes as women or men in which you play the role of a parent, you no longer look at your children as your property. You know that they are not of you, but merely have come through you. This awareness makes it easier for you to steer the youngsters in your charge in the right direction. Because you realise that your children are on the Earth for the same reasons that you are, if their natural gifts * are different from your interests and inclinations, you would not dream of forcing them to follow in your footsteps. Aware that their talents, like yours, are likely to have taken many lifetimes to develop and that with the necessary encouragement in this one they may fully unfold, you do your best to support your children.

‘In some of your lifetimes you appear as a man and on other occasions as a woman. Depending on your Karma and what kind of life lessons are most beneficial for you, you are sometimes required to act the part of a father or a mother. And how does your mind react when you realise that in some of your lifetimes you could have been the son or daughter of the person who is your child in this one? So, enjoy your children as gifts for a time, the same as everything else you are allowed access to in your earthly existence. Glorify and protect Mother Earth, dear Friends, as one of the many physical and spiritual manifestations of the Great Mother of all life. Each one of you, women and men alike, are another one.’

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